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BlackBerry 8703e Troubleshooting

Keyboard Is Not Responsive ¶ 

There are three possible issues when the keyboard is not responding.

Keypad Is Locked ¶ 

If the backlight turns on when the buttons are pressed but the keys seem unresponsive, the keypad is probably locked. To unlock the keypad, press the alt key and then the num key.

Keypad Needs To Be Replaced ¶ 

Due to some of the button studs being broken, some keys may appear unresponsive. In this case, the keyboard needs to be replaced. [Ref to repair guide]

Phone Needs To Be Replaced ¶ 

If replacing the keypad does not resolve the problem, it is a hardware issue and you will need to contact the distributor in order to get a replacement phone.

Loss of Calls And/Or Memory ¶ 

Many smartphones begin to delete calls and/or memory when the amount of free memory is getting low.

Free Memory Space is Low ¶ 

Low memory space from any BlackBerry device can be caused by having too many applications or saved information installed. The phone tries to free up more space by deleting items. Memory space can be viewed by selecting Options and then Status or holding the ALT+SHIFT+H keys. See for more information.

Battery Will Not Hold A Charge ¶ 

Batteries that will not hold a charge need to be replaced.

Battery Needs To Be Replaced ¶ 

Short battery life is a common problem for the BlackBerry and many other smartphones, due to the many applications that are typically running at one time. Once the battery will not hold a charge it needs to be replaced. Please see [Ref to repair guide] for instructions on how to do this yourself.

In the future, to prevent a battery from dying as quickly, restrict backlight usage and turn off your Bluetooth when you are not using it. See for more information.

Browser Is Missing ¶ 

There are three likely problems when the Blackberry browser is missing.

Data Plan Is Not Activated ¶ 

Insure you have a BlackBerry data plan by logging into your BlackBerry account or calling your service provider.

Icon is Hidden ¶ 

Insure that the icon is not hidden by pressing the Menu key and selecting the Show All option. Next, go to Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table. Press the Menu key and select Register Now. If the icon does not appear within 30 seconds, see below under Software Issue.

There is a Software Issue ¶ 

Application errors, theme problems, data problem, and more can be solved by removing the battery while the device is still on and leaving the battery out for about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, replace the battery and wait for the phone to reboot. If the browser does not appear when the phone reboots, see below under Service Books Need to be Replaced. See for more information.

Service Books Need to be Replaced ¶ 

Log in to your Carrier BIS site and click the Service Books link. Click the Send Service Books button and a confirmation message should appear on your device.

G-mail User Receives Copy of Sent Mail ¶ 

Some G-mails users receive a copy in their inbox of all mail that is sent out from their phone.

G-mail Settings Need Modification ¶ 

To stop receiving copies of your sent mail, you must login to your G-mail account on the G-mail site and add a filter to your current G-mail address.

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