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Canon PowerShot G12 Troubleshooting

No matter what I do, the zoom won't focus to make clear pictures.

Be sure that your hand or surface is steady, otherwise the camera will be unable to quickly focus on a frame. If the camera detects movement in your hand, its focus will constantly change.

Relocate to an environment with more natural light or add artificial light to your current environment. If there isn’t enough light to capture, your camera will not be able to discern objects to focus on.

Oftentimes the camera just needs a moment to focus and capture movement, but if it doesn’t focus after about 30 seconds, try and adjust your aim.

Cameras sometimes require calibration. Switch to manual focus, measure your distance, and make sure the lighting is adequate.

My pictures won’t download on my computer

Problems like this can be resolved by just checking the connection, making sure the cord is in the right port and completely plugged in.

Computers and cameras are sometimes not compatible with one another, depending on the file. Try another computer and see if you can send images from there onto your primary desktop or laptop.

Most cameras have an auto power feature which switches the device off when you’re not shooting. Switch this off so the connection is not broken when attempting to transfer images.

I’ve tried everything, but my camera isn’t powering up.

Most of these problems can be solved just plugging in your battery to a charging station. If your camera is still not turning on, you may need to replace your battery due to age or corrosion. Replacements can usually be found online or through the store where your camera was purchased.

Sometimes, it could be something unrelated to the battery. It could be the circuit that connects the battery with the camera’s screen, lens, and flash. In this case, the circuit connector may need to be replaced.

Parts can break. If you find that the battery is functional and there are no internal issues with your camera, the actual power button may be faulty or loose. Contact the manufacturer for information on replacement, repair, and warranties.

If you have replaced or charged the battery and the camera still will not turn on, then clean the battery terminal with a dry cloth. After this is completed, then return the battery to the terminal.

I’ve restarted the camera, but my images are still not appearing.

First, assess your screen for physical signs of damage such as a crack, chip, or discoloration. If you notice any signs of this, your LCD screen will need to be replaced. Otherwise, consider that water getting into the device or dropping it could have damaged the images.

An LCD screen not displaying pictures could be the result of an internal issue such as wires becoming disconnected due to corrosion or dropping your camera. In this case, disassembly to fix the problem may be necessary.

My flash won’t work even in the darkness

While most cameras have an auto flash which senses the amount of light in the environment, there is usually a manual setting which can turn the flash on or off. Set your camera to auto flash or make sure the flash is switched on.

Changing the bulb in a flash is usually a quick fix and bulbs can be bought at most office and electronic stores. See the guide for changing flash bulbs in cameras for user-friendly steps.

The flash not working could be caused by a faulty power line in your camera. Check your battery as mentioned above or your power source to determine if disassembly for repair may be required.

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When taking a picture with my Cannon G12 everything looks normal on the screen but when you take the picture on the screen the image is there but it's white with lines through the picture. Would appreciate any advice on this problem.

Mona Timberlake - 답글

thats a sensor issue, you need a new sensor

Gus Hiddink -

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