Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Troubleshooting

Camera will not turn on ¶ 

The camera shows no signs of life after pressing the power button.

Bad/Discharged Battery ¶ 

The first thing to check if your camera won’t turn on is the state of your battery. It might be as simple as recharging your battery.

Dirty Terminals ¶ 

There may be particles preventing a good connection between the camera and the battery. We suggest cleaning the terminals with a cotton swab.

Loose Connections ¶ 

There may be a connection break in the internals of your camera. Open up your camera and check for any loose ribbon connections.

Faulty Camera ¶ 

If none of these solutions work, you may need to have the camera repaired by Canon or another camera professional.

Function buttons are sticking or do not register ¶ 

The function buttons next to LCD display not functioning.

Sticking Buttons ¶ 

If liquids or dirt have spilled onto the camera, the contacts may be filled with particulate matter. Take the camera's back casing off and clean the contacts with a cotton swab.

Faulty Contact Unit ¶ 

The unit that registers button input may have malfunctioned. Replace it using this guide.

Loose/Faulty Ribbon Connector ¶ 

The connection from the contact unit to the motherboard may need replacing.

LCD display is not functioning correctly or won’t turn on ¶ 

Camera indicates that it is on, but an abnormal image or nothing at all appears on the display.

No Image Displayed ¶ 

Your display may be turned off. Try pressing the display button until the display turns on. If this does not work you may need to replace your LCD display.

Cracked ¶ 

The LCD may still display partial images, but we recommend you replace it to restore functionality.

Horizontal Lines Appear ¶ 

This indicates that the LCD is damaged. Replace it using this guide.

LCD displays message “Memory Card Locked”, “No Memory Card”, or “Memory Card Error”.

Card is locked ¶ 

Take out the memory card. The write/protect switch may be set to lock. Set it to unlock.

Bad Memory card ¶ 

The memory card may be damaged. Try using another memory card.

Bad Connection ¶ 

The connection to the motherboard from the memory card slot may be compromised. If this is the problem click here.

Flash unit isn’t working ¶ 

Flash (ON) symbol is displayed but the flash does not go off.

Bad Connection ¶ 

The ribbon connecting the flash unit to the motherboard might be disconnected or loose. Check to make sure these ribbons are connected properly.

Bad Flash Bulb ¶ 

The flash bulb might be burned out or faulty to begin with. If this is the case, a new flash bulb will need to be installed.

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camera not focusing

Don Hoaglund - 답글

I have same problem with wife's camera, never been dropped, infrequently used and extremely well cared for. When first turned on it appears to focus correctly then immediately adjusts to out of focus. Driving me crazier than normal

Fred Cressman -

same thing ..out of focus

sharon parker - 답글

the viewer is fuzzy and the pictures are fuzzy

sharon parker - 답글

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