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System unresponsive ¶ 

The Bose SoundDock XT will not function and is unresponsive.

Faulty power connectors ¶ 

Before taking the system apart, be sure that all connectors, cords and plugs are inserted properly and the power source is working correctly.

Interrupted connection ¶ 

Unplug the power connector for a few seconds, then reconnect. This allows the unit to reset after a power interruption.

No source ¶ 

Make sure that an audio source is selected that corresponds to the desired function (i.e. CD, AM/FM, etc.)

Distorted sound, or no sound, is emitted from speakers ¶ 

No matter what you do the Bose SoundDock XT plays the distorted or no music when a device is connected.

Defective wiring and/or speakers ¶ 

When the speakers do not emit sound when a device is on play, check motherboard for possible misconnection or wire damage.

Speaker plays distorted sound ¶ 

When the sound quality is distorted or fuzzy, check speakers for any damage and test effectiveness. The distortion may be coming from the audio source as well.

Speaker does not play sound ¶ 

When no sound is emitted, check the volume controls to be sure it is not muted. Check all connections to be sure they are not damaged, and reduce any interference of external devices.

Device will not connect to the Bose SoundDock XT ¶ 

The device will not connect to the dock, after multiple attempts.

Accessory is not accessible ¶ 

Before taking the SoundDock XT apart, try disconnecting and reconnecting the device.

Broken Lightning connector ¶ 

If a device refuses to charge or connect you will need to take apart the SoundDock XT and replace the lightning connector manually.

Incorrect input selected ¶ 

Be sure that the correct input has been selected and the device has been placed securely and properly.

Cannot connect to another source ¶ 

The external device is playing, but no sound is heard.

Incorrect cable ¶ 

Be sure to use the correct 3.5 mm audio cable to connect an external device. The 3.5 mm audio cable must be securely connected to both devices.

Audio jack obscured ¶ 

Be sure the connector is properly plugged in to the audio jack, if the problem still occurs check for obstruction of the audio jack, which may need for the SoundDock XT to be disassembled.

Device not connected ¶ 

Be sure the external audio source is on play mode and no other devices are interfering with the connection.

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The lightning connector of mine is broken, where do can I buy this part?

Tomas Varela - 답글

Where can I buy the lightning connector for this product?

Tomas Varela - 답글

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