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Drift HD 720 Troubleshooting

Compact video camera released in November 2012.

You're pushing all the buttons but the screen still won't turn on.

You were so excited to get your new gadget out of its box and into your hands. Make sure you inserted the battery into the device. If your battery is in but the camera screen still won't turn on, then read on.

Maybe your device just decided to be stubborn and needs a reboot. Give it a try!

Before you decide your device is gone, just make sure that you have the battery lined up the correct way. If this doesn't solve your issue, read on.

If your camera won't turn on, the battery may need charging.

"You're taking pictures with your device, but there just seems to be something wrong with the lens."

The lens is one of the most affected areas of a camera that gather dust. This could have easily happened without you knowing, so just wipe the lens off and make sure there is nothing on the lens.

Look at the lens. Make sure there are no scratches or cracks in it. If there is, you likely need to replace the lens completely.

If your camera is just acting weird, it's always a good idea to shut it off and turn it back on to see if this will solve your problem.

If your camera won't turn on, make sure your battery isn't dead. If this doesn't resolve your issue, read on.

If your battery is charged, but the camera still won't turn on, make sure you're lining up the battery the correct way.

If your battery stops holding a charge, you make need to replace it for your camera to work.

Your device powers on, but no matter how hard you push, the buttons just won't work.

If your buttons appear to be sticky to the touch or when pressure is applied, make sure there is nothing on them or in between them. The smallest amount of soda can make your buttons sticky. Wipe the buttons with a wipe to see if your issue is resolved.

If the buttons on your device just don't work, you may need to replace them.

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The battery charges to full capacity. When I turn on the 720 the logo "Get Out There" shows on the screen for a few seconds then goes away and only a lighted screen shows. From there I cannot turn it off, select menu, record, or anything else. I have to pull the battery to turn it off. What can I do to fix this problem?

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