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BLU Studio 5.0 S II Troubleshooting

Announced January 2014, Android OS, V 4.2 (Jelly Bean), Camera, MP3, Dual Sim, WiFi.


Phone won't turn on ¶ 

The phone does not power on.

Possible causes ¶ 

Try turning on the power button ¶ 

Hold the power button until the screen lights up .

It might be a drained/bad battery ¶ 

Charge your phone for half an hour to see if the phone powers on.

I have no audio on my phone. ¶ 

When answering a call or watching a video can't hear any audio.

Possible causes ¶ 

Check your volume settings on phone. ¶ 

Go to the main menu on the phone , go to settings, click on sound icon, and check volumes settings for music, videos, games, ringtones, alarms and other media.

You can check the speaker and see if there is a problem with the speaker physically visible ¶ 

Check and see where your speaker is located and check if its free from dust or anything obstructing it.

you can replace the Speaker ¶ 

See guide for speaker replacement.

Camera is broken ¶ 

The phones' camera is broken, loose or its glass is shattered. .

Possible causes ¶ 

Phone suffered physical damage. ¶ 

Determine if it is a physical cause to change the camera.

Replace the camera ¶ 

See guide for camera replacement.

Phone Camera won't take pictures ¶ 

When trying to open the camera icon the phone won't allow you to take any pictures.

Possible causes ¶ 

Maybe the phone does not have enough battery to take pictures ¶ 

Allow the phone to have enough charge to be able to take pictures and have a flash .

Check Memory usage ¶ 

Click on the main menu button on the home screen and find the settings icon and check memory usage on the phone and see how much memory you have. If you don't have enough then you can add a memory cardfor additional memory. See guide for memory card installation.

The power button on the phone does not work ¶ 

The power button is stuck and wont work.

Possible causes ¶ 

Sticky Power button ¶ 

Remove the back cover of the phone and check if the power button works properly. If it is stuck you can just push the button outward to get it to work.

Can't download games and or take pictures ¶ 

Memory storage is getting or is low.'''

댓글 10개

blu 5.0 issue is that when trying to make a call it keeps saying not able to make video call, but when and if i used the other sim port it would state that the 3g service has been switch from line 1 to line 2. hence the issue not solved, voice call give you the option to change or to notify you of whats action to take.

Otima Muir - 답글

I trying to figure out how to turn off the shutter noise of my camera, I have a blu5.5

Tahirah williams - 답글

I am having issues when I am using the messenger program and just before sending message I proof read all is correct in spelling. After hitting send I get names and words that i did not wish to send , why is this happening . I turned off spell check and still get weird words , other then that I am happy with the phone performance.

John mullinix - 답글

I need to help from tech support after hours , to advise me on how to operate the 5.0 Android phone I just bought when I type text messages I get words I didn't even type . this is making me looking foolish, plus the touch screen has an issue. When i type a I get s why when i type o I get I what is wrong with the screen key board ???

John mullinix - 답글

i was able to make and receive calls this morning then all of a sudden i could no longer . ive called my phone company and they cant seem to find a problem dint know maybe my phone is giving up anyone else have this problem

Meghan Farr - 답글

I up grade my blue phone before topping my sim up and after topping the sim, it wont let my calls go through. It keeps telling me to turn on sim, but the sim is not turning on when I try to do so

Samantha James - 답글

My phone will not receive calls or text messages. I can call out and text but cant receive anything. I've talked to my phone company and they can't figure it out either

Jenny Clay - 답글

My phone says cannot connect to camera. I tried rebooting, factory resetting and still won't connect. I have a5.5 4g LTE.

azard khan - 답글

Did u find a solution to ur problem

Kim -

My phone cannot connect to camera. I tried rebooting and resetting without success. I have a Blue 5.5 4G LTE.

azard khan - 답글

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