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​Sony Handycam HDR­-CX220 Troubleshooting

Released in Early 2013.

The camera does not show any picture or audio.

If all internal cords are plugged in and there is no damage, then the battery is faulty. If the battery is being charged for a long period of time and still does not work, then again, battery is faulty. Consider purchasing a new battery and replace the faulty one.

If the battery is functional and the camera is in good condition, check to see if the power button is working. If the button cannot be pressed, there might be something stuck under it and it may need to be replaced or fixed from the inside. To fix this, remove the button and clean the area underneath. Once clean, put the button back into the position.

When playing back videos there is no sound coming from the camera's speaker.

If the sound does not work, it may be because the speaker is either broken or not properly connected to the motherboard. If the sound works on a different device then the speaker needs to be replaced or the internal speaker wires need to be replaced/fixed. Make sure the audio cords are not loose.

If an older video recorder with the same camera has sound and the newer ones do not, the issue could have happened between them and the microphone might be the issue. If the video also does not have sound when played on a different device besides the camera, the camera's microphone is the issue. To fix this, you need to replace the camera's microphone.

There is no image on the camera's display screen.

If the screen is cracked, some functions could be damaged therefore not allowing the image to be displayed. A cracked screen can be fixed by replacing it.

Since it is a flip-out screen, the wires could be damaged or unplugged from the constant movement of the screen. Loose wires or damaged wires need to be replaced by opening the camera and manually removing the old wires and replacing them.

The camera has images but very bad quality.

If you notice dust inside the lens or when looking at the camera's screen, the lens components need to be cleaned. Clean the lens with a soft cloth and be careful not to leave any scratches behind.

If the lens is clean and the picture is coming out blurry, then the camera is not able to focus on the subject. The lens then needs to be replaced.

The camera does not connect to a computer or another external device with the given cables.

If the computer does not recognize the camera, the cable might be malfunctioning. Try if the cable works with any other devices or try a different cable with the camera.

If the camera cables are functional on other devices and the camera still does not connect with the computer, consider looking into the camera's ports and check to see if it is damaged or has a wire issue. If the camera ports are damaged, replace them, and connect/replace the wires if that is the problem.

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