Device Froze ¶ 

If your device freezes, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. This will shut off the device. Restart as normal. ¶ 

You may also pin the "Reset" button on the side for 10 seconds to restart. ¶ 

Touch Panel is Not Responding ¶ 

Press the "Reset" button to see if the tablet can be rebooted and gain access to the home page. ¶ 

Once you have entered the homepage press the volume button to see if you are able to raise and lower the volume. ¶ 

If your system can be rebooted and you are able to adjust the volume the touch sensor function may be bad. ¶ 

Not Holding a Charge ¶ 

Try using a different USB cable to see if it will charge then. ¶ 

If it still does not charge try changing the wall charger. ¶ 

If it is still unable to charge your charging port may have become loose or detached. ¶ 

Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

Hold power button for 10 seconds. ¶ 

Plug your device to a wall charger and attempt to power on. ¶ 

If it fails to charge and power on your device battery may be bad. ¶ 

Not Able to Locate File Downloaded Via Internet ¶ 

From default setting, all downloads from the internet will be saved to a folder called "Download" under internal storage SDcard. ¶ 

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