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Dell XPS M1330 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will detect problems with the Dell XPS M1330

Laptop Will Not Turn On

The laptop will not power on or has a short lifespan.

Faulty Charging Port Internally

Make sure the charging port has no internal damage. A light should appear if the cable is charging successfully. If the the light does not appear you might have a faulty power adapter.

Faulty Battery

Check to see if anything spilled on the laptop, or if there was any physical damage to the battery. If the laptop dies quickly, does not charge to 100%, or stays completely dead, then replace the battery. Replace the battery by following this guide.

Hinge Separated From Computer Brackets

The right hinge is disattached to the rest of the laptop and as a result, the screen is misaligned

Disattached From The Screw

Check to see if the hinge has been removed from the built in screw that holds it in place. Try to reattach it to the screw as carefully as you can as there are internal wires and fragile parts surrounding the hinge.

Computer Is Overheating And Making a Weird Noise

Device is overheating or making a weird noise when being used.

Dust Accumulation

If your fan is constantly overheating check if there is dust blocking the fan airway. After a good amount of time the computer's fan can easily collect dust. Make sure this collected dust is cleaned out properly and consistently. To access the internal fan follow this guide.

Vent Obstructed

While the computer is running check if it is making a weird noise. If so check the area where the fans air is distributed. This area may be physically damaged causing the fan to not work properly. To fix this, replace any external hardware that may be getting in the way of the fan working properly.

Reset Computer, Restore Information, and Reinstall Programs

Dell XPS M1330 keeps freezing or error messages keep popping up.

Accumulated Viruses

Device may have contracted viruses ''from websites that are unsecure. This could also come from downloading from unsecure sources, or opening up emails and other links that are attached with viruses. Reset and reinstall to allow the device to delete these viruses and all other information for a clean slate.

Computer Is Loading Slower Than Usual

If your computer is experiencing a slow loading time this may be due to a build up of unneeded documents. To help this situation resetting your computer will bring the computer to its previous state without losing any personal data.

Unable To Add More Documents or Photos

Dell XPS M1330 storage is unable to save new files, or is unusually slow.

Faulty Memory Card

Memory card sustained physical damage or internal damage. If error messages pop up when attempting to save files then the card may need to be replaced.

Storage Capacity Filled With Unknown Files

Try to delete unused files or applications. If Storage is filled to capacity with unknown files, then you may need to do a memory sweep to delete these files. One area these can be located in is the downloads folder. You can also clear your history and cache to help aid the process.

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