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Alcatel One Touch Fierce Troubleshooting

Phone screen freezes ¶ 

Every few minutes my phone freezes no matter how many times I have restarted it.

Low Battery ¶ 

It is possible for the One Touch Fierce to become unresponsive if the battery drops to an extremely low level. Plug your phone into your computer or wall charger and allow it to charge for at least 20 minutes before using it again.

Not enough free memory ¶ 

Your One Touch Fierce could possibly have no room left in its memory causing it to become slow and unresponsive.

One Touch will not charge ¶ 

No matter how many different angles you try and plug your phone in, it just wont charge.

Charging cable is broken ¶ 

Begin with trying a different or new charging cord.

Bad connection ¶ 

Using a light source, inspect the charging port at the bottom of your device for dirt or lint. Begin with either blowing out the port or using compressed air to do the same.

Battery is broken ¶ 

If nothing else works, then replace your battery. There is a full guide here one our site.

Front screen is shattered ¶ 

You didn't believe all of the videos online and decided to do your own drop test.

Front panel has shattered ¶ 

Most phone screens front glass panel is LCD, and with that, it pushes us to replace it whole as one piece.

No sound from speakers ¶ 

Everything seems to be working fine, but when you go to play your favorite music nothing plays.

Speakers are dirty ¶ 

You should first try to clean your speakers out. Begin by removing the back panel of the One Touch Fierce to reveal the speaker. Then using a can of compressed air blow off the speakers from a safe distance.

Guides to open your device can be found on iFixits website here

Software Malfunction ¶ 

Try your One Touch with another set of headphones or speakers just to make sure that the problem is with the hardware. If this does not work, try restarting your device.

Speaker is broken ¶ 

If nothing has worked your speakers may be broken. In this case, refer to the replacement guide on iFixit's website.

Pictures taken are blurred ¶ 

Photos not coming out right? No problem, it's an easy fix!

Camera is dirty ¶ 

If your pictures are messy, first take an alcohol wipe to clean off smudges on the camera.

Camera is broken ¶ 

If your photos are still blurry or the lens is clearly broken, then you will need to replace your device's camera.

댓글 82개

Im having problems with my Alcatel one touch fierce. Every time I charge my phone it began to lag the ligjt keeps blinking nd its like I put the charger in. Can anyone help?

tesuya808 - 답글

My light in my fierce blinking dont kno what the issue is.either

Andrew Stanisic -

my volume button is not working so I can not use it nor can I take a screenshot. any help & advise??thanks

Ereeny Gawdat - 답글

Same thing is happening to my phone it is not wanting to turn down the volume when I try it just atomaticaly turns back up

Mary -

My camera is blurry how can I fix it

Alexis Gibson - 답글

My alcatel one touch fierce xl won't charge no matter what I did.

1. I change chargers multiple time

I change at least 4 times.

2. I just got the phone like 4 months ago so I'm pretty sure the battery is not broken.

3. Please help.

Jine - 답글

Find original charging unit,wrong chargers tend to have an effect on device

Roland Jones -

I have the same problem as well. I even HAVE the original charging unit. And the worst part is, I cant even remove my battery to replace it with a fully charged one. WHAT DO I DO, PLEASE HELP ME

Chris Williams -

I had the same problem I went to metro and he says My charger port was broken and that could drain my battery even more so he fixed it for me $40 now it's acting up again I have to put my charger a certain angle or hold it on something so it'll charge

Jasmine Smith -

My volume isn't working after I record what can I do to fix volume

Lisaking - 답글

Phone Won't Charge Charger is fine it works on other android devices but phone won't charge and battery Rapidly Dropping and takes very long to charge please help

tyshawnfranklin - 답글

Hi Is it possible to forward a text I received to a third party (a different person)?

Thanks so much ! :-)

Kate OBrien - 답글


How can I forward a text I received to a third party (different person)?

I have an Alcatel Fierce 2.

Thanks so much!

Kate OBrien - 답글

Yikes, sorry to repeat. Accident. :-)

Kate OBrien - 답글

My alcatel onetouch buzzes for a couple seconds then shows "one touch care" ad with the options cancel and accept, this happens every couple minutes and no matter what option I choose it keeps repeating itself

Please help? Its very frustrating

Ninna Holst - 답글

My Alcatel fierce will not read SD card. What cause is this

Scank Zilla - 답글

I've been in there all three times and my phone will not respond to my touch I haven't did anything to this phone I restarted It 2 or 3 times going on for and you will not respond to my touch that is the SIM card is in correctly everything and it won't work I'm not going back to Metro please what is wrong with this phone it won't let me get to anything and he won't let me touch I just wiped out my screen so it's not dirty I'm restarting it again

Jasmine young - 답글

Did they tell you anything? Mine is doing the same thing.

jade -

I'm having trouble with my Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL. Every time I change the ringtone on my phone it resets to the factory preset ringtone "Voca" within a day sometimes even sooner. Is there anything I can do to make stop resetting?

mailmenow408 - 답글

I can't hear sound from my phone speakers. I can hear through headphones perfect, but there is no sound without them. I've only had the phone for a couple days, not even a full week. I've blown on the speakers to try to clean them but it didn't work. Please help!

Amy - 답글

Did you get the problem fixed I have the same problem:

Felicity Shu -

People can't hear me when I'm talking on my Alcatel fierce xl I can hear them but they can't hear what can that me I've even reset my phone 3 times and it's the same thing please can someone help me I just got this phone 3 months ago and now it's acting like this like it's an old phone when it's certainly not

Thank you

Roxanne - 답글

I am having this same problem. No one can hear me when I call them but I can hear them. Its so frustrating. What can I do? Kim B

k.blotcky -

The problem I'm having with my phone is, I connected it to my sister in laws computer via USB cord, to check my sd card. Though I did nothing at all, it somehow corrupted some things in it, and my music app, the one built in, on the playlist it's supposed to show, all the songs disappear and I can't see any of them at all. (Say you play one of the albums, it literally disappears. The song still plays but I kind of would like if the songs would stay in the playlist??)

lpsanime45 - 답글

first the %#*@ thing wouldn't come on,now it wont charge,these phones cost too much to have to go through this bullshit( frankly speaking I cant afgford to replace a phone every monththat are mostb likely to be sold by some foreigner business owner who don't give a $@$* about the product qs long as they can sell it & make money off of it ,they don't give a f...)

derek singletary - 답글

2nd commentr,now I'm really !#^&@@ cause I have to tak my lifeline(phone) to some repair shop to get the port fixed so I can charge the %#*@ thing,what really sucks is that my phone has to sit in a repair shop until payday,what's the point ibn owning one of these pieces of $@$*? 1st (last month) it was my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime that just stopped working for no apparent reason,thats when I bought this alcatel onetouch fierce XL from used from some Arab vendor(Page West) inSyracuse NYNow it wont charge& I'm stuck with it in the house when my n2 daughters are out at some function probably trying to contact me cause they don't know the issue with my phone yet! I want my money back but being that's probably not going to happen, I bet I wont buy another one!

derek singletary - 답글

My phone seems to be working but the screen is completely unresponsive on touch. i've restarted it, charged it, drained the battery all the way and charged it. It is working, it's just the screen.


pcs2600 - 답글

Did they tell you anything? Mine is doing the same

jade -

Battery wont charge even plugged in while on phone

Steven schenke - 답글

Have similar ptoblems

Steven schenke - 답글

I cant update this piece of $@$* cell alcatel fierce crap KEEPS SAY ERROR CODE 924

sherifyfe - 답글

Please help me update always saying low disc space which is bs.

sherifyfe - 답글

Help me my phone wont update error code 924

sherifyfe - 답글

My phone works and then all of a sudden up can't press anything on the screen but the volume works and the power button and I still get texts...why, is my screen freezing

Snake - 답글

I dropped it a couple of times but I didnt think it would drain battery so fast. When I charge it it takes forever to get full, but when it isnt charging the battery drops fast. Anyway to fix this?

abercrombienina - 답글

The only problem I'm having is when I plug my auxiliary cable from my car stereo to my phone and play my music it only plays on the phone. It won't play the music thru my car speakers. At first I thought it was my phone or car stereo, but my girlfriend's daughter bought the same phone and it doesn't work either. My girlfriend's new phone works fine. I read online that quite a few people are also having this problem. I'm hoping there is a solution to this.

William Hill - 답글

I'm having the same issue. I just bought this phone today!

Jermaine Thomas -

instead of using an AUX cord, connect your phone via USB. Make sure your phone is on "Media Transferring". Then, just play your music.

-- Hoped this helps.

First1 Gamer -

My phone suddenly stopped working? It was working perfectly fine and then it turned black. I figured it was just the battery, maybe some dirt got in it. I took out the battery, and put it back in. Nothing. I plugged it into my computer to charge, and all that happened was my computer picked it up as an undetected device, which never happens. No charge light either. I tried unplugging it then plugging it back in, and now nothing at all. not even a detection. Whats wrong with my phone?

halloween darkness - 답글

I can't take any videos on it. Whenever I record a video it doesn't have any sound help plz!!

3434cutiepie - 답글

My Alcatel OneTouch XL droid phone will not go pass the start up page? Any suggestions and everything is bolted down.

cottmank - 답글

Can any one help me. My Alcatel one touch fierce 2 comes when i put it on the charger but goes out and doesn't say any thing.Any suggestions

Jasper - 답글

My Android One Touch phone camera is not working what can I do

Ronald Potts - 답글

I can't get my phone to download a 2kb message size. What steps should I take?

Tommy Gebhart - 답글

I can make calls on my Alcatel fierce xl but when people try to cal me it sends them straight to voicemail.

Alyssa Cameron - 답글

my phone won't come on past the first screen saying the type of phone. won't reset. just pops back to the same screen

Lee Butman - 답글

My camera says that camera cannot connect right now what can I do for it to work ??

hernandezvalerie32 - 답글

The speaker works when I type but when I try to listen to anything else it doesn't make a sound and I tried to use ear buds but it still doesn't make any noise too

Girl Gamer - 답글

For mistake my daughter active the TALK BACK application , now i can´t do over because i cannot do nothing with my phone . How i can do up this problem.

Nephtali12307 Navarro - 답글

Help with speaker problem I when I call out or they call in I can here them but they can't here me only on speaker phone also my microphone wont work fir google or anything else can anyone help

aliciabecker73 - 답글

My father's alcatel onetouch feirce xl phone is almost 1 year old. But it will not boot. All it is doing is saying alcatel onetouch then restarts and repeats over and over. Plz help.

drileysun - 답글

phone died and now it will not come back on. the light for charging comes on but screen will not come on

Deborah - 답글

My alcatel one touch fierce xl is not a year old and never been dropped and it wont charge while on.. How can this be fixed with a battery i cant move?

clufanatic11 - 답글

My phones rings and sounds for notifications but will not play media sounds like music, and youtube.?

Mark - 답글

i bought it from tmobile a few months ago but i regret. i have always problems connecting to my home wifi. its not sending nor receiving messages. it says message cant be sent. also when i receive one, it says dowloading and stays like that. i have to be reseting all the times by turning it off so it can work well. because it always has problems with something. my coworker says metro pcs has very good phones deals and phones and service is great.

finally, i mastered reset it my alcatel and still have problems...... i will never buy alcatel again.......

mariohbencomo - 답글

Why won't my volume turn up or down

anime gamer - 답글

My Alcatel fierce 4 keeps locking up and just changes screen's and it starts to enlarge everything screen's bounce any ideas I've restarted it 1 or 30 dam times n still pretty much the same

geocamp53 - 답글

I use a power bank to charge my phone and then when I came back to home to charged my phone it will never charge again what can I do?

Loui Polinar - 답글

Hey I am having trouble seeing all my saved pictures in my gallery on my fierce XL one touch Android phone nor can I save new pictures that I take anymore. Pls help??? Idk what to do.

kay - 답글

I have an AlcatelOne touch fierce android phone 4.2.2/ L2RUMRO and the only problem I have is no room to download or do updates. Is it possible to fix this. Works very well in every other respect. Would like to keep using it.

Dolores Davi - 답글

how come my phone is not charging when it's on? had to turn power off so i can charge

Beng Ballentos - 답글

and had to use a head set coz it has no sound

Beng Ballentos - 답글

I have an Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2, which used to be my dad's, it was working perfectly fine yesterday night. Now when I charge it, it shows me the light, but, the screen doesn't react. Ive tried a hard reboot and nothing happened, ive taken out the battery and put it back in and nothing changed. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!

XxMFxX - 답글

My Alcatel one-touch fierce is rebooting itself very 23 seconds! Started malfunctioning today while using GPS, screen turned bright blue, flashed on and off, eventually started this rebooting thing. Tried removing sim card and 128 gig SD card. Nothing. still rebooting constantly. never fully coming on line again.

mariettacrews - 답글

Your battery is probably swollen. I've experienced the same thing with my Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2. The battery swelled from water damage.

First1 Gamer -

my Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 wot charge or turn on. I hold the power button and all it does is vibrate for a split second and the screen stays off. Same thing when i plug in the charger. No light indicates charging. Please help. I don't want to buy a new battery. BTW, the battery is not swollen.

First1 Gamer - 답글

My Alcatel One Touch just blinks on and off with the reboot screen that reads "Alcatel One Touch" at the top and "Android" at the bottom. That's it, nothing else. I don't know if it is able to be fixed.

Paul Bertocchi - 답글


My Alcatel one touch go I'm having a problem with

When I use what's app video messaging I can hear the person I'm chatting to but they can't hear me and also when I make a call with hands free I can hear them but they can't hear me please help

Ralph Hubbard - 답글

My Alcatel is acting very oddly and erratic. Keeps turning up ringtone volume constantly even when I'm turning it down, and it keeps taking m to google so I can ask it a question. Please, tho is frustrating. It happens every couple seconds

Jas - 답글

Please help. Volume keeps going up on its own even ate KO try to turn it down. Every few seconds tho happens. Also keeps open ng google on its own, ready fr me to ask it a question. Its becoming very frustrating, please help me

Jas - 답글

Can you please help me my screen is responsive but it's not cracked and sometimes it keeps on rebooting when I use my wall charger

Terrance Simpson ll - 답글

I tried most of the methods on YouTube but it didn't work

Terrance Simpson ll - 답글

I completely erased every single thing on

Terrance Simpson ll - 답글

Messager they can hear me but I can't hear them and my speaker isn't working as well

Sheila Walker - 답글

okay so mine is not letting me connect too wifi at all and if it does it will restart and disconnect not allowing me too reconnect I've wiped my phone multiple times and still this problem comes up, so what should I do? Is it a hardware problem? Can it be fixed? Please help me

Nicolas Cash - 답글

I bought the Alcatel OneTouch XL from Metro PCS in late September 2017. I had issues connecting to WiFi and had to use up my 4G data every month. Now, the original charger won't charge unless held a certain way. I bought a new USB cord but now it's only charging up to 89%. It still says it's charging but won't move past that percentage. I'm scared to do a factory reset on it and have it not fix the issue. I have a lot of information tied to this phone that I don't want to lose. Help?

Shaneece - 답글

I can’t type and I have no sound. Every time I try to type on any app it just says the app has stopped working. Also there is no sound. This all happened after a Cricker update too.

Sheila - 답글

my phone does light up and have sound, but it’s just white screen

julia edwins - 답글

My phone is turned off but the alarm is still ringing how can i shut this up? pls help! its so noisy

Marie Heart - 답글

My phone is turned off but the alarm is still ringing how can i shut this up?My phone is not opening i have a alcatel one touch pls help me! its so noisy

Marie Heart - 답글

how to remove when this word appear on the screen “ Unfortunately, Diagnostics has stopped. "

and i just bought this alcatel A2 for 2 months.

sony.HD - 답글

Useless can't download favourite songs by original artists.

Natalie Sherrington - 답글

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