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Blank screen

The screen is off and the device is unresponsive.

Power button

Hold the power button down for 3 seconds or until the printer turns on.

Low battery

Check the battery indicator located in the top right corner. If it is one bar, plug in the charger.

Disconnected power cord

Check that the cords are plugged in all the way then power on the device.

Printing issues with the device

The screen is on but the image isn't printing.

Paper cassette is empty

Check that the cassette is inserted correctly. To connect the paper cassette to the printer, follow the instructions engraved on the paper cassette. Place paper in the cassette opening.

Ink cartridge is out of ink

If a notification pops up stating the ink is low, replace the ink cartridge. Instructions to replace the ink cartridge are located at Canon Selphy CP910 Ink Cartridge Replacement.

Disconnected WiFi

Once the device is on, select the following options: "Menu," "WiFi Settings," Connection Settings," "Via WiFi network," Connection Method," and "Search for an access point." Select an available WiFi network.

Memory card issues

A memory card is inserted into the printer but it is not printing.

Printer isn't reading memory card

Check to ensure the top of the memory card is facing up with the bevel (cut off corner) going into the printer. Select the picture you want to print. Make any desired edits then press the "Print" button.

Memory card doesn't match the SD card slot

If the camera memory card is a Micro SD, insert it into a SD adapter before inserting it into the printer. This will allow the memory card to fit in the SD card slot.

Image format isn't recognized

Check the file format of the image on a computer by inserting the memory card and opening the file. The format should be jpeg. If the picture is not in jpeg format, select "Save As" and choose "jpeg."

Camera issues

The printer is connected to a camera but the image isn't printing.

Dead batteries

Turn on the camera and check the battery indicator (usually located in the top right corner). If there is one bar or less, connect the camera to a charger. Proceed to print.

Disconnected camera and printer

Make sure the camera and printer are connected to each other with a USB cord. The type of USB cord may vary depending on the type of camera being used. Ensure that the camera and printer are both connect to the end of a USB cord before proceeding to print.

PictBridge application

PictBridge allows the image to be printed directly from a digital camera to the printer, without direct connection. Click here to check that the camera supports PictBridge.

Computer to printer issues

The image won't print while using a computer.

Disconnected WiFi connection

Ensure that both the printer and computer are connected to a WiFi connection by checking the internet access status on both devices.

Incorrect cord

If connecting the devices with a cord, ensure that a double sided USB cord is being used.

Driver installation

Insert the solution disk that came with the printer into the computer. Open the disc file location and select the folder labeled "Driver." Select which driver you want to install (either 32 bit or 64 bit). Open the "Setup" application. Follow the steps provided.

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When i go to print with my selphy it reads cannot communicate with the printer . The device was connected to the network the last time.

CP910-19C5AA . I just use my selphy a week ago and had no trouble . My daughter also has one and she is having the same problem. I go it for Mother's day last year and really love it . What do I need to do.

brendajeff1958 - 답글

Did you ever get a reply to the issue you are having. I am having the same issue. I have 3 cellphones full of pictures I was planning on printing. Nothing is easy!

djs0311 -

My printer turns on but won't go any where frome the welcome canon screen how do I fix this?

keatonfrancis - 답글

Called Canon support and issue was resolved!!

dandj314 -

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