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ATT Trimline 210M Troubleshooting

Trimline 210M made by Lucent/Philips and was branded AT&T, identified by model number B000050FZP.

The volume switch may be stuck at one volume, or just doesn’t want to work

Make sure the phone cable is connected properly as a precaution.

Inspect the switch and make sure it is hooked up properly on the outside. If not, it may be an inner wiring issue, or the module may not be working properly.

You will need to take the phone apart and inspect the inner wiring, it isn’t a problem with the switch itself.

The button that allows the user to hang up isn’t working properly.

Check and see if there is any debris stuck holding the switch down. If not, you may need to open up the phone to inspect the hang up button switch.

In this case, reconnect the wiring.

The hang up button is located on the inner part of the hand set, above the keypad. You will need to take the phone apart and inspect the wiring that leads to the switch. If there is any lose or broken wiring, this may be the cause of the problem. If the wiring looks sound, the spring mechanism within the button will need to be inspected, or you will need to replace the button itself.

The keypad doesn’t let you dial numbers, light up properly, or function at all.

Check and see if the cable is plugged in properly before checking on the rest of the symptoms.

If the keypad works, but there’s no LED’s lighting up, the LED/light source inside may need to be replaced.

If the keypad does not work properly, you may need to open up the phone to check the keypad from the inside, to see whether liquid adhesive is penetrating the keypad, or debris is stuck within.

A new installation of the plastic keypad may be necessary. By pulling out the main PC board and disengaging the dial pad, the dial pad itself can be disassembled. Most of the dial pad itself is bonded by a sticky adhesive. First, the cosmetic cover plate is removed followed by the actually number buttons plate. When the key pad is removed from the number button plate, the key pad can be replaced.

The speaker isn’t functioning properly, or is hard to hear clearly from your side.

In this case, reconnect wires.

Make sure the problem is not on your end, test with multiple callers.

If problem persist you will need to open up the phone to investigate further. Speaker may needs to be replaced.

The speaker is located in the hand set. Take the phone apart. First, inspect the wiring that may lead to the switch, if there is any lose or broken wiring, this may be the cause of the problem. If the wiring looks sound, a new speaker should be installed.

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Key pad doesn't light up everything else works fine. Completely new phone

mdeliz38 - 답글

I just bought one of these AT&T Trimline phones and it is backlit only on the diagonal. That means the outer portions of the keypad are dim (almost dark). Is this normal? The version of this same phone in the past had keys that were lit across the entire keypad evenly. My brand-new phone looks like the keypad is half lit, half not. I suspect that they reduced the number of LEDs and that this is now *normal* as opposed to a defect. Would I be correct that the newer AT&T Trimline phones are not lit as well as they were in years past due to a design change on the part of the manufacturer — or did I in fact get a defective phone?

News View -

I just bought one of these slimline telephones because the last one was defective. Now, this phone does not work either, nor does it light up. I understand that prison labor, or slave labor is involved, so it does not surprise me that these telephones are defective. I am receiving a replacement within the next few days, and if that one does not work, they will refund me. Then I will need to get to a store to find a phone that works, because I need my landline telephone. Nothing is properly made anymore. Everything is cheap, plastic disposable crap. Nobody takes any pride in anything anymore. Miss the good old days. Even the food, and water is toxic garbage.

Deborah TruthSeeker - 답글

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