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Little old lady ram replacement

dmathews -

Mac mini Model A1283

Mac mini Model A1283 RAM Replacement

Mac mini Model A1283 RAM Replacement

20 분 - 1 시간


내 문제

Bad ram in an old MacBook. It beeped three times. That was all and no one on the island knew what the problem could be. (I am moving there and I doubt I will ever be without a source of income)

나의 수리

Great. New chip fixed the problem and I must say the service from iFixit was uncommonly good. 4 days from time of order to delivery in Downeast Maine, on an island that you have to go through an Indian reservation to get to!! Great job and since I was actually on vacation and had a fixed return date I was very pleased that the part got there so fast.

내 조언

Beep three times on the cases if you need it.. (memory that is)

PC3-8500 1 GB RAM Chip 이미지
PC3-8500 1 GB RAM Chip


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