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Your battery is not charging while in the charger, and does not hold charge for long once in use.

When placing your battery to charge, make sure that the battery snaps into the charger similarly to how it snaps into the drill. The battery will not begin to charge until this snap has occurred.

While charging your batteries, keep the battery between 65-75 degrees, making sure to never keep it below 60 or above 80, to ensure that the batteries are accurately being charged. Charging outside of this temperature range will shorten battery life to some degree, ultimately shortening the amount of time the drill can hold its charge while in use.

Once the battery on the drill begins to die, take the battery out and place it to charge. By doing this, you avoid running the battery down to nothing which over time diminishes the life of the battery. Consistently taking care of the battery by charging it as soon as the battery life runs low will ensure that the battery holds its charge for the maximum amount of time possible while in use.

The drill chuck will not respond.

Clean the chuck thoroughly to remove any excess debris that may hinder the drill’s movement. If the chuck is still unresponsive after thorough cleaning, you may need to replace your chuck.

The trigger is stuck and will not give under pressure.

Clean around the trigger thoroughly to remove any dirt and debris that may be blocking the trigger. If the trigger is still jammed, there may be something internally preventing the trigger moving.

Make sure the forward-reverse button is not in the center position. The center position serves as a safety and purposely locks out the drill. Push the forward-reverse button to the left if you want to drill forward, or push it to the right if you want to drill in reverse. Your direction will also be indicated by little arrows on either side of the forward-reverse button.

The drill will not respond when you press on the trigger.

Try re-inserting the batteries. If this doesn’t help, your batteries may be dead and you may need to charge them.

The screw will not catch the wood properly and slips when drilling.

Push the forward-reverse control button with your right finger, so it is sticking out of the left side of the drill. This will put the drill in forward mode so the drill is turning clockwise.

‘’Drill bits are not staying in the chuck. ‘’

To ensure the bits are properly secured into the chuck, follow these steps:

1. Disconnect battery from the drill.

2. Grasp the black sleeve surrounding the chuck with one hand and secure the tool with the other hand. Rotate the chuck sleeve counterclockwise to open the chuck.

3. Insert the drill bit about ¾” into the opening on the chuck. Secure the bit by rotating the sleeve in the clockwise direction with one hand and holding the drill in the other.

4. To release the drill bit, repeat steps 1 and 2.

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My dewalt brushless 20 volt is stuck in a nonstop spining motion the trigger is not stuck and works fine but it wont stop until i take out the battery

Dan - 답글

My dewalt 771 brand new can’t keep bits from falling out I have a cheap drill I never had a problem with I would of expected to get a better drill with a name brand like dewalt and I have a lot of dewalt cordless tools and I’m taking this drill back and if dewalt can’t make a better drill than this I’m going to switch over to Milwaukee

David Harrel - 답글

I have a brand new dewalt 771 I bought it in a combo kit I have had a few months and never used it but when I do go to use it the bit keeps falling out this is the biggest pos drill I have ever owned I will never buy another dewalt tool if this is the kind of junk they are putting out I have a bunch of dewalt cordless tools but after this drill I think I’m going to start switching over to Milwaukee they have better warranty also but I used to be a dewalt fan until now

David Harrel - 답글

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