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No matter what you do, you can't get your camcorder to turn on.

1. Make sure camcorder battery is fully charged.

2. Check the battery contacts for debris, dust, or corrosion.

3. Clean contacts of battery with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

4. Put the proper battery in the correct position and insert in to the camcorder.

5. Make sure the battery latch is holding battery in place.

6. Turn the device on.

If your camcorder will turn on, but the battery dies quickly.

1. You are using an old, exhausted, or incompatible battery.

  • Only use proper name brand camera batteries.
  • Replace battery after repeated usage or after damage.

2. Temperature may be too cold in the environment.

  • When battery temperature reaches 32 degrees F or lower the camera may cease functioning until it warms up.

What to do if you get a memory error message on the LCD screen.

1. Find the proper memory card storage for the device.

2. Ensure that the card slot on the device is clean and that the card is clean too.

3. Insert memory card into the card reader slot located on the inside body when LCD viewing screen is open.

4. Power on the device.

5. Press the memory button to check that the device reads the memory card.

Running out of memory on your memory card?

1. Turn the device on.

2. Press the [FUNC] button.

3. Move the toggle button to select [MENU] then press [SET].

4. Move the toggle button to select [TOOLS] and press [SET].

5. Move the toggle button to select [INITIALIZE] then either select the ‘built in memory’ or the memory card you want to initialize then press [SET].

6. Choose the initialization method [INITIALIZAE] OR [COMPL. INIT.] then press [SET].

7. Select [YES] and then [OK] to start process.

8. When the process is done, press the [FUNC.] button.

When trying to use the video playback feature the speaker will not function properly.

1. Open the LCD display screen.

2. Check to make sure speaker volume is turned on and adjust volume.

3. Disconnect any external stereo cables or headphones.

4. Set the AV OUT/ Headphones to [AV].

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