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BlackBerry Z10 Troubleshooting

This page contains some common troubleshooting problems for the BlackBerry Z10.

Switch devices using a media card ¶ 

Going from old an old BB phone to a new BB phone.

BlackBerry 7.0 OS Setup ¶ 

First, tap Search button and then, type in Device Switch. Setup should appear in the search results. Click Setup, followed by Device Switch, then select Using a Media Card and Save Data. Delete saved emails as they will be transfered later. When your content has been saved to a backup file, replace the media card with your new BlackBerry Z10 device. When the Device Switch screen appears on your BlackBerry Z10 device, type in your backup file password. The items will then begin to transfer over to your new device.

Reboot BBZ10 device ¶ 

When your phone won't turn on.

Restart your BBZ10 device ¶ 

Begin by pressing down the Power/Lock key and then tap Restart.

Reset your BBZ10 device ¶ 

Press and hold down the Power/Lock key for at least 10 seconds.

Recover BBZ10 device ¶ 

How to restore your phone when it doesn't turn on.

Shut down the BlackBerry Link program (and BlackBerry Desktop Software if available). Detach all devices that cannot be restarted. Open up BlackBerry updates on your web browser. Click 'Check for Updates'. Then, connect your BBZ10 to your computer. Restart your phone by holding the power button for 10 seconds until it turns back on. A prompt will pop up on the computer. The BBZ10 will appear in the drop-down list. If the LED blinks twice and turns off, press 'OK' within 15 seconds. Once the phone is turned on, a message on the screen will say Checking for BlackBerry Device Software updates.

OS Software problem ¶ 

OS software acting up.

Reinstall program ¶ 

Open the Blackberry Link software on your computer, be sure that your device is plugged in. Select Preferences, which can be found in the top right-hand corner, and then select Reload Device Software. Select the Reload option and the software will then ask you to hold down the power button for about 10 seconds (or til the phone turns on). The device should be detected and the operating system should begin to download. Your device should be ready to update and reboot.

Volume/Speakers ¶ 

No sounds are coming out of your phone.

Speakers not working ¶ 

Open the back cover. Locate a small grill for the speaker, which is just below the battery. Then, press it down. If you cannot locate it, it helps to play music to find right area.

댓글 23개

Verry good. Now my BBZ10 has sound . Thanks

nicu oancea - 답글

Thanks alot, awesome my phone has audio again - great help! was about to get another phone as the sound was only playing through the earphones

Zeyn Shahzada -

my phone wont delete contacts. never seen this before. i turned off, removed battery, sim card and nothing works. At this point they want to charge me to help resolve this. wow.

cwalkerexcel - 답글

It Works. Great Tip.

imsasi - 답글

My BlackBerry z10 set getting switching off automatically, while using pls assist me wt to do

santosh - 답글

My phone switched off i reset my phone and it shows

Pls what do I do

Oyin Akinmola - 답글

I tried everything but my blackberry z 10 won't switch on

Oyin Akinmola - 답글

I find lately that when I try to connect or answer the phone, it takes 5 seconds before I can hear the connection. My call forwarding takes about 10 seconds before the connection happens, this is very annoying as it should be instant instead of waiting and saying hello, hello at least 6 times.

Anyone else having this problem...what to do

Mary Joe - 답글

I am having the same issue. I checked my local verizon and they told me to back up my pictures, contacts and go to settings and put it back to factory settings or get new phone . "There is no updates for the software"

carson cameron -

Dear Freinds, I have a problem with my BB Z10, When I restarts the device it is automatically format. It lost all the the thinks like BB ID, contacts & all apps. It becomes just like new.

Please help me.

Kamil - 답글

Am having same issue here pls hav u gotten d solution?

oluchi2222 -

My Z10 updated the latest software and now the speaker is muted.

mongezitini - 답글

My blackberry z10 browser has stop working...

Yange Shima - 답글

My BlackBerry z10 has erase. All data and apps when it turn off. I used security wipe reset and software update but it still not working

anil - 답글

My microphone has stopped working on private calls, can only be hrard when using speaker call

noc - 답글

I was bussy security wiping my phone then the battery died and now it wont turn on

Jj Maree - 답글

Please my phone can not send images through whatsaao

lai - 답글

Dear Freinds, I have a problem with my BB Z10, When I restarts the device it is automatically format. It lost all the the thinks like BB ID, contacts & all apps. It becomes just like new.

Please help me.

isholaphilip - 답글

hello friends my BB Z10 was not turning on so what i have to do plz say me the solution

Chaitanya Prasad - 답글

My bb is not completing the wipe out process

bettymartins366 - 답글

Can't download or used any applications on my bbz10. When I try opening applications it closed and sometimes it won't open. Can't download goolgle play service on bbz10 in fact can't do anything with bbz10. I can only use it to receive calls which is very bad. Please help me out.

Abigail Baah - 답글

my black berry z-10 is fade display problem booting time not boot properly pls help me

mohd nadeem - 답글

wow thank you so much. Simple and straight forward . My phone now on

Malibongwe - 답글

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