Asus Transformer won't turn on ¶ 

Despite your best efforts, the tablet will not turn on.

Bad power adapter ¶ 

If your power adapter is malfunctioning, the tablet will still run off the battery, but the battery will not charge. If your battery completely drains, there is no way to charge the device. The best way to test if your power adapter is bad is to borrow another T100 adaptor or find a similarly-rated power adapter to try charging your device with the new one. If the tablet battery charges with the new adapter, your original adapter is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Wrong type of power adapter ¶ 

The T100 will only charge using the original PSU (or a similar comparable PSU) and a correct micro-USB cable. It will not work with a 'charge only' cable. If you've lost your original power adapter, you'll need to replace it with the correct type.

Bad battery ¶ 

If your tablet's battery is bad, the tablet will only run when the power adapter is plugged into the wall. If the power adapter is not plugged in, the device shuts off quickly and does not turn on. The battery will need to be replaced. Please refer to the following link for instructions on how to replace the battery for this device. Asus Transformer T100 Battery Replacement. I have found a 1A 5V USB charger that works fine, with a particular USB cable.

Bad screen ¶ 

To check if your screen is bad, plug the power adapter to the wall and connect the tablet to it. Next to the power button on the device, an LED should light up, meaning the device is receiving power. If the device's screen still does not display anything, it is possible that the screen is functioning incorrectly. A screen replacement may be needed .

As a word of caution, screen malfunction may result from more complicated hardware issues inside the device. Understand that replacing the screen may not necessarily fix a screen display issue.

The battery drains rapidly when the tablet is in sleep mode ¶ 

After closing the tablet or putting it into sleep mode, the battery drains faster than it should.

Battery settings ¶ 

Windows integrated customizable power settings into the software. To access these settings, click on -the battery icon on the right side of the taskbar. Then click on the link “More power options.” In the new window, there will be an option on the left side called “Create a power plan.” In the next screen, click next. You can now adjust the screen brightness options and how long the computer’s display stays on. If you reduce both of these, it conserves energy.

Bad battery ¶ 

If your tablet's battery is bad, the tablet will only run when the power adapter is plugged into the wall. If the power adapter is not plugged in, the device shuts off quickly and does not turn on. The battery will need to be replaced. Please refer to the following link for instructions on how to replace the battery for this device. Asus Transformer T100 Battery Replacement Guide

Tablet won't charge or charges very slowly ¶ 

When plugged into the wall, the tablet's battery charges slower than expected.

Bad power adaptor ¶ 

If your power adapter is malfunctioning, the tablet will still run off the battery, but the battery will not charge. If your battery completely drains, there is no way to charge the device. The best way to test if your power adapter is bad is to borrow another T100 adaptor or find a similarly-rated power adapter to try charging your device with the new one. If the tablet battery charges with the new adapter, your original adapter is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Poor system BIOS ¶ 

The original stock software for the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is not optimized for this device. The BIOS is responsible for finding components of the hardware and telling the operating system how to use them. By updating the BIOS software, it could help optimize the battery life. The BIOS is part of the framework of the software of a computer, so be careful and pay attention to the instructions provided. The following link explains how to update the BIOS from 2.14 (the stock system) to BIOS 2.20 (Go to post #5). BIOS 2.2 Update

Bad battery ¶ 

If your tablet's battery is bad, the tablet will only run when the power adapter is plugged into the wall. If the power adapter is not plugged in, the device shuts off quickly and does not turn on. The battery will need to be replaced. Please refer to the following link for instructions on how to replace the battery for this device. Asus Transformer T100 Battery Replacement Guide

Stuck power button ¶ 

When the power button is pressed in, it becomes stuck underneath the tablet's outer case.

Power button gets stuck when pressed in ¶ 

The design of the tablet causes the power button to get stuck within the casing of the tablet. One way to regain use of the power button is to use a safety pin to center the power button. If you are unable to re-align the button, try replacing the button using our replacement guide for this device. Asus Transformer T100 Power Button Replacement Guide

Track pad is unresponsive ¶ 

The Asus Transformer won't respond to commands from the track pad.

Track pad settings ¶ 

In the original device settings, SmartGesture software is turned on for the track pad. This setting allows for different strokes on the track pad to signal a specific action. However, this can cause the device to slow down as it tries to interpret your hand motion or perform an unwanted action. To prevent this, go into your device settings and uncheck the track pad signals you don’t use. It is also possible that the track pad was turned off; this can be switched back on by pressing the Fn and F9 buttons simultaneously.

Bad track pad ¶ 

If the track pad is still unresponsive, the track pad could be broken. This is uncommon but in this case the track pad would need to be replaced.

Device randomly freezes ¶ 

When in use the device stops responding.

Reboot the device ¶ 

If your device freezes, try rebooting it. To do this, turn if off manually using the power button on the top of the tablet.

Factory reset ¶ 

If your device is still freezing it might be necessary to factory reset it. Doing so will restore the device to its original settings. Items such as photos or apps saved to the device will be erased during the reset. Be sure to back up this information. For the reset, first go to settings and select backup and reset then factory data reset. For more detailed instructions go to Factory Reset.

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I bought this brand new T100 tablet for a week after charging overnight I can not turn it on. I exchanged with another brand new tablet. The same problem happened. I am disappointed. Now I have to think twice before I buy another Asus computer.

son - 답글

i had the same issue n after research i found a common problem with the t100 is, a lot of them r defective and won't charge. if u r using the right charger n u r sure its not that, it is a factory defect n the store u bought it from....or asus....owes u a replacement....they should just replace it

stacymz1981 -

the exact same thing is happening to me

shawn - 답글

Make sure you use the charger it came with. I noticed that certain other USB chargers didn't provide sufficient charge current (.4A) when connected even though they had sufficient current rating (I used a USB charging current meter). When I connected the Asus charger, it put out 1.4A-1.6A. Very strange. It appears the tablet is picky about some aspect of the way the charger delivers power. The same chargers that would not supply adequate current to the T100 supplied a healthy amount of current to my cell phone.

Richard Myers -

jan 2015 exact same happened with the wifes T100 ...wouldnt turn on ..without holding down power button for extended think the so called experts would of known this when we returned the first one..

jbfenton -

if it charges for more than 24 hrs n still no charge, most likely it is a factory defect n needs to be taken back for an even exchange

stacymz1981 -

I just use the reset method by holding the home button and the power button each of the same time for 15 seconds or longer and my computer is working beautifully

shawn - 답글

Thank you Shawn,

I held down the power and home buttons and the computer booted up, again Thanks for the help!

Crystal Carollo -

Thanks, Shawn. That worked!

phenomenalajs -

Thanks Shawn - It helped. It just required a bit of patience in pressing the buttons. Apparently battery ran out as I am not using original cable as I lost the original one.

Farrukh -

Thanks Shawn! After doing the two-button-reset my T100 wall plug charger is now using 12W instead of 1W. I am pretty sure this trick has fixed the problem.

LarsWH -

I just love the look and feel and everything about this computer and I'm so glad its back working

shawn - 답글

Which buttons are you considering the home keys

Kasi -

I just did this. So much thanx. Nothing comes with real documentation anymore.. my win 3.1 came with a fricken family bible of Windows.. and the hardware had its own, too... and word later on.

Rosarl13 -

Must vary. Mine charges fastest. With the original and slower on others. The original seems to speed charge my phone.. I might end up paying for that one.

Rosarl13 -

I just replaced the broken screen on my t100 and it worked fine until I snapped the back of the unit back on. Now the screen just glows but does nothing else.

bzneez - 답글

I hope you can get your money back.

Susanne Ihlefeldt -

I have had my device in for repair three times and they cant find anything wrong with it.

When used as a tablet alone it's fine, but not with the keyboard, it's not responding and the search on the right side comes out and runs a lot of -> 00000000000000

and no one touch it. ☻

Stay away from this product!!!!!!!!!!

Susanne Ihlefeldt - 답글

Mine will turn on, I can sign on, but then the screen goes black and only the pointer works. What can I do to fix this. I have shut it down and restarted several times.

EEGAN - 답글

I'm having the same issue!

alyssa -

i was having the same problems, wouldn't turn on, no matter what. then i saw the post that says to hold the home button (below the volume buttons) and power button at the same time for 15 seconds... Volia!! it's working!!!

Tom M - 답글

You're right. For me worked, too.

Gabriela Pricope -

Tom, I just read your answer to the T100 not wanting to start - it worked. Thank you for explaining where the "home" button was on the Asus Transformer.

Barbara Faris -

Do you hold the the home button and power button while it's still plugged in?

elvis wairia -

Thank you for letting me know what the home button now:)

rycky1 -

Thanks Tom for saying where the home button!!

rycky1 -

My T100H doesn’t have a button under the volume controls.(?)

Angieahell -

I have two Asus T100H transformers purchased last December. No home button….no button at all on the side of the screen under the volume.

Angieahell -

My transformer just quit. When plugged in, the light next to the power button goes on, and it flashes when the power button is pressed, but nothing comes on the screen. Ive tried every trick i have read except opening the device. Any ideas?

smith - 답글

experiencing the same problem

darthxxmarke -

I'm having the same problem. It was working fine and then just quit. I have tried EVERYTHING suggested and every possible combination of pressing the buttons to reset it. My camera light is also on. Any other suggestions? Please!

tiffanysabback -

I have the same problem. When I connect to charger orange light flies near power button. I press power button, white light near camera blink but screen is not showing nothing

Sarav -

Having same issue with mine.

Hannah Skiles -

My tablet has a special problem as it started working very slowly and then suddenly started turning on and off automatically. i tried to manually restart it and the moment the screen is on it starts restarting again on its own. i don't understand what to do as reset factory settings could not be done too. could anyone please guide me?

yasir arafat - 답글

Just bought my Asus tablet in February 2015 and it won't turn on. Please help

Kimberly Betties - 답글

Make sure you are charging it with the charger it came with. Then, as others have indicated, hold the power button down for about 15 seconds and it should start. The battery seems to drain too fast and it is probably REALLY dead battery.

Dave Wilcox -

When it works it's a great little tablet that I actually used to replace a laptop. However, this is the second time a problem occurred that it wouldn't power up. Best Buy supposedly fixed it by using the "proper cord" and gave it to me. However, it was the same as what I was using when it wouldn't power up. But it was fixed. Last night it happened again. Today I found this site and tried the tow button hold down and it worked on the third try. I nearly bought a SURFACE an hour before I found this site. You saved me a bunch of cash, and I have my favortie worek tool back. But ASUS needs to clear this issue up or get the word out to purchasers on how to power it up when this happens.

John - 답글

The power button gives me trouble too, even with a new replacement T100. I feel that ASUS should clear this up once and for all, as many others are having these issues. In hindsight, I would not have purchased this ASUS notebook.

Arlene wolkowycki -

the asus transformer t100 its a FANTASTIC tablet, but it is EXTREMELY unreliable. as good as it is please, if your reading this prior to purchase, get something else. do not get this unless and until asus fixes these problems. I have 2, on for each of my kids- one works fine and is used every day for the last nine months. the other has only been used 14 times because of all the problems.

another (of the thousand different ways to fix just this one problem) is to let it die completely. wait until none of the lights blink, then wait about a day before you put it back on the charger. then leave it on the charger for another whole day and once enough time has gone by for it to be at 100% open it up WHILE HOLDING THE POWER BUTTON. then let go, then hold it down for a three count, then let go, then press and hold till it powers on. it can take over a minute for the screen to power up but so far- after this asus punking out about a hundred times- this has consistently worked to get it BACK into working mode.

trish - 답글

THANK YOU! At first I thought all the push, let go, push again, etc. was crazy... Crazy Smart! Thank you!

James Taylor -

Nothing is working. Could it really be that dead

Kasi -

Thanks for the info. That was the only thing that worked to get mine to power on.

mikehindman624 -

I wish I'd seen your post before 11/15! This past Thanksgiving became an advertisement for side effects of purchasing an ASUS T100 tablet, 'ASUS, may cause marital problems, anxiety, panic attacks, bouts of depression after manic hyseria from a a moment of product functioning followed by the only certainty of malfunction.

Liz -

How do you run the battery down, though?

Stephanie -

THANK YOU! I know its been several years since you posted this, but it helped me. Yay, thank goodness it worked. Can't afford a new computer.

Stephanie -

I've had my tablet for about a year now. The first tablet, I returned because it wouldn't turn on. I thought I would give another one a try. The new one went black once, but after an extended charge and a couple days it worked again and I hadn't had any problems with it for nearly a year. Then last night it went black again. I read through all the reviews and tried the home and power buttons at the same time...after I found the most helpful review that told me where to find the home button. It works again! Thanks for the great feedback, it saved me a lot of frustration and having to have the tablet serviced. P.S. the home button is below the volume buttons.

Kim - 답글

Hi guys.

I have two (well I sold one) of these and I joined this forum just to tell everyone that the ORIGINAL USB cable does NOT charge the device properly.

As soon as I connected another USB charge cable (an old Nokia cable), with ORIGINAL adapter, it charged properly!

The orange light comes on with the ORIGINAL cable, but it doesn't really charge: When turned on, the charge light comes on, but Windows doesn't recognise it as charging for long. With a "better" cable (and ORIGINAL adapter) Windows shows it charging until charged.

I hope this helps.

barsznica -

This worked.

I was about to return the thing and balm win 10 upgrade for the problem. Now I have to find something else to blame win 10 for..

Rosarl13 -

So I've just got Asus t100 tablet/laptop, that I bought online. When I turned it on, it stopped at a step, where it wants me to write username/email and the password. No matter what I write, it's always wrong, and even when my information is all right, it says that the password is wrong. I did not start anything, it happened right after the step where i choose the country and language. I don't know how to fix that. Is it possible to change the windows? And how?

rehamariny - 답글

I have Asus 2-N-1 tablet it won't turn off and it says Hibernating what can i do. Help please

suehutt - 답글

It womt turn on I've tried eveything! Its a &&^&^$^ piece of $@$*! Don't buy this piece of $@$*!

Jhj - 답글

how will i know if my device's battery is already not working?

the battery icon at the notification area is not showing even when it's setting is always show.

also, the lights next to the power button is not turning on to give me a warning if my device is chargig or not. Help please??

Carol Diane Pascual - 답글

Help please. ASUS T1000TA has shrunk display to tiny part of screen after my wrong press of Ctrl and other keys. "Windows model" any ideas please as standard answers not working :(

Ed Surridge - 답글

Mine only work's as a laptop but if i try to use as a tablet screen doesnt do i fix this $hiii7777

Jj - 답글

I have Asus T100 with win10 installed in it (win8 originally).

Worked well as media-pc connected to my tv and AC for a long time.

Now days it will turn it self off every 30min, sharp. Battery is good, and it runs many of these 30min periods. It will start up by pressing power button like been normally shutdown.

It does this in windows and even when i left it on bios settings mode with no operatin system loaded.

Why it wont stay on longer. No bios or power settings show that shutdown after 30min.

pavanska - 답글

How to boot it up if it won't turn on?

I kind of remember holding down the on button while pressing the F9? Turn on, and then press the F10, I think.

Anyone know what I'm taking about?

Kim King - 답글

Kim King you are right.That worked for me!

Dan -

We're can I send my t100 to be fixed


Hi, hope I am not too late for an answer, trying to reset to factory, after I press de vol up button, an android meme appears belly up with a red exclamation mark. The reason is a lost password.


lula - 답글

I have this asus t100 and suddenly, I can't connect to my own wifi connection but others can. I can't detect my wifi, but others can. Huh help!

onlysamsantiago - 답글

I purchased one of these and a few days later I returned it because It wouldn't turn on. I had the same problem as many of you have described. I pug it in and the red light is on. Once the light turns to white/blue and I try to turn it on the light just blinks 3 times and does not turn on. The employees at Best Buy had no idea what the problem was and they exchanged it. Now the other one is doing the same thing. I love everything about the style, look, features.... too bad that darn system doesn't work!!! I am going to try some of the remedies I have read here and hope this works or I will be in search of ANOTHER tablet. And I must add I am a bit disappointed in Best Buy. Why doesn't there Geek Squad know about these issues. One Best Buy store tells me this tablet is great product the other Best buty (where I exchanged the 1st one) tells me it is crap and just buy a laptop. I own a lap top thank you I needed something smaller and more portable.

cbeveridge - 답글

My screen would not come on no matter how long I held the power button. The LED was white indicating full charge. Then I read the postings above and tried holding the Home and Power buttons for 15 seconds. At 11 seconds the White LED started to blink red, then back to white. A quick push of the Power button and the screen is ON and working great again. Yeah!

Tom Hittle - 답글

I bought 2 about 7 months ago. They're the worst tablets/laptops I ever had. They keep on freezing, don't turn on, don't charge all the way or don't charge at all, speakers go off, ... I hate those and ASUS doesn't even care. NEVER EVER AGAIN with ASUS.

Veronique Debruyn - 답글

I've had my laptop under a month and it is currently frozen on a webpage and won't turn off at all, the screen is completely frozen. I need the laptop to finish my university work, please help!

Lucy Gordon - 답글

same issues, had my t100 notebook 17 months not used much, paid £300, now its out of waranty. had tried all the above even carefully took the cover off, and discontted the battery for 5 minutes, and tried all the above again, NO luck.

I see the new Asus Transformer T100TAF selling for £160 BUT if these Asus's ONLY LAST a few months AS CAN BE SEEN ON THE FORUMS... they( Asus) should be selling em for 20 quid! COS thats ALL they are worth!

Really disapointed cos when it worked they are fast - Asus TAKE NOTE, cos if YOU don't sort these problems out...YOU WILL BE filling for Chapter 9, Bankruptcy !!!

RobbieF - 답글

I am continually pushing the power button in order for my asus t100 tablet to turn on, but forsome reason it won't,so i hve to either plug it in, orunplug it, then plugit back in. Any tips?

jaylacyr - 답글

Hi everyone,

I have had my Asus T-100 for over a year and I've had a few of the frustrations mentioned. There seems to be an issue with the battery charging circuit when the laptop is in sleep mode. I always shut it down after I use it and it charges up OK these days (but slowly). Another little trap I've found is that the charger is in two pieces and can slightly pull apart while still appearing fine -just need snap it back together.

I did update the BIOS a few months ago and that seemed to help with the random shutdown at about 30% charge.

I love this little guy now, and sometimes I remove the keyboard for weight and take it on my bike with me.

Good to know where the home key is too -might come in handy :)

Cheers all of luck,

John S.

spj377645 - 답글

My T100 can power up with adapter and I can still use it but it won't charge. I thought it has to do with battery problem. I send it in and was told needs to replace with T100TA MAIN_BD._2G/Z3740/AS. I don't understand why the whole motherboard needs replacement when I can still use it if I use adapter. Thought it was a battery problem.

Sally Kee - 답글

I've had my Asus T100A for a long time, with the only problems occurring when Win10 updates. Now, however the T100 turn on and won't charge. No lights come on at all! It was fine when I shut it down last night, but this morning, it's deader 'n a doornail--with and without the keyboard attached. No orange light to show charger is plugged in, no white, zilch, de nada. Any ideas other than taking a hammer to it and tossing it in the trash?

Jacki Madewell - 답글

Sorry I meant to say the T100 WON'T turn on. I've tried all the usual fixes and nothing works.

Jacki Madewell - 답글

What dose it mean when a white light flashes fast about 4 or 5 times by the power button when i try to turn on my asus book and nothing else happens wont turn on wirh a full battery

farrah - 답글

I'm having the same issue- have you got a solution yet?

Judith MacC -

the aus t100 transformer book is the worst piece of $@$* ive ever had the displeasure of owning. It was give to me as a Christmas present. If it wasn't for that, I would've given in by now and smashed it against something hard - just for the gratification ! And I'm not even an angry person!

Thankyou to whoever setup this blog. I was sick of reading the propaganda on how good it is.

eBay sells replacement batteries for them. If you have feel like you've nursed it along enough to have gotten your monies worth, it may pay to crack it open and replace the battery. Seems to be half the problem in most case reading the above.

Albert - 답글

I've just bought this charged it up. The red light has turned white so I assume I can turn it on and nope! It won't turn on. I've tried everything that's been suggested and still no joy. Help!

tibby - 답글

Same thing here... only way is drain up all battery and recharge fully then can on it back... going to sell it away and buy other brand... no more Asus

Leous Lee -

I have an asus transformer that I've had about 4 years. Just a few months ago, I lost the charger but just recently found it. Yesterday I plugged it in to charge but the light never came on which is something I always had a problem with but it would always still charge. I thought by today it would have been charged and ready but it won't turn on. I have no idea if it is even charging or if it's charged but the screen doesn't work or if my tablet in general took a $@$*. I tried holding the power button with the volume up bottom and holding the power button but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

Danielle Casias - 답글

I'm typing this from a ASUS chromebook that I've had for over an year now. Just this Christmas, my sister and I both got ASUS T100's. Hers had to be returned before she could even use it, because it wouldn't charge. Mine worked fine, for about a week. just today I was using my tablet. It was low on battery so I plugged it in to charge and left to go do something else. I came back few hours later, and turned on the tablet, but then it started updating. This took about 45 minutes to an hour, but finally it finished. But now I can't get past the lock screen. Every 3.5 to 4 seconds, the screen goes black for a second, then quickly flashes a slightly desaturated red before going to back to the lock screen. I can't get far enough to log in or restart the tablet because it will do that and then go back to the home screen. I managed to shut it down once, then turned it back on and it keeps dong that. It's getting extremely infuriating and I don't want to reset, please help.

ivywattsslash - 답글

Screen won't let me touch . Just bought today need help asap

lolacartel50 - 답글

Solution is simple. Forget about button combinations, key combinations etc. It is a factory issue, the battery cable plug is prone to coming loose. In 99% of cases you need to reconnect the battery. Simply remove the back (use a guitar pick, plastic knife, or gently use a flat screwdriver; get under by the USB port and work your way around. Cover should come off. Then disconnect the battery lead by gently lifting it up from the connector. Leave it for 1 min. Plug it in, plug your device in. And it will boot up. This is all ASUS will do anyways for this problem. If you are smart enough to get through a day, you can do it.

Asus Transformer Pad TF103C Battery Replacement

Pat Meyer (FreeManFreeThought) - 답글

This was the only thing that worked for me - thanks!

mm24all -

>.I solved start a up problem by cancelling fast start up as follows: Settings-System-Power and Sleep-Related settings-Additional power settings-cancel "Turn on fast start up". Although this is the default and recommended, I now get prompt start up every time with it turned off. DSL

David Lee -

My tablet turns on but the screen just shows a bunch of lines and reboots. It does this until I force shut it off or it dies. Anybody know how to fix this?

Microscoft - 답글

Scratch that, screen dosent turn on and webcam light turns on then turns off then repeats. It just goes until it dies. I think the motherboard is bad.

Microscoft -

One more thing, I have verified it does reboot. I plugged in my keyboard (mechanical and RGB) and the lighting does go on and off

Microscoft -

Screen will not allow me to go to settings to reset. Screen says "working on updates. 100% complete. Don't turn off your computer." It has said this for 5 full days!

Karen Martin - 답글

Hi need your insight. My asus t100ta transformer is draing battery when turned on even if the charger is 0lugged in. It says plugged in, charging, but is slowly draining battery.

I checked the resource monitor and malware scan, no problems.

I cak only use it for now if I charge the laptop when it is turned OFF, so it charges.

Do you have an idea if the problem if the charger, bios or battery? Thanks

regie quinagon - 답글

I bought this Transformer 2 years ago to video time with my newly wedded wife overseas. Immediately Video cam didn’t work. Bought Lenovo and couldn’t be happier. Sent this JUNK back “THREE” times to finally get it functioning but only half screen and transfer rate slow. I bought HDMI cable and big mini SD, wasn’t gonna walk away. When battery is drained it wouldn’t boot even after a full charge. Something to do with sleep mode with no juice left, when charged, it doesn’t realize so it stays asleep. GREAT. This thing and ASUS should go to sleep and never wake up. It went back for the 4th time. Motherboard was replaced. By then it was a year and it never worked for me yet. Its so embarrassing to be talking to their staff, really trying to help, but nothing was or could be done. Now it wouldn’t boot no matter what I do. Charge light is still on, red when charging and white when full. I was once a loyal customer of Asus for the 2-year warranty. Now??? SIGH!!!

Upset Asus User - 답글

Since I bought Transformer T100HA, my tablet did not fully charge. After 2 years, I have solutions for this kinda problems.

1. I try to disconnect and reconnect the battery.

2. Charge it.

If solutions 1. and 2. doesn’t work, there is third solution which was I did.

3. Throw it into the dumpster.

Asus, really? Why make things so complicated?

Noel - 답글

I used the wrong charger and then my transformer wouldn't turn on, I charged it more with the correct charger but it hasn't helped, I've held the button down (white light flashes 4x) I've held the window button and start but nothing is happening - help!?

Stephanie - 답글

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