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American Weigh AWS-100 Troubleshooting

The weight shown on the display is inaccurate or inconsistent.

If there is nothing currently on the scale, but it still shows a number, or is negative, press the Tare button on the front to reset the scale to zero. This will also reset it even if there is something currently on the weighing platform.

The scale might require calibration. Refer to the instructions on the inside cover. Use 100 grams as the calibration weight. If you don't have a standardized weight, 20 U.S. nickels is equivalent to 100 grams.

The screen won't turn on.

The batteries could be dead, or there could be something obstructing their connection. Refer to this guide on battery replacement.

The display is improperly connected to the circuit board. Open the device, and secure the connection.

The scale displays error codes such as OUTZ, 88888, or L.

The scale needs to be calibrated. Refer to the above section on Faulty Readings. If performing calibration doesn't remedy the problem, the scale might have suffered permanent damage.

The device is overloaded. Remove any additional weight until the error code disappears and the object's weight begins to show on the screen again. Overloading the device could cause serious damage to the load cell.

The batteries in your device are running low. Replace the batteries as soon as possible using the guide here.

Outer plastic casing or keys are damaged.

If the sensor becomes damaged to to overloading the device, refer to this guide for sensor replacement.

Damaging the case should not affect the device's ability to perform accurate readings.

The key connection may be compromised.

The display is physically damaged

If the display sustained damage it may be necessary to replace the screen.

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My AWS-100 started to give a code "FULL" whenever I turn it on. Tare and Mode buttons are totally un-responsive, even when holding either down for several seconds.

It is only a few months old, well taken care of and used gently and properly.

Any fixes for this "FULL" code?

LTMD - 답글

I am experiencing the same problem. Today it was giving readings when nothing was on it so i calibrated it as i always do but then it immediately started reading full after it had passed. Since then ive turned it off and back on, changed batteries, tried tearing and calibrating but neither buttons respond. It essentially will only turn off and on. It is also only a few months old and well taken care off. I hope someone posts a solution. Thanks

curtis Heatwole -

Have you found a cure for the FULL syndrome on the aws scales??

Mitchel Huether -

I have been having the same problem it was working fine I tried calibrating it and immediately after it read FULL and hasn't done anything since. PLEASE HELP

Lukas Walker - 답글

so am i ..turn on and says do i fix

sharbrendan - 답글

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