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Andoer HDV-107 Troubleshooting

The Andoer HDV-107 was released in 2012. It has 720 P HD resolution, rotates 270 degrees and offers 16 Mp image resolution. The display is a LCD 2.7 inch large A class screen. It offers five white balance modes to adjust to the lighting including: auto, sunny, cloudy, tungsten, and fluorescent. The camera supports an external SD card for up to 32G.

Contents ¶ 

Camera fails to turn on ¶ 

When the power button is pressed but the camera does not turn on.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

The problem may be with the charger instead of the battery. Use a familiar device that uses the same USB charger to see if it charger the device to verify if it works properly. If the charger does not charge the other device, the charger may be faulty and may need to be replaced.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

Obtain a charger that has the same USB connection that you know works on other devices. Plug that charger into the device and if it still will not charge then the battery may be faulty and may need to be replaced.

Video is blurry ¶ 

The camera lense will not zoom in/out and will not focus on specific objects.

Incorrect Lighting ¶ 

The camera needs two things to focus to work: contrast and light. If you are shooting in a low light or low contrast situation, or if you are shooting with the sun in the frame (where lense flare can cause focus issues as well) your camera may not be able to focus. Try using another camera in the same lighting situation, or try using your camera to focus on an object in a different lighting situation.

Display Error ¶ 

Display error occurs if the camera display or the motherboard is damaged.

Read error ¶ 

When the camera is not able to read the SD card because of some error in the card, this can be fixed by reinserting the SD card and restarting the camera. If the camera is dropped or any accident happens which leads to display damage, the driver error can occur. A new SD card may be needed

SD Card won't read ¶ 

When the Sd Card inserted,it's displaying a message "Card error"

SD Card inserted incorrectly ¶ 

Sometimes the SD card error occurs when the battery and SD card are inserted at the same time. The camera may not be able to read the card. Try taking out the battery and the card. Then re insert the battery first and then the SD card. If the SD card continues to show error, a new SD card may be needed.

Camera won’t hold charge ¶ 

“Camera dies much more quickly than normal”

Overcharging ¶ 

If the camera stays plugged into the charger for hours after it is already fully charged the battery will not hold a charge as well. Allow the camera to die and then recharge and stop charging when fully charged.

Extreme Temperature ¶ 

When subjected to extreme heat (above 100 degrees Fahrenheit) or freezing temperatures (under 32 degrees Fahrenheit) the battery will die faster. Allowing to camera to be in normal temperatures will save battery life.

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My camera won't switch on, its new and I haven't used it, what can I do?

annietanya - 답글

Nice I'm haveing the same problem I guess that's what I get for buying a old camcorder

Nichole Morrison - 답글

how long dose the battery take to charge

mcutbush - 답글

whenever I try to record, it says “Storage Media”

evan harmendaze - 답글

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