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UMass Dartmouth, Team 7-4, Catania Spring 2016

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Samsung SCH-U340 Top Casing Replacement

This guide will cover the removal of the Samsung S...

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Samsung SCH-U340 Lower Casing Replacement

This guide will cover the removal out the Samsung ...

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Dual USB Connector Teardown

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Samsung Galaxy Note Micro USB Port Replacement

This guide shows how to install a new micro USB port.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Headphone Jack and Earpiece Replacement

This guide show how to remove the phone's headphone jack and earpiece.

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Microsoft Surface Pro Battery Replacement

Replace your dead battery to bring the power back to your device.

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How to Change an Indoor Doorknob Handle

This guide shows you how to take out an indoor doorknob and replace it with a...

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LG Flare Microphone Replacement

Replacing the microphone on the LG Flare

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Samsung Galaxy S II Micro-USB Port Replacement

This guide describes the process for replacing the USB port on a Samsung...