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The tablet does not show any sign of powering up, when you press the power button.

  1. Make sure the battery is charged.

A fully discharged battery will not power on the tablet. If the tablet turns on, but only when the charger is plugged in, the battery is “dead,” meaning that it will not hold a charge.

  1. Press the “reset” button.
  2. Check touchscreen for damage.

Pressing the “reset” button found on the back of the tablet might resolve a software issue in the screen.The touchscreen itself may also be the cause of the problem. If the screen glass is cracked, it could result in breakage of the actual LCD, and in extreme cases the backlights as well. If the screen is not broken, the problem could still be caused by a disconnected internal power cable. The power key switch may also have a physical break, however unlikely this would cause the tablet to never turn on.

Immediately after unplugging the charger, the tablet shuts down.

If the tablet works well when connected to a power source, but then shuts off when disconnected, this is a strong indication that the battery will no longer accept a charge and is dead. A solution to this may be to install a new battery.

If the device is not turning on, the battery may not be connected properly. The device may not be receiving power because of loose contact from the battery. This could have happened if the device was dropped or damaged. This can be repaired by locating the battery and ensuring a strong connection.

Unable to view images in the camera application.

If camera does not work, the first thing you might try to do is make sure all options on the camera settings are on. At times, if the device gets dropped a lot there simply might be a loose contact from the camera unit to the board.

If try to connect the ribbon cable that contains the front camera with the sensor, might see an improvement.

Another option is to check if the camera unit is actually broken, if so a new camera unit is needed for the device.

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the tablet screen is in a brightness mod and the text is hard to read.

when I bring the brightness to the dark mod it is still the same.

any help with this problem would be highly appreciated.



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