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AKASO KingPad A90 Troubleshooting

This guide will show you how to solve issues with your AKASO KingPad A90 tablet.

Tablet does not turn on ¶ 

The tablet does not turn on at all.

Low battery ¶ 

The tablet could have turned off due to low battery. Try plugging in the charger that came with the device for at least thirty minutes. Then to turn the tablet on by holding the power button for at least ten seconds. If the tablet will still not turn on, move on to the next step.

Broken charger ¶ 

It is likely that the charger has broken or bent wires that affect its ability to charge. Cleaning the charger port gently with a fine brush might also fix the problem. If the tablet will not turn on, try and use another charger that you know is compatible with the device.

Dead battery ¶ 

If the tablet doesn't turn on after charging for thirty minutes, it is possible that the battery is completely dead. You should replace the battery altogether. See our replacement guide for replacing the battery.

The volume setting will not change ¶ 

Pressing in volume buttons on the side of the device does not change the volume.

Buttons are stuck ¶ 

If the buttons do not move or feel very sticky and unresponsive this could be a result of wear on the device. See our guide on replacing the volume buttons.

Volume does not work ¶ 

Try to change the volume in the settings of the device, if it does not change, see our guide for replacing the volume buttons. If it changes but no sound will play, see our section on troubleshooting speakers.

Out of date software ¶ 

It is possible the volume will not change as a result of a software bug that has been corrected in the latest version. Please update to the latest and greatest version of your system software and try to change the settings.

Cannot connect to WiFi networks ¶ 

Your device cannot find or connect to wireless networks in range.

Wrong settings ¶ 

It is possible that you accidentally changed settings in a way that is preventing you from connecting to a network. Reset to default network settings and try to connect again. Be warned that you will lose your WiFi passwords.

Out of date software ¶ 

You may be unable to cannot to WiFi because of a software bug that might have already been corrected in the newest version. Please update to the latest version of your software and try to connect to WiFi. Another option could involve a problem with hardware, see our replacement guide for the WiFi antenna for possible solutions.

Faulty antenna ¶ 

If you still have the problem at this point, you may have a damaged antenna. See our antenna replacement guide on how to properly replace it.

No Sound ¶ 

Your device is completely silent.

Faulty headphone jack ¶ 

Clean the audio jack gently with a small brush to ensure it is clear of dust. Plug a set of headphones into the headphone jack and see if any sound will play. Try changing the volume using the buttons on the device. If you cannot change the volume, see our section on changing the volume on this page (above).

Blown speakers ¶ 

If you get sound to play out of the headphones, chances are the speaker is blown out. This can happen from time to time and is a very common issue. See our speaker replacement guide.

Faulty motherboard ¶ 

If you have changed the volume settings and there is no sound from your headphones, it is possible that the motherboard is defective. This can happen due to wear, moisture in the device, or an aging device.

Cameras are not working ¶ 

Whenever you try and access the camera, you get a black or blurry image.

Obstructed camera lens ¶ 

Be sure to remove objects blocking the camera, such as a case.

Dirty camera lens ¶ 

If the pictures are coming out smudged and blurry then the lens might have some residue on it. Take a clean cloth and wipe the lens clean.

Check for any error codes ¶ 

When opening the camera app, check if any notifications pop up with an error code. To find out what is wrong, search the following on, where your error code goes in the blank: “AKASO KingPad A90 camera error code _____”.

Out of date system software ¶ 

If the error code points to something software related, a software update will usually fix the problem. It is possible this error is a result of a software bug that has been corrected in the newest update. Please update to the latest and greatest version of your software and try to change the settings.

Broken cameras (rear or front) ¶ 

If you still have the problem at this point, see our replacement guide for the camera unit.

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I dropped my tablet a week and a half after I got it and now the side with the camera will not let me touch it past a certain point and it keeps glitching everyday

Sarah Howard - 답글

my kingpad started turning off whencharged at 70-90% and acting like charging with a dead battery. is there a fix?

Alan Hake - 답글

my kingpad started turning itself off when showing 70-100% charge then charging like battery was flat/fully discharged. is there a fix? thx

Alan Hake - 답글

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