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When the tablet it plugged in it to charger it does not charge the battery

Make sure that the charging cord is firmly in the wall and that the all other connections are plugged in properly. Don’t be shy to try another wall socket if you are worried that the one you are using is broken.

Make sure that the actual cable is not the issue. It could be that the charger itself is the problem. Try using a different one.

Be sure that the charging port is clean of all dust or dirt. This could block the cable from transferring power to the device.

Hold the power button down until the device automatically restarts itself. If you have held the button down for more than 40 seconds and the device is still off, press the power button again to turn the device on.

The battery could have gone bad and needs to be replaced.

The bluetooth device will not properly pair with the device

Check out this link to check if your Bluetooth device is compatible with your Amazon Fire HDX 8.9"

Refer to your Bluetooth device's user manual to learn how to put the device in pairing mode

Make sure that the router is not the issue. If you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi on any device, then you may need to contact your internet provider for additional support.

The device cannot connect to the internet when it is on airplane mode. Go into settings and make sure that airplane mode is off.

You can download the software on Wi-Fi if you are able to connect to a more stable network. If you really cannot connect to any Wi-Fi, you can download the software onto your device via USB port with your computer.

Go into settings and find Wi-Fi. Try turning it off, waiting 30 seconds, and turning it back on.

Press and hold the power button for 40 seconds. If the device does not turn back on after 40 seconds, release the power button and press it again. This should turn the device on again.

If the screen is repeatedly lagging or freezing, attempt a hard restart. Hold the power button for two to three seconds until “do you want to restart your Kindle?” appears on the screen. Select “OK” or “Power Off” and let the device shut down. Wait two to three seconds and power on the device.

Ensure that your device has the most recent software updates necessary to run. You can check for software updates by visiting and selecting the correct model.

The device may be slow or unresponsive until all content downloads are complete. Additionally if a large amount of content was just downloaded the device may run slowly for several minutes.

The Amazon Fire can become unresponsive in extreme temperature conditions. Leave the device to warm up or cool down and wait several minutes for self resolution.

The speakers could have gone bad and need to replaced. Refer to our Speaker Replacement Guide

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What if my kindle does not turn on at all? Please help me troubleshoot is as I really need this for school, no extra cash lying around to replace it either.

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