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Clemson, Team 13-2, Benson Spring 2013

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Team Tag: CLEM-BENSON-S13S13G2

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Guide Image

Nokia 3120 SIM Card Replacement

This guide directs the user to repair or install a SIM card.

Guide Image

Nokia 3120 Face Plate Replacement

This guide will show you how to replace and install a face plate for the...

Guide Image

Nokia 3120 Keypad Replacement

This guide will teach how to easily remove and install a keypad for the Nokia...

Guide Image

How to clean Nokia 3120

This guide shows how to properly clean and maintain the Nokia 3120.

Guide Image

Nokia 3120 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Replacement

This guide shows how to install a new LCD to replace a damaged screen.

Guide Image

Nokia 3120 Speaker Replacement

This guide shows how to disassemble the phone and install a speaker.