1. Check your batteries are fully charged before takeoff.
  2. Conduct a 'nudge' test before takeoff, once the flight controller is armed.
    • With some flight controllers (3DRobotics, DJI), the drone will respond to roll/tilt input before leaving the ground.
      • Forward pitch should result in an increase in the rear motors speed.
      • Left roll should result in an increase in the right motors speed.
  3. Check vehicle indication lights and telemetry data if available.
    • 3DRobotics and DJI flight controllers have indication lights for GPS and arm status.
    • Errors in GPS, compass, and calibration are easy to spot with telemetry data.

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Excelente información.

manuelbeltran - 답글

Great List, there is also an article here which talks about the stuff you need before you leave, don't forget your SD or extra batteries like I did. http://dronewisdom.com/drone-checklist/

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