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Cal Poly, Team 6-3, Maness Fall 2009

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PSP 2000 Front Casing Replacement

Paint job scratched? Going custom? Change out your...

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PSP 2000 Battery Replacement

Got junk in the trunk? Remove the battery!

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PSP 2000 Display Replacement

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PSP 2000 UMD Drive Replacement

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PSP 2000 Logic Board Replacement

Is your logic board acting illogical? Fix it!

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PSP 2000 Memory Stick Slot Replacement

Is your Memory Slot just not performing as well as...

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PSP 2000 Speaker Replacement

Replace the speaker on a PSP 2000.

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PSP 2000 Analog Stick, D-pad and Action Keys Replacement

Hate it when you can't get it up? We mean buttons,...

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PSP 2000 Audio Jack Replacement

Do your earphones only work as earmuffs? You may n...