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Classique 087CQA Troubleshooting

Diagnose issues with Classique's 1600-watt hair dryer. Model: 087CQA.

No power

The hair dryer does not turn on or off.

Faulty power switches

Sometimes the wires connecting the power switches and the motor may be disconnected. If the wires are connected but the hair dryer will not turn on, consider replacing the power switches.

Faulty electrical outlet

Plug the hair dryer into multiple electrical outlets to rule out the possibility of a faulty outlet.

Faulty power cord

Closely examine the power cord. If you find any tears or kinks that can cause a short, replace the power cord.

No air

The hair dryer stops blowing air.

Faulty motor

The motor powers the fan that blows the air. If the fan does not spin once the hair dryer is turned on, check the wires connecting the motor to the fan. If the wires are connected, the motor may need to be replaced.

Clogged filters

Dust, hair and small elements clog the filters and prevent the fan from blowing air. Replace or clean the filters.

No heat

The hair dryer blows only cold air.

Faulty heat switch

Check the wires connected to the heat switch. If the wires are connected but the hair dryer blows only cold air, replace the heat switch.

Faulty heating element

The heating element makes the air hot. If the hair dryer blows only cold air, replace the heating element.

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