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The DeWalt D26451 disk pad will not hold sandpaper in place because it's not velcro, debris won't allow it to stick, or the pad is worn.

If the disk pad will not hold the sandpaper pad, check to see that the sandpaper pad is a hook and loop (also known as velcro) pad. The disk pad on the D26451 is a hook and loop style pad, and if the sandpaper pad is not a hook and loop pad then it will not stick to the pad.

If the disk pad will not hold the sandpaper pad, check to see if any debris is on the disk pad on the sander. Debris can build up on the disk pad on the sander and not allow the sandpaper pad to stick. Try blowing the disk pad on the sander out with compressed air or some other cleaning method. While cleaning the disk pad, be sure to wear proper eye protection.

Once the disk pad on the sander has been used a numerous amount of times, the pad will start to lose its ability to hold the sandpaper pad. This can be dangerous to the user as the sandpaper pad can come off and cause harm to the user. It is recommended to change the disk pad out for a new one if this issue occurs.

DeWalt D26451 may have trouble collecting dust either because the dust shroud is clogged, the fan is troublesome, or the bag is full.

During moderate to heavy use, the shroud that is responsible for funneling the debris into the dust collection bag has the tendency to clog. What is often the case is larger pieces of debris that are not (normally) meant to make it that far will form a dam and continues to collect smaller debris until very little or no more debris can enter. Secondly, wet or putty like materials (perhaps wet paint or water) can trap debris in a similar fashion as mentioned above.

The fan is run by the motor, which then generates the vacuum needed to attract the debris into the collector (for removal upon being full). If there are issues with the motor, not the proper amount of power supplied, and/or the palm sander is simply worn out, then the fan could be at fault.

Simply put, if the dust collector bag is full (empty it!) then not enough air flow is going to be generated by the fan. Therefore, there will be insufficient vacuum to extract debris.

The DeWalt D26451 motor may be experiencing problems if RPM speeds are too high or low, the brakes are malfunctioning, the carbon brush is worn, or there's a bad field coil.

Most often, if the motor seems show signs of poor performance, then it is simply wearing out. In some case, people use this (DeWalt D26451) residential palm sander for unintended use (commercial, heavy use). In this case, too much force and too many hours are exposed to the device and it will fail more quickly. Too much applied pressure to the device will cause the rotary action to slow.

Common effect of brake malfunction is that the disc won't spin correctly. It may have overheated or the brushes inside may be worn.

A worn carbon brush will cause power loss to the spinning disc. Try removing and checking the length to ensure that brush is not too worn. May not occur unless under pressure by user. To replace: remove the back housing and remove and debris to see inside. Safely remove the old brushes and re-seat the new one. Work with the new brush to place it into correct orientation. Replace housing.

A bad field coil will cause reduced power, torque, and speed to the sander head. This is the most internal part of the motor with several components that could wear or break causing reduced performance. All of these components can be replaced/serviced or cleaned depending on exactly what is wrong with the field coil. These issues could involve entire disassembly. To replace the entire filed coil, remove the housing then remove any wire connections, as well as gear connection from the motor to the head. Lift the motor out. Remove the field coil, replace with a new coil. These steps in reverse is the assembly process.

DeWalt D26451's main switch may not be working if the circuit is out of alignment, the power supply is disconnected, there is a tripped breaker or stripped wire.

The contacts that close the circuit may be out of alignment. If the switch guard has been missing or damaged, then debris may be to blame. Easiest way to fix the switch problem is to first try any blow the debris out using compressed air. If that doesn't work, refer to our repair guide and we will walk you through a switch replacement.

The main cause for lose of power or no power is a disconnected power supply. Check to make sure that the cord is plugged into a power outlet securely. If issues persist with power connection, check that the outlet is functioning properly. If not, switch to a different power supply for use.

If your power cord is plugged into the power supply securely and will not turn on, check the breaker. If the sander draws too many volts from the power supply, the breaker will trip in order to prevent damage to the wires or possible house fires. Open the breaker box and ensure that the switch that controls the outlets you are using is placed in the on position. If the breaker is tripped, simply turn the switch back on.

A stripped wire in the power cord will possibly cause a short in the system resulting in the sander to not turn on. The cord will need to be stripped to determine if this is the resulting factor. If the wire is indeed bare in some spots, tape the wires up separately where they are not touching.

If the power cord is damaged, DeWalt D26451's energy source will deplete.

The power cord is going to be the source of the sander's energy. This cord is made for double insulated tools. It is a two wire cord with two prongs and does not need a ground wire. If the sander will have difficulty powering on, Open the tool housing and remove old cord ends from the tool. Put a cord protector on the new cord and measure wires for length against the old wires. Cut the length, strip the insulation and crimp terminal ends on the wire. After doing so, reconnect the terminals to correct the polarity tool connectors. Position the wires in housing and reassemble.

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My dewalt sander squeals and tjen tje pad stops.btje sander is not that old.

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My dewalt sander squeals and then the pad stops. Its not that old. What could be the problem?

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How can I buy a carbon brush and a field coil?

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