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Speaker Will Not Power On While Plugged In ¶ 

My device is plugged in, but it will not power on.

Faulty Power Charging Base ¶ 

Charging Contacts could be dirty, and need to be cleaned. Clean contacts located in upper corner of base and speaker with cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol. If this does not work, the charging base may be faulty and need to be replaced.

Faulty Power Adapter ¶ 

Make sure charging cord is firmly plugged into wall and charging base. If the speaker does not turn on, try changing USB cord with one that is known to be in working condition. If the speaker still does not turn on, the AC adapter may be faulty and need to be replaced.

Speaker Will Not Power On with Battery ¶ 

My Device will not power on when not plugged in to electrical outlet.

Battery Is Not Sufficiently Charged ¶ 

To check the charge level, press and hold the power button and observe the battery indicator. If the battery indicator light flashes red, the battery may not have enough charge to power on. Plug in the base to the AC outlet and place the speaker on the base to charge the battery. Battery indicator will be yellow while charging, and will turn off when done.

Speaker Is in Battery Protection Mode ¶ 

If the speaker is unplugged and unused for more than 14 days, it enters battery protection mode to preserve battery power. To reactivate the speaker, connect it to AC power. You can immediately use the system while the battery charges.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the battery status light remains yellow after 10 hours of charging, the battery may need replacing.

Speaker Will Not Sync With Bluetooth ¶ 

Speaker turns on, but will not connect to Bluetooth Device.

Device Out of Range ¶ 

On average, the speaker will work within 30 feet of your paired Bluetooth device. Walls and construction materials can affect reception at times. Try moving closer to device to pair.

Too Many Devices Paired to Speaker ¶ 

The speaker can only store 8 Bluetooth devices in its memory, and can only sync to two devices simultaneously. Make sure two devices aren’t currently synced to speaker. To clear device memory, press and hold Bluetooth button for approximately 10 seconds. The device will say “Bluetooth device list cleared” if successful. To pair new Bluetooth device, press and hold Bluetooth button until indicator light blinks blue. Then you can scan for the speaker from Bluetooth device.

Faulty Bluetooth Module ¶ 

If the device is within range and Bluetooth list is not full, the Bluetooth module may be faulty and need to be replaced.

Buttons Not Responsive ¶ 

Buttons do not respond to being pressed.

Faulty Button Board ¶ 

If buttons on device do not work, but certain device functions, like volume control, work when controlled by audio device, button board may be faulty and need to be replaced.

Distorted/No Sound Coming Out of Speaker ¶ 

My speaker will not produce a proper sound.

Device Not Connected Properly ¶ 

Make sure speaker is properly connected to audio device. To pair new Bluetooth device, press and hold Bluetooth button until indicator light blinks blue. Then you can scan for the speaker from Bluetooth device.

Speaker or Audio Device Muted ¶ 

Make sure speaker and audio device are not muted. Attempt to turn up audio on both the speaker and audio device.

Faulty Speakers ¶ 

If audio is playing but sounds distorted, make sure speakers are not being obstructed. If speakers are free of obstructions, speakers may be “blown” and need replacement.

댓글 17개

Speaker is charged but will not turn on. When it is on charge there is a red light on the on/off button

pobelo - 답글

I've got the same problem, any idea how to fix it?

adeavgal -

Me too have a same problem.. When it is on charge there is a red light on the on/off button

zahir6 - 답글

Connection unsuccessful. Error message" Make sure Bose Mini II Soundlink is turned on and in range. It is on and says ready to pair. What can I do?

Robert Ekblom - 답글

I connected to my device after clearing my Bluetooth list. Thank you very much!!!

Vergil Clark - 답글

My speaker will not turn off and continually gives out the battery low voice command-totally frustrating!!! You can't even turn off the voice command using the instructions.

Phillip - 답글

Battery light remains red. Goes out when unplugged from charger.

Bob Humphreys - 답글

Battery light remains static red. Goes out when unplugged. Battery will not charge.

Bob Humphreys - 답글

When I hold the Bluetooth button for 10 seconds, it makes a noise, but does not say “Bluetooth list cleared". Now the Bluetooth button is stuck flashing blue, even when I turn the speaker on and off and it won't connect to any of my devices

John Lennon - 답글

mine is doing the same

Nick Sanders -

The red light above the power button flickers quickly. The speaker doesn’t charge and cannot be used either plugged or unplugged Knowles - 답글

The battery power light flashes red and doesn’t charge. Knowles - 답글

Speaker makes an audible noise/tone when charging + plugged in via aux cable. The noise goes away if I unplug the charging dock or cable.

derek - 답글

Speaker stops playing music randomly while connected to my win10 laptop (lenovo y40 2730). It still shows as connected under bluetooth settings on my pc. Sometimes before stopping, the sound flickers , it is only 3 feet from my laptop. I have the latest bluetooth drivers and speaker firmware. Please help!

akali babbar - 답글

Hi im not sure if my soundlink mini 2 is not that loud even with a max volume how would i know if there is a problem is this normal?

Alec - 답글

Poor or no sound coming from Mini Bose 2

Claudius DelFiacco - 답글

I was able to reset the speaker by holding down Bluetooth button for 10seconds. Then I had to go into my phone settings then Bluetooth settings and “forget this device”. I then turned off then on Bluetooth again, on my phone, and my Bose speaker was able to reconnect.

h_bjean - 답글

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