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The HP Z1 sets an unprecedented Repairability Score: 10 out of 10! (10 is easiest to repair)

Modular construction allows the user to replace most major components in five minutes.

Non-modular components inside are held in place by T15 or T6 Torx screws, or by plastic fasteners. No glue or other funny business is used inside, aside from a taped-down thermal sensor.

HP offers the user a host of options on how to fix/troubleshoot the device: a helpful diagram on the inside of the machine, a set of PDF manuals on how to service the machine, and even videos for the major repair procedures!

The glass and LCD are the hardest to replace, but still not supremely difficult -- just a bit bulky to move around. They're not fused together, and are instead held in place by those wonderful T15 Torx screws. The most difficult repair in this machine should take under an hour to complete.

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