Problem 1: The drill will not start.

Possible causes: Battery pack is not installed properly.

Possible solutions: Check battery pack.

Charge battery pack.

Problem 2: Battery will not charge fully or at all.

Possible causes: The battery is corroded.

Possible solutions: Replace battery

Plug into working outlet.

Problem 3: Strong odor coming from inside of drill.

Possible causes: Buildup of dust inside the drill.

Possible solutions: Dismantle drill using appropriate screwdriver or other tools. Then, clean inside of drill carefully using specially designed brushes for maintenance.

Problem 4: The drill turns on, however the rotating drill head will not spin.

Possible causes: Buildup of debris of bearings.

Possible solutions: Carefully clean debris away from the bearings inside of the drill.

Problem 5: Loud rattling noise occurs while using the drill

Possible causes: loose screws, cogs, or ball bearings.

Possible solutions: Disassemble drill to check if the screws, cogs, and/or ball bearings are loose.

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after charging 24 hours drill turns but not powerful to drill screws in to wood deck. what could be wrong?

thank you, Cherie

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