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Light will not turn on

You flip the switch and the light does not turn on

Dead/bad battery

Before opening the device, try plugging the light into the charger (and be sure the charger is not the problem). If the light does not respond to being plugged in, you may need to obtain a replacement battery.

Burnt out light bulbs

After checking if the battery is charged, replace the light bulbs if they are burnt out using the

light bulb installation guide.

Light is dim

Cracked reflectors

See bulb installation guide.

Low battery

Plug the light into the charger and let it charge the device overnight.

Cannot secure to bicycle

Faulty bike mount

If the bike mount will not attach the light to the bike, see bicycle mount installation guide to replace it.

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What type of fuse goes into the 6 volt battery, model number NTRVR - WB, it has a 7.5 fuse in it right now

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