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해당 위키는 저희 교육 프로그램의 멋진 학생이 작성하였습니다. iFixit 직원이 관리하지 않습니다.

Display Not Functioning

When you start the device, the display does not turn on.

Device Needs to be Restarted

If you cannot see your screen after using your device for a while, try turning it off then back on. It may have gone into sleep mode. Sleep mode will automatically turn the device off to save the battery.

Battery Needs to be Charged

If you are not able to see your screen and nothing will play your device might be dead. Charge your battery and power the device back on.

Display Screen Needs to be Replaced

If your device plays music but you cannot see the screen, or the screen is cracked you may need to replace it. Follow our guide here.

Device Will Not Record

When you turn your device on, you cannot record.

Microphone Needs to be Cleaned

If you cannot record you may need to clean your microphone. Sometimes dirt clogs up in the microphone. Take the back of the device off and used compressed air to blow the dirt out.

Microphone Needs to be Replaced

If after cleaning the microphone you still cannot record anthing to your device, you may have a faulty microphone. To replace your microphone, follow our guide here.

Device Will Not Hold a Charge

When you turn on your device, it does not stay on.

Device USB Cable Needs to be Checked

Attach the device to the USB cable and connect to an adapter or another power source such as a laptop. Check to make sure that there is no damage to the cable and that the device charging indicator lights up, upon connection.

Battery Needs to be Replaced

If the USB cable is not faulty then check the device battery. The device runs on a Lithium Polymer battery and can be easily removed and inspected. However, the replacing of the battery requires the right tools, which we will provide in our repair guide.

Device Does Not Play Sound

When you start your device, you can't hear anything.

Device Volume Needs to be Increased

If you cannot hear anything when you turn your device on, make sure the volume is turned up. To turn the volume up, push the joystick controller upwards towards the plus sign.

Device Headphone Jack Needs to be Cleaned

If you cannot hear anything or hear a crackling noise, you should check to see that your headphones are plugged in all the way. Sometimes there may be dirt preventing the headphone cord from going all the way into the jack. If there is anything in the jack, use compressed air to get it out.

Device Headphone Jack Needs to be Replaced

If you still can't hear anything or you hear a crackling noise after cleaning your headphones, you may need to replace the headphone jack.

Device Joystick Will Not Function

When you turn the device on, the device will not change volume, fast forward, or rewind.

Device Joystick is Sticking

If you cannot move the joystick around there may be something stuck in the joystick area. In case of dirt, or other debris stuck try using compressed air to blow it out.

Device Joystick Needs to be Replaced

If the joystick functions still do not work after cleaning the joystick area, then you may need to replace the joystick. To replace your joystick, follow our guide here.

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