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Our Elster REX2 smart meter is labeled as Type R2S. The 2S model has an operating voltage rating of 240 V ranging from 192 V to 288 V at a nominal frequency of 60 Hz.

Who would've thunk that your watthour meter would have a LAN ID? A LAN ID is required to connect to the IP-based EnergyAxis Smart Grid network.

Elster's meters operate on 25 channels across the 902-928 MHz ISM band using a controlled path mesh.

A "controlled mesh" network is created when the thousands of smart meters in a city communicate with each other to relay power readings to a gateway device that indirectly channels the readings to a utility company. Elster's meters find the best path between themselves and other meters on the grid so that noise and duplication from repetitive signals is at a minimum. This works so well that only one in ten smart meters is used as a repeater to relay signals from other meters.

If a specific household has concerns about their meter being used as a repeater, they can contact their utility company to request that their Elster meter transmits power readings just once a day.

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