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The handle on my oven door melted off and I have to use tongs or a fork to open the door.

The door was cracked or broken off completely.

The handle can not be separated from the door. Therefore, to replace the handle, the door needs to be replaced completely. Here is a link to a replacement guide.

The door needs to be fully replaced if the glass is cracked or broken. Here is a link to a replacement guide.

Changing the heat settings does not seem to change how hot the oven gets.

Replace the oven heat and toaster heat control. Here is a link to a replacement guide.

The knob on the temperature/timer/oven just spins or has fallen off.

If the knob pulls off check and see if the back of the knob looks damaged. Here is a guide to replacing the control knobs.

If the knob does not pull off but spins freely the controls will need to be examined.

My oven door is floppy and/or won't close completely.

The spring could have fallen off or it might be broken. Here is a guide to removing and replacing the door spring.

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