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Canon Powershot SD550 Troubleshooting

Camera does not turn on when power button is pushed.

One of the most common causes of this problem is a dead battery. To fix this, open the camera's battery compartment, remove the battery, and replace it with a freshly charged unit. Try to turn the camera on again. It should work.

Another cause of a dead camera is a bad battery. To check this, place the battery in the charger and watch the light. If it flashes red, something is wrong with your battery and it needs replacing.

Sometimes the battery connections can simply be worn out. If you see any damaged or missing contacts either on the battery or inside the camera (there should be six), this may be your problem.

in order to check this, you must disassemble the camera. However, you may be able to tell if this is the case by pressing the button a few times. It should depress smoothly and uniformly.

Camera will not save images or displays "card error."

This simply means that your sd card has been manually set to protect the information on it. If you look at the card, there should be a small switch on the side of the card. Slide this over and re-insert the card.

If not already resolved, check to see if your memory card is SD or SDHC type. SDHC is a newer format of card and will not work in the PowerShot SD550.

The camera will turn on, but nothing appears on the screen.

If the screen is in good condition and there is no display, try checking the display button on the camera. Press the button a few times, to find a screen. If there is still no display, there is probably something wrong with the components inside. See disassembly guide.

If the LCD is cracked, you must take apart the camera and replace the LCD screen. Some of the wiring in the hardware might also need to be replaced.

1) See disassembly guide

2) Once disassembled, gently pry the two tabs holding the screen down carefully. There is a reflector sheet under the screen that is easily scratched. Try not to touch the reflector, as it will be near impossible to clean it.

3) Gently pull the old ribbon cable through the camera assembly. Don't pull too hard or you might rip your paper and you'll end up spending hours trying to fish the ribbon cable back through.

4) Detach the old ribbon cable from the paper and tape the new ribbon cable to the end of the paper that you just pulled through

5) Gently pull the paper back through the camera assembly.

6) Once the cable is set, press down the black tab to secure the connection.

7) Clip the new screen into place.

8) Reassemble.

The camera does not auto-detect whether the picture is shot as portrait or landscape.

Your problem will most likely lie in the accelerometer. Its purpose of this part is to provide auto image rotation and to correct shake when taking photographs.

The accelerometer may simply be decalibrated. Lay the camera on a flat surface overnight with the power off.

If the accelerometer is broken, the logic board will need to be replaced.

Flash does not occur when taking dimly lit photos.

Press the right side of the directional button to set the flash to automatic.

Remove the flash and Inspect bulb for damage

Check bulb contacts inside camera

Sometimes, there is an assembly mistake that can affect the flash. If you look under the flash (left side as you're facing the flash), you will see a black catch mechanism held on by one small Phillips screw. remove this screw and pull the catch off, there is a very small washer in between the catch and the flash plastic housing. Reassemble the catch with the washer on the screw-side of the catch to fix this problem.

Lens stays in position when turning the camera off or on.

To solve this issue, we recommend that you take the following steps:

1: Take the battery out and then put it back in and turn the camera on.

2: Tap the covered USB port gently

3: Remove the dust in between the lenses with compressed air

4: Turn the camera off and move the lens around to try and put it back in its place

If this does not work, you can follow our repair guide to remove and replace the lens assembly.

When videos play back, sound is absent or muffeled.

Reposition hand for better sound.

To check for this, you must disassemble the camera.

The shutter release button does nothing when pressed.

Make sure the rotary switch is set to the red camera picture.

Restart camera and try again. If that doesn't work you could have a malfunctioning image sensor or shutter button. Follow the links to the appropriate repair guides.

Check to make sure that

1: There is a memory card installed.

2: Memory card is not full.

3: Memory card is formatted correctly for this camera.

4: Memory card is not locked.

Busy: Image is being recorded or read from the memory card.

Naming Error: There is currently another image with this same name.

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