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Now we'll take a look at the hard drive. It's specifically a Hitachi CinemaStar 3.5" SATA hard drive. 250GB capacity at 7200 RPM. Interestingly, the drive features both SATA-specific and legacy Molex power connectors - strange for a device that shouldn't need it, but great for me as I test the drive and figure out what's inside.

According to GParted on a Fedora 17 machine, the drive has 10 partitions - three primary partitions and 7 more within an extended partition. One of these extra 7 is a Linux swap partition, meaning that it's very likely that the BX100's OS is Linux-based (so gimme the sources, dangit!).

The remainder of the partitions, unfortunately, are "Unknown" file systems, meaning that they're most likely encrypted. The encryption data and keys are probably stored in the firmware, in the smart card included with the BX100, or both. For legal reasons, that information probably won't be posted here.

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