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iPad 1 WiFi repair

rlbailey -

iPad Wi-Fi

iPad Wi-Fi Dock Connector Cable Replacement

iPad Wi-Fi Dock Connector Cable Replacement


내 문제

The WiFi on my wife's iPad 1 suddenly died. No Wifi signal and no access points showed at all. I researched the repair and found a possible solution on the iFixit website, so I decided to give it a try and order the WiFi/Charging port part. I also learned that the display clips frequently break when opening the iPad, so I ordered a set and the Metal Spudger set too.

나의 수리

I followed the repair guide and all-in-all, the repair went pretty smoothly. The disassembly went without a hitch but about half the display clips broke. I was just very careful not to crack the digitizer glass. During reassembly, one of the cable clips came off and the digitizer cable was not making a good connection and operated intermittently. I found another hint to slip a piece of mylar between the connector and cable and VOILA! Everything worked great. Thanks for the great guides, parts, and tools. The parts arrived VERY quickly too!!! Great service.

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Be careful with the cable clips.

Metal Spudger Set 이미지
Metal Spudger Set


iPad Display Clip Set 이미지
iPad Display Clip Set


iPad Charging Port 이미지
iPad Charging Port


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