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First time fixer: easier than I thought!

Joshua Decosta -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s Speaker Replacement

iPhone 5s Speaker Replacement

20 - 45 분


내 문제

My speakerphone stopped working a few weeks ago.

나의 수리

It went smoother than I expected. I found out that prior repairs had not been done properly, which makes me question even allowing third party places to fix my device. After a few attempts I realized I had found the lost screw within my iphone. I managed to complete the repair within 20 minutes.

내 조언

take your time and don't worry too much.

iPhone 5s/SE Loudspeaker 이미지
iPhone 5s/SE Loudspeaker


Spudger 이미지


Suction Handle 이미지
Suction Handle


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