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Hello IFIXIT community! I am a senior at EWU majoring in Visual Communication Design and plan to graduate in the Spring of 2017. I am completely immersed in my major and am taking strictly design courses, with the exception of a technical communication course. I am a returning student, and have already spent 5 years at EWU earning an Interdisciplinary Studies degree. Upon graduation I hope to get a job in the design and creative field, eventually becoming a creative/art director at a firm or magazine. I chose this field because I absolutely love to create, regardless of medium, and thrive off of creative solutions.

I am proficient at working with my hands, and have a lot of experience tinkering with motorcycles, but little with electronics. I am comfortable with most tools and have a good sense of understanding mechanics and spatial situations, so I feel prepared to tackle this new frontier of electronics repair. I love to learn new things and will approach the challenges presented here with optimism and vigor. Though I have little experience with technical writing, I expect to get the hang of it quickly and become a productive member of this IFIXIT community.

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