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Dell Vostro 1320 Troubleshooting

SD card reader does not work:

Unable to read SDHC cards

Unfortunately, the Dell Vostro 1320 does not read SDHC cards, but instead reads only SD cards.

Laptop is overheating:

Clean the Fan

If your computer is very warm you should first try turning your computer off and letting it cool down before you try restarting it. If the device still continues to overheat, you can then check the fan. If the fan needs cleaning, first try using a compressed air duster to get rid of the dirt and dust. If that does not clean all the dust and dirt off you can use this guide to open up that section to thoroughly clean it.

Fan is not Functional

If your fan does not work after using the compressed air, it may need to be replaced. If you have determined that the fan itself is not working you can use this replacement guide to fix it.

Computer is running slow:

Upgrade RAM

If your Dell Vostro 1320 is running slowly you may want to upgrade your RAM (Random Access Memory). Use this guide to upgrade your Dell Vostro 1320s RAM.

Screen broken or is black but device is on:

Computer’s screen is black but device is turned on

Hook your Dell Vostro 1320 up to a separate monitor to check that the issue is with the screen and not the computer. If the display is normal on the external monitor then you need to replace the LCD screen. Use this guide to replace the LCD screen.

Battery is unresponsive:

Malfunctioning adapter cord

If your battery is not charging and there is nothing wrong with the battery itself it may be the power adapter.

Malfunctioning battery pack

First try restarting your computer. If that does not fix the problem then try using a different charger that is compatible with your Dell Vostro . If that did not work then it is time to change the battery. Use this guide to change it out.

Touchpad is unresponsive:

Touchpad not responding

If your touchpad is no longer responding then you might have to replace it. First you should restart your computer to see if that fixes the touchpad. Second, If it does not then you should try to clean the device by using compressed air. finally replace the touchpad if the device is still having trouble with the touchpad. You can use this guide to replace the touchpad on your Vostro 1320.

Keyboard does not work:

Water damaged

If the keyboard has stopped responding because of a liquid spill then you need to replace the keyboard. You can find a guide for it here.

USB Ports are unresponsive:

Physical damage

Check your USB ports for any sign of physical damage.

Restart laptop

Try shutting your laptop down, wait fifthteen second then turn the device back on. If the USB ports are still unresponsive, restart your laptop in safe mode. You can do this by tapping F8 on your computer’s bios load page. Select “Safemode” and proceed to boot your operating system. Check and see if your USB ports now work. If they do not work there is a hardware issue. If your USB ports work you may need to disable, uninstall, and reinstall your computer’s USB ports controllers to reset them.

Speakers are not generating or producing sound:

Connect a headset to the audio jack

If the speakers are not generating sound, then try plugging in a headset or other detached speakers into the the computer’s audio jack. If the headset or other detached speakers produce sound you should check your computer's audio settings to make sure the built-in speakers have not been turned off.

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