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Blank screen ¶ 

The screen is off and the device is unresponsive.

Power button ¶ 

Hold the power button down for 3 seconds or until the printer turns on.

Low battery ¶ 

Check the battery indicator located in the top right corner. If it is one bar, plug in the charger.

Disconnected power cord ¶ 

Check that the cords are plugged in all the way then power on the device.

Printing issues with the device ¶ 

The screen is on but the image isn't printing.

Paper cassette is empty ¶ 

Check that the cassette is inserted correctly. To connect the paper cassette to the printer, follow the instructions engraved on the paper cassette. Place paper in the cassette opening.

Ink cartridge is out of ink ¶ 

If a notification pops up stating the ink is low, replace the ink cartridge. Instructions to replace the ink cartridge are located at Canon Selphy CP910 Ink Cartridge Replacement.

Disconnected WiFi ¶ 

Once the device is on, select the following options: "Menu," "WiFi Settings," Connection Settings," "Via WiFi network," Connection Method," and "Search for an access point." Select an available WiFi network.

Memory card issues ¶ 

A memory card is inserted into the printer but it is not printing.

Printer isn't reading memory card ¶ 

Check to ensure the top of the memory card is facing up with the bevel (cut off corner) going into the printer. Select the picture you want to print. Make any desired edits then press the "Print" button.

Memory card doesn't match the SD card slot ¶ 

If the camera memory card is a Micro SD, insert it into a SD adapter before inserting it into the printer. This will allow the memory card to fit in the SD card slot.

Image format isn't recognized ¶ 

Check the file format of the image on a computer by inserting the memory card and opening the file. The format should be jpeg. If the picture is not in jpeg format, select "Save As" and choose "jpeg."

Camera issues ¶ 

The printer is connected to a camera but the image isn't printing.

Dead batteries ¶ 

Turn on the camera and check the battery indicator (usually located in the top right corner). If there is one bar or less, connect the camera to a charger. Proceed to print.

Disconnected camera and printer ¶ 

Make sure the camera and printer are connected to each other with a USB cord. The type of USB cord may vary depending on the type of camera being used. Ensure that the camera and printer are both connect to the end of a USB cord before proceeding to print.

PictBridge application ¶ 

PictBridge allows the image to be printed directly from a digital camera to the printer, without direct connection. Click here to check that the camera supports PictBridge.

Computer to printer issues ¶ 

The image won't print while using a computer.

Disconnected WiFi connection ¶ 

Ensure that both the printer and computer are connected to a WiFi connection by checking the internet access status on both devices.

Incorrect cord ¶ 

If connecting the devices with a cord, ensure that a double sided USB cord is being used.

Driver installation ¶ 

Insert the solution disk that came with the printer into the computer. Open the disc file location and select the folder labeled "Driver." Select which driver you want to install (either 32 bit or 64 bit). Open the "Setup" application. Follow the steps provided.

댓글 56개

When i go to print with my selphy it reads cannot communicate with the printer . The device was connected to the network the last time.

CP910-19C5AA . I just use my selphy a week ago and had no trouble . My daughter also has one and she is having the same problem. I go it for Mother's day last year and really love it . What do I need to do.

brendajeff1958 - 답글

Did you ever get a reply to the issue you are having. I am having the same issue. I have 3 cellphones full of pictures I was planning on printing. Nothing is easy!

djs0311 -

My printer turns on but won't go any where frome the welcome canon screen how do I fix this?

keatonfrancis - 답글

Called Canon support and issue was resolved!!

dandj314 -

Same as the above!!! Mine turns on and just shows the Canon Screen startup screen and then doesn't go any further than that.

Glen - 답글

Did you find a solution? I am having the exact same issue.

taznjo -

I have the same issue. Did you ever get this resolved? It won't get passed the Canon loading screen.

jon -

my selphy tells me I have the incorrect paper size, but I have the correct 4x6 size any ideas?

rich - 답글

Clean the dust off the little gray rollers that feed the paper in

Suzanne -

my selphy tells me I have the incorrect paper size, but I have the correct 4x6 size . It also pulls the paper from the cassette but then misfeeds. I am using the Canon paper for the machine.

patouhey - 답글

Clean the dust off the little gray rollers that feed the paper into the printer

Suzanne -

I about pulled my hair out trying to figure out what was wrong. Mine also went through a phase of having a line in the picture before it started telling me wrong size paper. I took some air duster in can and sprayed the area where the paper tray goes and she's as good as new. Thanks

chazyd -

Oh my gosh, this fixed my printing issue! Thanks!!

Lisa West Akerblom -

I can print pictures, and when I add more then 2 to print at a time it says "failed to print". I've printer 7-8 pictures at a time. Why is this happening?

hgates15 - 답글

Same problem: print one, and then no more can print: get error "Failed to print".

cmrieth -

Picture printed with line at the center across the picture

bautistamm - 답글

did you ever get a reply or was able to fix this ? I’m having the same exact issue

Kendy -

Error reads: There is a problem with the ink cassette (which I have replaced it with a new one, and it still reads the same)

Turn the printer off, remove the cassette, tighten the ink sheet, replace cassette and turn printer on again (where do I tighten the ink sheet??) please help!


I also have another printer that prints the pictures with STREAK LINES, is this fixable.....

Theresa - 답글

i have same problem , any help please !

munther numan -


Eduardo Vigil -

I also have the same problem. Even after I changed the ink cassette it still tells me. “Ink cassette is empty!” Please help

Abba Ib -

My selphy printer says Ink cassette is empty! Even after I changed the cassette

Abba Ib -

Does anyone read these comments to help answer our questions?

patouhey - 답글

I can not print my pictures..i get a message that printing was complete however one or more pictures did not print..i can't remove it!

monicaarismendez - 답글

Did you ever get it to work? I'm having the same problem.

Valerie Barrera -

Me too it wont pribt

ezri sneddon -

Re: INCORRECT PAPER SIZE - I kid you not!!! I was so frustrated with this printer after working with it for the last hour. Not caring if I broke the thing, I lightly banged it up and down on the desk. It helped to rest the thing AND BEGAN TO PRINT! Then " WRONG PAPER SIZE " appeared. I repeated the light banging up and down. It bypassed the error code and COMPLETED PRINTING THE PICTURE!!

P.S. before doing this, I tightened the ink cartridge by putting my fingers in the reels and slightly twisted them away from each other, like tightening an old VHS cassette.

Best wishes!!

DedeZe - 답글

Your light bang probably knocked the dust off the gray rollers that feed the paper in. That's why it doesn't detect the correct size paper :)

Suzanne -

I want to thank you so much for your suggestion to lightly bang the printer on the desk. That's the only thing that has worked to get rid of the "Incorrect paper" or "Incorrect cassette" message. Love you!! Carole

Carole H. -

piece of junk! same problem here. stuck at the canon logo.

DarkJedi - 답글

I can't get my screen to lay down, don't want to force it

Cecelia - 답글

It said replace ink, we did. Now it keeps saying paper jams. ???

dorinda mcdowell - 답글

Mine says no paper, or cassette incorrectly inserted. I've taken it out and reinserted many times and still get the same message

toezgirl67 - 답글

Canon selphy cp910. Printing from iMac, I've got message error -9781. I dleted and added again the printer from System Preferences / Printers & Scanners. It worked.

radu_za - 답글

i get the orange question mark on certain photos, it reads most of the files and then gets hung up on one photo...which is a jpeg 4x6 @ 300dpi just like all the others, why can it not see it? very frustrating! i've renamed it and screen captured it, copy and and pasted it on a new image, it simply cannot read it, yet it looks perfect on my computer HELP!

supa - 답글

Our camera won't recognize a new ink cartridge. Any solutions to this problem? I've definitely inserted it correctly. Let me know if anyone else is having this issue. Thanks!

aaron - 답글

My camera button are not responding and i have tried all i could but all to no avail, in fact, its giving me a sleepless night. What can i do. All buttons are not responding properly. Dupsy

Modupe Okeyode -

same problem here. "No ink" message appears even after replacing the ink cartridge with a new one. Sent report to Canon Global and awaiting now for an answer. Have you resolved your problem?

Melina -

My printer is playing up when I try to connect it to my phone... it was being a pain, printed 3 photos and has now decided to stop again when I need the %#*@ thing most! Please help me

Vicky G - 답글

Oh my god. I tried to write d-a-m-n and it censored it

Vicky G -

Why do I get "failed to print"??? It works. I just printed a picture fine. Tried another one and I get the failed to print msg. I turned it off and closed out the app. Same thing.

hgates15 - 답글

The printed picture has several linings mark. How can I fix it? Please help.

Jyz - 답글

My cp900 keep prompting ink cassette is empty even though I have inserted new ink cassette. I tried two new ink cassette, same error msg.

Eduardo Vigil - 답글

believe it or not I found the issue to my Selphy cp760 out of ink replace cartridge error. it was a small gear that drives the print cartridge is missing of of the main drive motor I looked inside the printer and cannot find evidence of the gear anywhere. I printed about 200 photos in its life span. on my last cartridge replacement I got this error. If you are good with very small items this is your thing. I tried to find a replacement gear but it is not easy to find. Hope this helps out for your issues with your device which I am sure that all devices that have the same error are caused by the mysterious disappearing gear…..

Terry -

as soon as i turn on the device, i see the logo canon & selphy then it turns off. there is no sd card in the device, it that the main problem?

alyssa - 답글

I have the same problem, you fix it?

b0dyboarder -

My printer is on and connected to internet but i cant connect my iphone 5s or my ipad mini and i have bluetooth on but it doesnt come up! Can someone please reply quick..

Emma Dobson - 답글

My printer SELPHY-CP910 starts printing and then suddenly turns off. when turned on again it released a half page with yellow color print . could it possibly be low on ink? if yes, how do i now?


I misplaced the paper cassette for my selphy CP 910 . : ( Is it possible to print without it? Or would it damage the photos or worse the printer?

Jennifer cardinal - 답글

When i try to print a pic off my phone it says “print was completed but other picture couldnt print” i only tried to print out one pic and that pic didnt print

ezri sneddon - 답글

It says the Ink cassette size is incorrect but I have the correct one in?

Elizabeth Rodgriguez - 답글

Guys, my 910 is also refusing to go beyond the Canonn screen - any chance to get a solution here?

christian heise - 답글

Selphy printer is stuck in a loop and no matter what I try, it will only print what it wants too. Beginning of a nightmare. Has been busy for an hour, and only used for 20 minutes. Second time I used it . Bought brand new.

Thank you..

Kiki - 답글

My printer ask me to change my ink Cassette even though it is just opened and all new - anyone?

Rikke Moenster - 답글

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