Flight Controller will not Arm ¶ 

Various flight controllers will not arm for different reasons. Here are a few problems to look for when diagnosing your flight controller not arming.

Low Battery ¶ 

Ensure the flight battery is fully charged. If your drone has a battery monitoring system, the flight controller may not arm when the flight pack voltage is below a certain threshold.

Compass & IMU Not Calibrated ¶ 

The compass (magnetometer) can fall out of calibration if exposed to strong electromagnetic interference (EMI). Ensure the compass is far from batteries, motors, magnets, and other components which may create EMI.

Follow the calibration procedure for your flight controller to ensure your compass and IMU are properly calibrated before flight.

Bad GPS Signal ¶ 

Some flight controllers equipped with GPS will require a good signal before arming to ensure they have a home location to return to in the event of a radio control system loss of signal (LOS). Leave your drone turned on but disarmed for a couple minutes with a clear view of the sky to ensure good GPS signal before flying.

Motors Spinning the Wrong Direction ¶ 

Most flight controllers will spin the motors at slow speed when armed, ensure your propellers are spinning the correct direction.

Brushless AC Motors ¶ 

To change the direction of rotation for a brushless motor, swap any two wires connecting the motor to the speed controller. This works by changing the order of phasing in the three-phase brushless motors.

Brushed DC Motors ¶ 

Alternatively, if your drone uses DC motors (Parrot.AR and some smaller drones), first check that your propellers are installed on the correct motors. These motors are factory installed and are not likely to be spinning the wrong direction.

Drone Flips on Takeoff ¶ 

Probably the most common cause of confusion among new pilots who have built their own drone, flipping on takeoff and be easy to fix but hard to diagnose. This is because there are a few different problems which can cause this to happen.

Motors Spinning Incorrect Direction ¶ 

Flight controllers expect each motor to spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on which spot they are located. Check you flight controller manual or data sheet for motor spin direction notations and make sure your motors are matching what the flight controller is configured for.

Propellers Installed Incorrectly ¶ 

Propellers should spin in the direction that forces air downward with the concavity of the blade curved down. Check that your propeller is spinning the correct direction and is not installed upside down.

Flight Controller Orientation ¶ 

Some flight controllers allow you to mount them on their side, at an angle, or on their back. If you have mounted your flight controller in an alternative way, make sure your flight controller knows this by adjusting its configuration accordingly.

Radio System Failure ¶ 

Antenna placement is key to success for any wireless system. Power, antenna quality and placement, and clear line-of-sight are all important to good signal strength.

Radio Amplifiers ¶ 

Using an amplifier to increase your signal strength can lead to significant distance increase. However, these amplifiers saturate the receiver at close range. With the receiver used to such strong signal, any minor block in line-of-sight can cause the radio connection to fail.

Propeller Flies Off in Flight ¶ 

As funny as it may sound, this does happen occasionally and can result in significant damage. Self tightening props are available from a few different suppliers are can ensure your propellers never come loose. Loctite Threadlocker can be used on prop securing bolts to prevent them from coming loose during flight.

Battery Life is Significantly Short ¶ 

Batteries should be stored at room temperature, in the shade, with low humidity. High temperatures and humidity can damage the chemistry inside the cells, causing the battery to lose capacity resulting in shorter flight times.

Manufacturer Defective Batteries ¶ 

Some manufactured batteries may be defective, we've seen this with a few Phantom 2 battery packs. Contact your manufacturer for a replacement if you feel your battery may be defective.

댓글 420개

Got my first Drone and very frustrated- Drone flips and never goes up on takeoff- sent it back- they sent me a new one saying it was incorrectly programmed. New one does the same thing- checked left and right props are on the right motors- and checked motor rotation. All is correct. It seems though, that the two rear props force air down, but the front ones do not- Help!

Steve Yeckes - 답글

Well, you could try rewiring it so the current to those motors is reversed...

Dangerously Explosive -

Or, if the front motors don't work at all, you could send it back and get a refund, then buy another, better drone. I recommend the UDI R/C brands.

Dangerously Explosive -

well if it was kike mine the lights where flashing really fast? well the fix for me was dad got fed up and went back to walmart buy another bring it home take all the guts out and switch it and take the new one back. now that mine is flying fine we cleaned it up and and sold it on CL for $90. then ordered a Eachine x220 from ebay. enjoy

thefateofeight -

it was the flight controller CPU in side the p70....well if it was kike mine the lights where flashing really fast? well the fix for me was dad got fed up and went back to walmart buy another bring it home take all the guts out and switch it and take the new one back. now that mine is flying fine we cleaned it up and and sold it on CL for $90. then ordered a Eachine x220 from ebay.

thefateofeight -

Try taking the propellers off and replacing them with the extra ones that should come with the drone.

Gabriel Phillips -

My front Propellers Are not working much only my back propellers are trying to lift please help

Anthony - 답글

You have to bye two new front motors I had same problem with a alias quad copter bought 4 new motors because 1 stopped working and then another and so on and so forth, put new motors in and was good to go make sure you replace motors one at a time to make sure your drone will fly again once you put it back together, I took all four at waiting on my motors and then had to figure out how each blade turns and pushs air down in my case it was two counterclockwise and two clock wise.

Justin -

I have a sky viper m200 nano drone and my front Propellers Only spins It doesn't Fly up it stays down my back propellers lift up trying to fly what's the problem with my drone please help

Anthony - 답글

i have a lhx6 intruder drone when i turn on it it seems look good when i increase throttle it indicates that transmitter is turned off but transmitter is switched on what to do with the reciver circuit board installed in my drone

sartajsingh846 -

I have a ss360 and lost the screw for the battery cover. Looked every where for the screw. HELP ME.?

Mikahla Pung - 답글

Gee, do you think you should go to the local hardware store and get a screw that will fit it?

drmone04252 -

Use small velcro strips

Rich Speidel -

Just put tape on it


I Have A Ai Done Tiger And The Battery Life On My Remote Controller Is Saying That Its Low. I Used New Batteries But When I Cut It On It Still Says Its Low. Can Someone Please Help

Albert Einstein -

Only a few weeks old, sync up but rotors won't spin, and they are free. Its A PROPEL 2.0

Thomas wendt - 답글

I have a syma x5c 1 drone 2 motor work fine the other to doesn't work if i tilted to the side the other to come on the other two stops I have had it for about a year and it hit the ground and it worked after that but i try flying it this year and only two motor work

Bill Sanders - 답글

Go back to school to learn how to use the English language and improve your writing skills.

drmone04252 -

Go back to school your an ass .dude needs help if you cant figure out what he needs help with in that question your defintly the guy that i want working on $@$* .smart ass

James Parmley -

One of my motors will not spin

jacorrienbarnes - 답글

Mine was only lifting in the front. I took propellers off and adjusted them to where they were bent properly and now....IM FLYYYYYING.

Bradley D - 답글

I think I need to replace a propeller, but I don't want to just pull it off without knowing the proper procedure. Do I just pull up until it comes off? Twist it? I don't want to break it as my daughter just recently got this drone for her birthday.

cingra77 - 답글

Just pull it off it will not brake

Trenton Borck -

Drone only powers up to 50%or 60 max...anything more and drone falls out sky, can be restarted to save from completely falling to ground..5hink it is a motherboard issue ..replaced it once but company sent burnt up looking board and giving me the run around..will fly but had to take of landing gear and prop protectors yo get it off the ground

Christopher Totzauer - 답글

My cloud rider dissent go above 4 inches stays near the floor battery fully charged and everything help plz

Napoleon - 답글

Get a new battery. I had a drone that did the same thing. It's caused by a defect in lithium batteres; if you run them down for too long, they forget how to keep a charge, and only supply a very limited voltage for a very short time before dying. Or you could get a smart charger and run a maintenance cycle.

Dangerously Explosive -

In some apps that come with the Drone or are made for the Drone they have an indoor mode and it'll only let you fly so high you have to change the settings on that

cassix ryan -

I just bought a brand new Sky Viper and when I'm flying it I'll have full battery on my remote full battery on my drone and if it gets any farther than 30 feet away from me it loses signal and it only does that when I'm connected with the app on my phone and then when I disconnect my phone it gets maybe 10 feet more. And it never can connect and always disconnects on the wifi signal from my drone I can't keep a connection to my drone? anybody have any ideas

cassix ryan -

I got X7 space explorer and one of its propeller is not work properly like its free unlike others of it propellers_ Please help!

abrarsaad786 - 답글

I have a Blade 4k takes still photos lovely , when i record they will not play on my PC , i am using a 10-4k 32 SD card , Can anyone help please

elainecrisp962 - 답글

make sure the files are compatible.

Dangerously Explosive -

If it takes still photos correctly, make sure the camera is actually recording a video once you've pressed the record button.

drmone04252 -

i got a quadrocopter rayvore green the handset links to the drone but when i try to fly it nothing happens its like its not connected

sumoselley - 답글

The same thing is happening to me and I’m not sure what the problem is either

Emily -

My drone is still not working like I have a zugo 2mp camera drone when i plug the battery up to it the drone just lights up in the middle and my controler stop working

Ethan - 답글

My one propeller won't spin brand of drone sharper image dx-2 please help

Jalen Harris - 답글

Jalen , same as you did you fix it? It seems one of my rotors burned. Trim does nor solve it.

Tomas -

I would see about making sure no wires are short circuiting, then, if that don't work, try to replace the motor, or get a higher quality drone.

Dangerously Explosive -

When I'm trying to fly the drone it is bending to right side and not going up......... Please help....

Yash Nebhwani - 답글

Have a older model aviator.and it has a wire cut in it .thick red one.what do

svibbet88 - 답글

Replace it or splice a new one onto it. Usually you can get away with taking another wire and twisting it onto the old wire so it still forms a circuit. If you still don't know what to do, take a circuitry class. They'll teach you everything you'll ever need to know about what to do when a wire breaks.

Dangerously Explosive -

Or send me an email @ e.grames100@gmail.com, so I can give you more detailed instructions.

Dangerously Explosive -

When I start to increase power for drone liftoff the power shuts off. Help !! ONe drone is fine the otherI dont understand

radhouse - 답글

when 'give drone power to lift the power shuts off.

radhouse - 답글

Have you tried different battery?

ksan -

Just bought the SS360 Drone stunt series had fun while it lasted but the drone just up and took off at about thirty feet. Any clues?

max riley - 답글

You were at the end of your signal range? I dunno. sometimes they advertise, say 200 feet, but the transmitter takes so much power that the range ends up real small. That or your drone had a "programming issue". Also, all y'all know that there's this thing called a consumer warranty, and usually these things have it. All you do is mail it back or call the company witha complaint and ask for a refund. If they refuse, than that's their $#^!!. Usually they will replace it though. Unless its a "User Error".

Dangerously Explosive -

Had one for five minutes took off never saw it again had no control of it

Wesley Hicks - 답글

Sounds like something was jamming your signal. I had a guy in my neighborhood do it to me, and I totally woulda built an EMP and fried his house had he not stopped.

Dangerously Explosive -

had the samething happen to me the day after xmas is there any way i can locate it its just a simple "sharper image camera drone"?

Brodney McDowell -

I have the sky viper and after 1 battery use, I recharged it and put it back in. Turned on the remote and the viper looked to connect but kept making a beeping sound everytime I tried to launch. It all seems connected correctly but won't launch. HELP PLEASE!?

Jeremy Quattlebaum - 답글

Same here nothing. Very upset kid

Ronnie Schnichels -

Having same problem. Did you find solution?

Dan -

Put throttle all the way down first

Dan Burris -

I have the same problem only went up once. Whats the problem?

Alejo Ramos -

I have two sky vipers E1700 now. Both with the same issue. Saw them once in the air for testing. Both now do not leave the ground anymore. Props run ok. Reset the remote to factory default. Tried everything. Anyone a solution?

Leon -

When I turn it on the green lights come on and flash, but the red ones do not come on at all. Any ideas on why and what a solution can be?

chriss - 답글

Have you by any chance switch battery's??? Because that will be a problem for the battery comes with a computer chip…

steven ramirez -

My drone's camera is recoding upsidedown ,and doing the same thing in VR mode what can I do to fix it.

I have a promark drone that shoots pictures upsidedown how can I fix the problem.

milford - 답글

Really annoyed


You can flip the camera in the app. Hit the "REV" button.

kbarton92 -

I have a Promark vr drone and the camera was upside down.I fixed by pushing rev and going back to the option.where it says play on.the app and it worked in 5 attemps .for anyone who has problems give it a try

Ventura Arnulfo -

I have a inductrix fpv drone and it came with extra batteries and the ones it already came with. They were connecting fine for about a hour then they all stopped connecting and I was like bruh

Wesley - 답글

I have a Promark vr drone and the camera was upside down.I fixed by pushing rev and going back to the option.where it says play on.the app and it worked in 5 attemps .for anyone who has problems give it a try.

Ventura Arnulfo - 답글

I got a sky viper and when i launch it it wont reacht to the sticks only to the launch and the land pad why wont it turn when i try to make it turn plzz help

Adonay Lafuente - 답글

I have same problem too....... You have found the solution

卄丹下工乙∪刀工れ -

What kind of length should I get out of a full charge on a sharper image dx-3 drone? After a 2 hour full charge we are only getting about 15-20 minutes of flight time.

Papajohn - 답글

Generally, 15-20 minutes of flight time is above average. My drones only fly for around 10 minutes off a full charge, even straight out of the box. I'd assume the charger in your drone has an auto-shutoff after a certain period of time, or at a certain voltage, so two hours is probably just fine.

Dangerously Explosive -

My drone is a "Sharper Image Dx-3 Drone" and it seems like one end of the drone is heaiver than the other side and it is dragging it down. Please HELP!!! Email me back at jacobm2007@hotmail.com to submit your answers!

Jacob M - 답글

Are you sure that the trim doesn't just need adjusted? At the start of every flight you have to adjust the trim. The owner manual explains how to adjust it fairly well and it's easy to do.

Papajohn -

Make sure that no wires are causing a short circuit and under-powering the motors. Also, make sure all your control sticks are in the neutral position (throttle at zero, control stick in the center), then reinitialize the transmitter. Ensure that your battery is mounted properly, and that the camera is in the correct position. If this still doesn't help, and your trim isn't funked up, I don't know how to help you.

Dangerously Explosive -

My mini drone worked fine, then it crashed into a wall and now it won't work. No structural damage was inflicted, thanks to the blade guards. The receiver board appears to be fine, but it won't initialize; it only turns on the lights when the battery is connected. The transmitter works fine. What to do?

Dangerously Explosive - 답글

I'm thinking in USAF terms. But, that sounds like a right stick actuator problem. In civilian terms, your right thumb...

Thor Gottson -

have a h20 6-axis mini drone then battery is charged I put in into the battery slot and plug in the battery I follow instructions put throttle stick to bottom turn on transmitter nothing happens. at first I did use carbon zinc AA batteries. then I switched to Duracell copper top. Still does not transmit to drone. Please help

lnipon - 답글

when i turn on the drone then turn on the remote, the drone's lights fix immediately but the remote's still flashing.i can't pair them

ashkan avarzamani - 답글

you are an idiot. Didn't you read the manual that came with the drone? You ALWAYS turn on the transmitter first, and then the drone. When turning off, you ALWAYS turn off the drone first, and then the transmitter.

drmone04252 -

Not all drones are as you say “transmitter on first then drone" My sharper image DX-4 manual states to turn on Drone first place on level surface then turn on transmitter and throttle up then down to pair.

Nick Nishino -

Why my drone hit the floor or wall then will automatically turning off. I need to charge back then can continue turn on and fly again. If not unable to play due Led light is off

acloh008 - 답글

Same here buddy

Nimish -

I bought a new battery because my drone would not work. I have not flown it in a few months. I charged up the new battery and tried to get it to fly, but the drone would not turn on. I tried turning it on and off several times and it still would not come on. I believe the wires from the battery to the board are bad, but I'm not too sure. Do I need to get a new drone, because this one is only 1 year old?

Wargaming Super Noob - 답글

Seems my controller wont pair with my drone i flew it for like 10mins threw on the charger for like 20 mins and nothing is happening lights continue to flash .. I dont know what else to do o have receipt to it but didn't purchase 2 yr warranty . would toys r us let me exchange for another or can someone help me troubleshoot it. Email acrotty43103@gmail.com with any info

Ryan - 답글

I have the same problem. What was your drone called?

Laith Wattar -

Toys R Us is out of business

kriegmeister -

I have a zuzo fx1, and it is brand new, but will not start up. I installed the battery in the right way, and charged it, but the drone is not responding to the controller. I heard that I might need to change my controllers band, but I don't know what that is. When I try to start up the drone; pushing the throttle up and down, the camera light flashes, and it seems as if all the other areas of the drone don't have power. I have the same problem as the person above. Email at laith.wattar@gmail.com with info. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Laith Wattar - 답글

did you have any success fixing your problem? i have not

paulhambrick -

I have the same problem any solutions

Jeff ODonnell -

I have the same problem with my Zuzo fx1. It flew once and was charged up but now the controller won't sync. Camera lights up and controller seems to be doing what it should but the drone won't respond.

Emily -

My DX-4 drone won't connect to my phone! Please help me?

Justen Knowles - 답글

Do you have the app? Have you connected to the drone's wifi signal?

Joshua -

Remote is saying..not paring..I need help

Latarus Williams - 답글

My sky viper stunt drone won't work after it has been charging for the whole day. The battery life only lasts about5-9 seconds every time I try to use it and it's only 4 days old!!!! Please respond. And my father got it for me but I don't know where so I don't think I can get a refund. :(

kazukamikaze64 - 답글

sounds like a bad battery, make sure not to over charge your next battery, other than online sky viper drones come from target or walmart usaully

Horace Oakley -

If you charge the battery for too long, the battery starts frying. The problem with your drone is the battery. If you can, get a new one.

Joshua -

hello. i have a Drone Mirage 1.0. The controller is not connecting to the drone even after following the instructions of pushing throttle lever up and down. At this point, the controller's red light stops blinking but the drone green and red lights keep blinking. Help is veery much appreciated

israeljosuecastillo - 답글

Click the calibration button if you have one

Albert Einstein -

Why is my dx-2 drone connecting and as soon as I go to lift off it disconnects and the drone led lights start flashing?

Joseph Waymire - 답글

Did you figure this one out? I am having the same problem.

melloboy -

Purchased today for xmas pressie. But all 4 propellers are spinning but only 3 are lifting..any suggestions

Serene - 답글

Can't connect to wifi for V2900pro

Jim - 답글

I have a sky viper three fans are rotating but one fan motor is not responding and it is not rotating what is the problem with my drone.

sarvesh - 답글

I have a quadcopter zuzo fx1

I charged the battery over night but when I insert it into the holder/slot and plug the battery itself into the drone the rotors start to spin uncontrollably. (regardless if the drone is on or off switch)

It will no longer light up. Not sure if it's a programming issue or droid issue.

MJ Powell - 답글

I have a problem with my Zuzo fx1 also. It flew once and was charged up but now the controller won't sync. Camera lights up and controller seems to be doing what it should but the drone won't respond.

Emily -

I have the same problem with my Zuzo fx1. It flew once and was charged up but now the controller won't sync. Camera lights up and controller seems to be doing what it should but the drone won't respond.

Emily -

I have a quadcopter zuzo fx1

I took the battery out and charged it overnight.

Now when I attend to plug it back in the rotors spin uncontrollably (regardless of on/off switch placement) and drone won't light up. Haven't even been able to connect it to remote control

MJ Powell - 답글

My drone has the exact same problem. Also Zuzo fx1

Jacob an -

Same Issues here Zuzo fx1 worked for our first flight. Then charged battery and now the blades won't spin. I know battery connected as the camera light comes on when the camera is connected.

Alan Jones -

I have the same issue with the Zuzo Fx1. the battery is fine, but it doesn't power the drone or lights, but the camera light goes on. When the battery is connected to the drone in reverse, the blades spin regardless of on/off switch. Any solution?????

pariiwn -

I have a skyvipe 1350HD and the lights don't come on the drone when I turn it on and the remote light flashes and beeps. Help please

Lori Brown - 답글

I am having the same problems please help

Sky pilot -

Where does light come on during charging of drone

Deac - 답글

Where does the light come on when drone is charging

Deac - 답글

Hey so I got a protocol axis stunt droneK and one of the back right prob is a lot slower and I don't know What I need to fix so please help I'm new to flying drones so anything will help, and this problem happened the day I got it

jerrymartin362 - 답글

Tighten the screw

Albert Einstein -

Where can I get a battery pack

James - 답글

Where can I find a battery pack

James - 답글

I have a Sky Viper streaming drone, but it will be synced and not fly. HELPPPPP

Jude Grayer - 답글

I have a dronium one protocol and it won't take a charge please help me.... I have tried everything....... I did what was in the manual but it isn't charging still HELP!!!!

Albert Einstein - 답글

I just got the sky viper s1700 and it was working fine but now all the sudden it'll start to take off and get about an inch off the ground then it just shuts down and the controller starts beeping. Anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it?

kevin Stoerck - 답글

I've had the same problem and I'm really sad because I was really excited to use my new drone too. My grandma got it for my birthday back in December.

Chiefsven -

I got a sharper image camera drone and when I switch the rc controller off it stays on...is that just a manufacturer defect???

herbert appleberry - 답글

My son (8) got a s670 SkyViper stunt drone for Christmas. Now, two days later, when we connect the battery wires, one propeller immediately goes full throttle, even though the controller isn't even switched on. Once we turn the controller on, we can throttle up the rest of the propellers, but the one stays one full sped the whole time until the battery is unplugged.

We've tried disconnecting the battery and charging it fully, that didn't work.

I have no idea how to fix this.

Nikki Adair - 답글

I got a sky viper nano drone m200....My drone won't take off what to do? It will turn on but won't take off.

Breanna Moore - 답글

My controller for my drone. The On/Off switch when I click it it doesn't turn on but when I hold it it turns on

Ralph - 답글

I have the propel quadrocopter and I've had this for 2 days. Ran great out of the box no problems. I've probably flown it 25 times so far. Then I took it for a flight ran fine and I landed it with no problems.. 10 mins later I started it and it took off straight up in the air full throttle and there was nothing I could do. Once it was out of range it fell back to the ground.. so I changed batteries in both the drone and the controller and same thing. I can steer it and turn it but nothing else. Any ideas to what happened, how I can fix it or should I just send it back??

Brandon Barr - 답글

My drone got stuck in a tree and when i tryed to fly it it dint and one propeler dint work and it still doesnt can u help me my drone is a white vivitar sky is the limit

Abigahil - 답글

I have an Mini Orion it was working great. When I landed it and the prop got caught in some tall grass. I cleared the grass but now one motor runs all the time even with drone turned off. The only way to stop it is pull the battery. Also if I try to fly it that same motor turns slower that the other three. Any ideas?

John Herring - 답글

Same. Post if you figure it out. I did have one prop that did not spin but fixed with superglue (gear on motor shaft was slipping)

Albert Einstein -

can anyone help i have a jxd509g it will go to about 15-20 feet off the ground then wont go any higher

peter wilson - 답글

guess no ones had this problem or maybe not this model to be able to help in this room :(

peter wilson -

New battery needed

seth crowther -

My son received a done from Santa.. the controller keeps beeping, I've changed the batteries and it still does it... and the drone battery keeps blinking red while being green....any suggestion on what I need to do.

Crystal - 답글

hi crystal i dont no that much about them but mine beeps when its in headless mode and drone flashes red when recording, dont no if this is any help

peter wilson -

Thank you Peter Wilson. The controller is not beeping anymore but the battery plugged up in the USB is still flashing red with a solid green light.

Crystal -

err dont no sorry mine only goes red when im recording, hope you get sorted

peter wilson -

Just lost my DX-3 (sharper image) was flying it and it malfunctioned and decided to fly away on its own. Disappeared in the clouds and now is gone. Batteries were fully charged and controller was doing fine at first. Should i call the company? Really angry. It has done this in the house before. Just takes off on its own and wont stop till i try to recalibrate it. But now its gone.

Bjimenes - 답글

I had the exact same problem, I was reading same thing happened to many people, some took it back to walmart since bought it there and they accept the return (only box, remote control, extra replacement propellers and cables). I'm going to go tomorrow I might have the same luck

Laura R Garza -

it veers of in a random direction is there a way to fix that?

quinby24gordon - 답글

Got a quadcopter Zuzo fx1 quadcopter. I took the battery out and now every time I plug the battery in the rotors instantly spin uncontrollably. This happens no matter if the drone is in off or on position and even when the batteries are out of the controller. Is there a way to fix this?

Jacob an - 답글

We have the same exact issue. Someone please help!

Heidi LaRochelle -

I am having the same issue. I use the usb charge to power the fx1. I turned the receiver on half power, turn the drone on, then touch the two connectors on the usb charger to the drone connectors. The propellers will spend but it will not light up. I now know the engine works and it should not be a problem with the battery (I think).

James -

I have same issue.

Richard Deppen -

Charged battery when I install propellers spin uncontrollably. No matter what position the switch is in.

Richard Deppen -

Its because when your plugging the battery pack back to the plug on your drone you are getting the 2 wires backwards try flipping the battery packs wiring plug the other way and then connecting it back to the drone

Josh S -

Just got a sky viper s1700 for my nephew but auto launch won't work. It is synced with remote but just sounds a little chime when you press auto launch. Have disconnected and reconnected battery multiple times but doesn't help.

vistaclearservices - 답글

If auto launch doesn't work hold stunt button and press auto launch to put it into manual mode. You should here a chime that shows it was successful.

Jacob LeBlanc -

I have a DX-4 and it won't hover in one spot? Every time I take off it goes up and to left can't figure out why it won't stay in one place

Gage Gibson - 답글

Have you tried using the trim to fix it?

Joshua -

Quattro drone lens remote control not powering on.i put new batterys but its not working..please any advice?or should i return it to the store!

agentrj24 - 답글

I'm having the same problem. I have replaced the batteries 3 times with new ones, and the remote wont cut on.

pamela amerson -

Drone will not lift all 4 motor spinning notice there is a red flashing light internal.

Eddie - 답글

Drone will not lift All 4 Motors are rotating also notice a red flashing light internal.

Eddie - 답글

I have a Sky Viper v2400hd video streaming drone, when I try to connect the controller with the drone, it connects but when I press the auto launch button it only makes this annoying beeping sound, and it wont let me switch to manual mode either. Help!

shawjordan - 답글

Try switching the sensitivity to number 2. Worked for us.

eric.wittman73 -

I got a brand spanky new strider falcon pro and iflew for a few days but today the gear starting stickying and when I try to fly it barley come off the ground and the stick propeller/gear tills down

Trent Malloy - 답글

Somebody please help me

Trent Malloy -

1 my drone has only a 10 minute battery life

2 when I auto land it only one propeller turns off

3 it won't come off the ground

4 it won't stay on the same level it will just go up and down

5 when ever I fly it goes completely haywire and goes upside down and does the opposite of what I tell it to


Alyssa - 답글

Most drones only have 7 to 10 minute fly time on battery unless you get pricy drone

Rich Speidel -

MY drone is a sky viper 1350hd stunt video drone. When i attempt to take videos the screen only shows blackness. How do I fix this

Sean Day - 답글

Try to put in new batteries

Al -

Sky Viper V2400HD. Controller is continually beeping and red light flashing and wont connect. I've changed the batteries out and still doing it. What is the problem?

Dan - 답글

my friend had this problem and what you should do is return because it lost signal.

Ryan Sande -

My drone takes off and lands fine but the trim is messed up and it always moves to the right. How do I re calibrate or reset the trim?

Dustin - 답글

keep pressing the buttons to the left or the other way or look up on google and see how to.

Ryan Sande -

Right and left joystick when on pull both at same time lower left corner or right to reset

Rich Speidel -

Someone please help

Dustin - 답글

Make sure you're blades are not damaged. Also the manufacturers manual that came with it normally has instructions on how to recalibrate.

Ethan -

My drone model is the DX-4 sharper image video drone

Dustin - 답글

motors turn but there is no lift any ideas on may cause this?

adam wood - 답글

I have a sky viper v2400h streaming drone and i can make it fly just by the controller but when i try to connect the drone to my phone to stream it disconnects from the controller plus even if my phone is connected to the drone it won't stream the camera on my phone it says that it doesn't detect the drone even if it is connected on wifi with my phone

GeneralOsborne - 답글

Hey, just got a new DX-3 Sharper Image Video drone but the photos are in black and with a bit of color but the video aspect of the drone looks like what you would expect if you broke a tv and went to watch tv. I am pretty sure that it did not come with a lens on the camera if anyone has any trouble shooting tips or suggestions I am all ears or in this case I am all eyes.

Keigan Johnston - 답글

Hi Keigan Johnston this is Ryan Sande and my video is black with sound so do you know what's wrong?

Ryan Sande -

My drone let's me take a photo but not a video. What I mean is the video is going and the screen is black but you can hear everything. Can someone tell me what's wrong?

Ryan Sande - 답글

Sharper Image DX-3. Controller won't pair with drone. We've tried multiple times and are following instructions carefully. Can anyone help please??

Michelle - 답글

ok I got a drone and I crashed at the back by the power wire( I have a holystone predator ) I cant find out how to fox it and why it is not turning on I turn on the power by connecting the wires but the wires when connected dont turn on the drone after the crash if u guys know how to fix this send me an email please at josiah.charlie.lim@gmail.com it would be great if u could help all help is appreciated thank you.

Micah Lim - 답글

I have a promark drone, and the light on the power button is supposed to light up when you charge it, but when I charge it the power button isn't lighting up

Clorox Bleach - 답글

My Sharper Image DX-4 wont charge. The charger it came with is supposed to light up when charging, and flash when done. The problem it that the charger flashes as soon as you plug it in, even though the drone it almost dead.

Joshua - 답글

i have the same problem with my DX_1. just take it into a shop to get it checked .

killian -

I have a sharper image dx-4 everything is lightning up but it won't fly. It flew once then after charging it is not working. Almost like it's not connecting.

Jamie - 답글

Can someone help me out I have a nano xcopter and it won't power up . When I charge it

Dawn Teachout - 답글

I so I'm having the problem of my charger lighting up when not connected but as soon as I plug it in it go,s out like it is charged but nothing is working no lights nothing .help someone please

Dawn Teachout - 답글

I just got for Christmas a Protocol Videodrone AP. finally got comfortably with trim and syncing the drone out. went to take off and lost power on drone motors flamed out. I have tried charging the battery numerous times , the blue light flashes, charged a good 1 hour. still I turn dron on and have no flashing lights / or power.

Paul Skinner - 답글

I need help my camera lags to much during video

Donald Johnson - 답글

I have a sharper image dx2 stunt drone. 2 out of the 4 propellers stopped spinning. How can I fix this? I've called customer service and always get disconnected due to such high call volume

April Lanier - 답글

I can't get my camera to work. I have the app and the wifi is connected, but it's still not working like I seen in the videos. Help?

Joy bells - 답글

Hi I have a parrot bebop 2 and my controller isn't coming on it's just showing a red light then nothing the battery is fully charged only just got it for Christmas what's the problem someone please help

Emmagregory - 답글

I will fly the drone then make it stable. I will click the photo button but I try to upload them from the drone to the computer and it doesn't work. I need help getting the photos from the quad copter/drone.

Billy Clinky - 답글

HELP my sky viper s1700 is just always flashing lights. and the remote keeps beeping. there is no damage to the battery or drone pls someone help.!!!!!!

bannabasher - 답글

I was flying my DX-3 drone and I landed it an when I got ready to go back up it and one of the propellers don't wimt to move and so I toucked it and it won't move even if I touch it but if you turn it it do a clicking noise

Torey Ivy - 답글

So all tge propelars spin but not all at once what do i do the motors stop and start every couple seconds

Ray Tsosie - 답글

I have a jd509 and it will take off and go up but it will not respond when we want it to come down. We have to emergency stop it everytime. Have tried to calibrate lots of times but it happens everytime we take off.

wullawulla54 - 답글

I bought cloud rider 2.0 to get the hang of flying it corectly. Since ive bought it i havent had any success in having it take off. As soon as i turn it on one propeller turns on at a high speed and the drone goes crazy. Nothing i do with the remote helps. Its like its not even synced. Im not sure whats wrong with it!!

Erik Deleon - 답글

My cloud rider 2.0 wont sinc with its remote. I turned it on and it beeped and stoped like it supposed to but the green and red lights on the drone wont stop flasshing as if its not synced

angel cruz - 답글

Got a drone today and the drones lights all working and put new batteries in the transmitter but the transmitter won't turn on. Theres nothing there. Help?

Johannes Toews - 답글

i had this problem by the drone flips on take off i solved it by placing my props on the right place and the first time i started it didnt go at all cuz my props we wrong placed by me so after i thought i fixed it if i put it upside down it did fly xD but now i fixed it

sebastian niklasson - 답글

I got a drone for my birthday but now one of the propellers won't spin, but I don't want to take the shell off incase I screw it up, any ideas?

Avery - 답글

You may have to, To replace the motor and replace it. Just look up videos online for your drone. Scary the first time, easy after.

Ethan -

Because it difficult to see on tablet in sunlight on farm, I want to buy goggles. What is the best and what connections must I get. Where do I buy? I have got a Phantom 4

bitterwaters - 답글

mini orion without LCD screen- I was told by the guyat ACE hardware I could connect my cell phone instead of buying screen....how? (i have the app- trying to connect to drone)

lisawolf9684 - 답글

connect to it's wifi with your cell phone

Brandon Baldwin -

I have no problems with functionaly... just hookup to phone.

lisawolf9684 - 답글

i have a dx-3 and just opened it today it kind of hit tue wall a couple of times and now one of its motors has a sound and is not spinning at the speed of the others i do have propeller gaurds on pls help me it would be nice if some one answerd email is ahadhasani@yahoo.ca

ahad - 답글

Help my Dad and I just found a dx-3 drone on top of a house with no one living in it and just have the drone. Can you use a propel drone controller for this?

Rudy Brown - 답글

I have a DX-4 Drone that has been working fine. After flying it this afternoon till the battery died, I plugged it in to charge. The unit's switch is off, but the blue internal light is still on, and the (2) white and (2) red arm lights are flashing. They will flash slow for a bit, then do a fast flash, and go back to slow. The body was warm from charging, but I can find zero information about the lights being on with the drone off.

Chris Wren - 답글

I just got a syma x8g it started all ok. But suddenly the remote didn't pair up with the drone, the lights on the drone keep flashing and flashing. If someone could help me fix this i would be very thankfull.

carmencbb - 답글

I have a dronium one and one of the propellers won't spin at all

Erik Morales - 답글

My drone is spinning counter clockwise. I know I need to adjust the trim but that particular trim button on my remote doesnt click or move like the other 2 trim buttons.

Tyler Scheiber - 답글

It is the Protocol Videodrone AP by the way. I took the remote apart and there is nothing that would even do anything under the trim switch. The instructions say that button does that trim too.

Tyler Scheiber -

Just got the dx2 and after charge it pairs and won't fly. Every now and then it will take off then stop working. Just bought it. Brand new batteries in controller and fully charged battery pack. Lights constantly flash after charge


Similar problem with mine. Did you find any solution? Please do share

Jay -

Similar problem here too

Oliver C -

I have a skymaster drone and it spins after takeoff. I have no control of it. What am I doing wrong

revdom - 답글

My drone won't take photos or videos even though oli set up the camera with the SD card

Raena Barst - 답글

same i dont know why my videos all seem to come out black


Like others, my son and I are having troubles with our Sky Viper V2400HD. When we try to stream video, the controller and the quad will not stay synced. Occasionally, we can get it to pair and launch successfully, only to have it unsync shortly after and fall to the ground. Any ideas?

eric.wittman73 - 답글

Having the same issue myself.

Seems to auto land for some reason, Flew great first few times. Now it'll drop at random times.

I have been searching for a fix. I'll post it if I find any.

Also try flying without the app on. Mine worked for a couple flights without it.. seemed to interfere with the antenna or lack of.

Ethan -

my drone is perfect i know how to record and everything but all my videos are black...?


My Zuzo FX1 keeps leaning to the right when it try's to take off and will not fly. Can some please tell me how to fix this problem?

Daniel Smith-Montero - 답글

I have the Zuzo FX 1 and it keeps leaning to the right every time I try to fly it up. Can some please tell me how to fix this?

Daniel Smith-Montero - 답글

my skeye drone will take pictures but when recording it is just black screened what can i do to see my footage please help


My drone will not turn on. I charge battery for the right time but it will not turn on after installing battery and connecting cord. HELP!!!

Jacob Combs - 답글

Try buying a new battery

Paul Kot -

Charger is your problem not battery

Rich Speidel -

I have a Sky Viper S1350 Stunt Drone that is having problems holding hover in the Auto Fly Mode. It takes off using Auto Launch but will not hold a hover. It gains altitude to approx 50 ft then drops almost to the ground then goes back up. Once it gets close to the ground I use Auto Land and it will land. This flew fine for the first few days. Is there a Manual Reset function I need to use ?? Frustrated in Kansas

Greg Cowan - 답글

My back right propeller is stuck, what is happening is in goes a bit, then stop, while the other work fine. If I spin the gear and the cog at the same time but seperatly, it works, but then I put it together, something catches the white cog under the wing. It worked fine before, so this has not been happening when I first got it, only when it had a small crash. To be clear, I have a Cloud Rider drone, so someone please help.

Paul Kot - 답글

Just bought propel sky master charged battery and plug in. Nothing works pls help!!

Bee hang - 답글

Just bought propel sky master with the had camera. First thing I did was charged the battery to make sure it was full then after the green light came on time to test. Nothing works, I'm still kicking myself this thing is "brand new" . Is there a switch somewhere that I don't know of? Pls help!!

Bee hang - 답글

I had a Propel orbit hd which flew away. Second one i lost. But if u have a button for instant landing or somesuch. That used to start my rotors spinning. It is like in front of ctrl arm for speed. The directions they give were useless.

Hingerty -

just got my drone then I put it in manual mode then tried to switch it back but it wouldn't fly

Black Master - 답글

These comments would be really funny if i wasn't having some of the same issues

Woo drew - 답글

I flashed drone aosenma cg 035 and got brick it, please I'm need to rescue it,still all the time, please let me know what to do on rosantony122703@yahoo.com

rosantony122703 - 답글

Still beeping all the time when power on

rosantony122703 - 답글

DX-4 drone flies fine but the camera won't work, I can connect the drone to my phone but when I go to use the camera, the app asks to connect my phone to the drone even though my phone is already connected to the drone. I even updated the app to the most recent update. I got this drone on Christmas 2016 and the camera worked fine and the drone flew fine but 2 months later the camera stopped working but the drone still flies fine I didn't even crash the drone. Can somebody help me PLZ???


I cannot seem to get the drone to connect to the smart phone app. I have tried every conceivable way of typing in the drone network but it will not connect

shooter.sf1@gmail.com - 답글

I have a JJRC H97 drone and can not get the camera to work. I have a RCA tablet and also a 5s Iphone and still can not get the camera to work. If you have an app that would help that would be great. Any help would be appreciated.

Donald Mathews - 답글

I power on my drone and it works for a minute and the it gives me low battery


Need a new battery. Depending on the drone, they're not hard to come by. Normally on the manual or box it came in has a website for parts. Or you can try amazon.

Ethan -

Eyes doesn't light up

Walter - 답글

Beeping noise from the drone

Walter - 답글

Yes I have a promark VR p70 drone and it has a mind of its own I put the battery in and three of the motors fire up as soon as the plugs come in contact and then if I hit the power button they all shut off but controller will not sync up

candymanjester - 답글

Is red charging light supposed to go off when battery is fully charged?


Turns green normally when it's fully charged

Ethan -

My controller for my rayvore quadcopter is showing me a blue light please help because this has never happened before!

Macen whitehead - 답글

Okay. So I have a sky viper hd2400, thing flew great first couple times. Now it seems to drop at random times during flight... I'm thinking I'm out of range, but the first couple times It flew much further before dropping. Now it's doing the auto land even 7 feet away 'sometimes' other times its fine.

Any idea?

Ethan - 답글

Thought it might have been my phone or WiFi causing interference. Seems to drop In certain spots....more so when I had my phone hooked up on the controller

Ethan -

I have a eachine falcon 250 pro and had a hard landing. Everything stoped working including the fpv. I have replaced the PDB and I still can't get it to work. Please can somebody help???

Ben Harvey - 답글

I just got my drone yesterday and one router isn't spinning on my drone the PROTOCOL how can I fix it?

Oklahoma City - 답글

Rotor won't spin on my PROPEL air micro drone so I take it apart and the rotor's wires were burnt off can you fix it Please

Gage Adams - 답글


I calibrated my CC3D autopilot on my fpv quadcopter. But, it topples on its left or right the moment I try to take it off. I checked the above given conditions and troubleshooting, but everything is fine. What can the probable issue with it?

Please help me.

Thanks and regards,


Harish Patel - 답글

Propel just shot strsightup past my control. It finally came down in thick woods. This is the 2 one i have lost like this. Wont buy another

Hingerty - 답글

Patel tighten screws o n props. That is causing it

Hingerty - 답글

Hello Hingerty,

The motors I am using have cap on it as a tighteing screw over the propeller. And I tight it to the extent it becomes good tight. I wonder if tightening screw really affects this much.

I have got another doubt. Is it necessary to keep the quad in the same position as I kept in the position of calibration?

In other words, if, at the time of calibration, I have kept my quad front facing east (for instance), is it necessary to keep the quad facing east at the time of trial flying take - off? I understand that, this should not be the issue for toppling. But, still I just got this as a doubt.

Thanks for helping, Hingerty. I appreciate your input. Please keep on helping and share the solution for the question. Thank you

Harish Patel -

I have a Sky Viper V 2900 Pro Drone. Whenever I'm in auto fly mode and hit the return home icon my unit goes straight up and I lose control.

Gerald Winder - 답글

One of my propeller does not spin wht should i do

Anonymous - 답글

Check the motor for that specific blade

1. If it doesn't make any sound or even trys to move it may not be receiving power due to a severed wire, solution would be reconnect wire, or solder new in.

2. If it's black or smells burnt it could have fried motor solution, new motor

3. Could have bent the spinning components in motor and it could be locked in place. Solution replace motor.

These are simple problem discoveries may help you.

SomeN0Body Z (matt) -

The video image on my camera is upside down. It changed mid-flight and won't return right side up. Thoughts?

Danonymous - 답글

I'm not a drone expert, but I know a little. Some devices (like a cellphone) have calibration and placement components, and what these do is help determine where said device is facing and calibrate the angle for whatever purpose it's told to. So like a cellphone that is turned sideways, the phones picture rotates to suit the angle it's tilted in, flip the phone and the sensors and calibration say "hey phone your upside down" and the phone rotates these image.

Well drones are made by God only knows how many companies, and everyone likes to do it there way and add features that others might not (what I'm saying here is they're all just learning with us because, It's not completely defined what's good or bad/ useful or useless)

So with all that I came up with my reasoning that this is your problem, I could be completely wrong, **So this is an educated guess.**

Your drone has a sensor or something like it and it's stuck in place, or has a bad connection in a leg. Sorry I'm out of space, good luck, websrch it

SomeN0Body Z (matt) -

My drone I just got done from a tree. It's been up there for 3 days and when I got it down it seemed fine except for a deformed rotor. I changed the rotor but now it won't turn. It was doing it before I changed it as well . Could it be the motor that broke?

Harzel - 답글

I have a promark vr70 drone.My problem is that I was flying bout 6 feet off the ground and I grabbed the drone to adjust the GoPro camera angle and when I let go I possibly hit down on the throttle and it fell but it fell on the landing skids..I tried to take off right after and only 3 props were working so I brought it in to check it..Then I manually turned the prop that wasn't working and it felt stiff so I automatically thought it was the motor because the motor didn't spin even when I took it away from the gear..So I just bought 4 new motors and I plugged a new motor in and it's still doing the same thing..so I took the drone apart and there wasn't any loose wires and nothing looked out of place..can somebody please help??

Erik chambers - 답글

I just bought my son a DX-1 micro drone. It's charged and has new batteries. Problem I'm having, none of the propellers will turn at all. The LED lights up and blinks and the controller beeps but nothing actually moves. Any suggestions​?

Carrie Nabors - 답글

Yes, have you paired the device with your controller, usually on these you turn both on, while it's blinking, go to controller and motion the speed stick all the way up and all the way down in that order, and they'll probably beep at u, and the lights will still now your paired and try moving the controls now.

*Note* Always read your user manual, it's there to tell you what's what and how and all that fun stuff, like features built in that you might not have known existed, especially in drones. Hope this helped

SomeN0Body Z (matt) -

Hello, my drone flies well and all but I cant get the camera to work. I pair the control with the drone, the light on the Camera is green, I follow instructions the manual has so i press, on the left side of the controll on the video and picture button, up for picture of for video and it does not take a picture or begin to record. I used a different mini sd card and still nothing. Please help me.

Alejandro Ja - 답글



During take off 1 motor doesn't accelerate evenly with the rest resulting in a sideways gangster lean, so it just gos into a wall. Wires seem fine, motor works , might have sensors to determine hight not sure what should I look for to help me diagnosis problem. Ty

SomeN0Body Z (matt) - 답글

My promark p70 wont fly unless I unplug the camera, why is this?

Shannon Bostic - 답글

Hi my son has received a nano quadcopter cx023 and for some reason the transmitter wont sync with the quad copter. The quadcopter syncs I think as the lights stop flashing but the transmitter red light keeps constanly flashing and nothing works? Any hints???

Wha - 답글

The drone will not connect with the remote ,but the remote will connect to the drone... Aka the lights are still flashing on the drone ,but the remote light is on/not flashing when I connect the them together. (Its the DX-4)

Bobo - 답글

My drone works fine until I try to take off. Once I add the slightest amount of throttle, it flies away. I have no control at all until it falls from the air while I run to catch it. Any Ideas on how to fix it? It is the propel HD video drone (not the one that connects to a smart phone).

Daniel Gonzalez - 답글

have bought 3 sky viper 2900 pro drones. my son has attached the battery backwards in all of them and after this happens the drone no longer turns on when a battery is attached. it's like the entire drones mother board is completely fried. There has to be a fix or at least I hope there is because two of these drones was only flown once or twice. I have tested the battery and have actually not messed the 3rd drone up so it is functional. I would love to get the ifrst two working again if possible. Thanks!

Drone Dreamer - 답글

I bought the dji mavic pro and when I was in a hotel I turned my head and someone bag tstole thehat had the drone and t hehemote controller in it. The charger waw also in the bag so they have everything​. The drone is still on the account on my dji 4 app but all the flight logs have disapeeredd. is there anything I can do to get you drone back>

Drone Dreamer - 답글

So, what to do if one motor will not stop? What is that likely to be?

Ben Burch - 답글

I have a Sharper I age DX-2. Flew it for the first time today. Worked great. However, now will not pair to the remote. Please help.

golfertrish - 답글

Now my DX-2 will not power on. First the remote stopped pairing with drone and now no power. It was plugged in all night. And yes I have followed the directions for pairing.

golfertrish - 답글

I started flying my drone it worked for a good 2 minutes then it just auto landed for no reason and I go to turn it back on it makes this beeping sound and then the propellers won't spin so I charge it it still does the same thing I don't have any ideal wye

Flame Skull 58 - 답글

I have a big problem on Cheerson CX-20 i´ve twice chcecked instalaton of proppelers and motor rotation everything is correct. I´ve tried so many times to calibrate the compass and gyroscope and all the time when i try to take-off it just tilts or flips on one side ..... It seems like my right red motor on back side of dron doesn´t work proprely ... it doesn´t have enough RPM to lift his site of dron and i canot fly with him please help me !!!!!

tomkubek - 답글

I have a drone mirage 1.0 the blades will not rotate after conecting with controll

Fletch - 답글

I have a Sky viper stunt drone and very time I turn it on, then the controller beeps repeatively. I replaced the batteries in the remote several times, and the drone was fully charged. It would still let me fly it..... kinda. The drone would only fly about a foot off the ground. I am very disappointed because my grandma bought that for me for my 12th birthday, back in December. Please, I would really appreciate if somebody can help me. Thanks

Chiefsven - 답글

Hi i just got a 2nd hand drone and carnt find why it only seems to lifts with 2 rotors the other 2 are turning but not lifting ???? Any ideas would be great .. thanks rich

Rich - 답글

well if it was kike mine the lights where flashing really fast? well the fix for me was dad got fed up and went back to walmart buy another bring it home take all the guts out and switch it and take the new one back. now that mine is flying fine we cleaned it up and and sold it on CL for $90. then ordered a Eachine x220 from ebay.

thefateofeight -

Hi I was just wondering if I can connect a phantom 3 advanced controller to a phantom 3 standard if so how and if not why. ??

Simon Ferrey - 답글

Just bought a propel hd video drone. I used for about five minutes trying to get the hang of it. Had a couple minor crashes but nothing major. Nothing that I can tell is broken or damaged but now the lights are flashing really fast and won't let me sync controller. Any help would be greatly appreciated

auston1980 - 답글

My p70 just fips over on take off front props go gr8t backs hardly spin if i hold it up on its side all power up to full. is there some way to recalibrete it so it works right?

thefateofeight - 답글

fixed problem.....well if it was kike mine the lights where flashing really fast? well the fix for me was dad got fed up and went back to walmart buy another bring it home take all the guts out and switch it and take the new one back. now that mine is flying fine we cleaned it up and and sold it on CL for $90. then ordered a Eachine x220 from ebay.

thefateofeight -

I have the dx-2 sharper image drone and i bought it frm US and now im using it in india . Once i charged it frm a different cable from that i shud hav. Im not sure if its since then , but one of my propellers doesnt spin . Only three . Plz help me . Wat shud i do ??

rahul verma - 답글

I have xiaomi 4k drone it flip suddently and .when i push the trottle litle up it goes ti full speed .and unable to shut down.so please hepl me

tompoksolomon - 답글

I've got a v2900 pro and I touched the to battery wires together and burnt a spot on the cotrol board. We're can I get a new one at.. or how do i fix this one..

randallmcglone1976 - 답글

I flew it and I did a flip it then went really high I pressed auto land and it flew over house landed in neighbors yard all lights were flashing but 1 wasn't I I unplugged it and pluged it back in turned controller on and off and back on will not connect HELP!!!

Kathy Caris - 답글

I have a skyviper s1350,recently got a problem with its syncronization,When I turn on the drone and the remote both of them starts blinking and doesn't fly,If I turn on the drone for 5/10 minutes or some more time suddenly it connected, I need some help for this situation

Jasper Hasan - 답글

My 2400 sky viper drone will not paier with the remote it just beeps and drone continue s to blink but noting will happen I've changed battery s steel same thing noting any one got a clue what I need to do ?

Preston crouch - 답글

Same thing happened to me

Merpysoup Flarpkin III -

My drone won't arm it's a 2400 skyviper controller beeps drone flashing but don't synccan any one give me any advice?

Preston crouch - 답글

My markpro drone skips pulsing and flashes the lights... What's going on??

Andy b - 답글

I Bought a new JJRC H37 ELFIE drone,but now one wing is not rotating /functioning,can anybody help me to how i fix this.?

sarun_ar - 답글

We are having the same problem.

Trent Larkin -

I have a lot of issues with my promark vr wifi want stay connected, app takes forever to download. I'm almost ready to trash this thing please help!!

Randy Sikes - 답글

My son has a Predator drone. It worked perfectly fine until recently. The drone goes up, but then does not stay up. It will come down, hit the ground, then go back up. He can control from side to side, but it will not stay up in the air. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Janet - 답글

My drone shoots photos and videos upside down. How can I fix this?

Gavin Play - 답글

I have a 2400 hp drone and i try to auto take off or set to manual take off and it just beeps at me and i can't do anything

Ethan Rasque - 답글

I have a quadcopter zuzo fxi and when I plug the battery in the drone starts up and I have no control it runs on its own Any suggestions???


We had bought our 10 yr. old son a Promark Drone for Christmas last year at WalMart. He has used it less than ten times this yr. Tonight he decided to charge it and it started sparking and melting. Luckily he was awake and able to get his dad.

Tomisha Jordan - 답글

MY DX 2 DRONE WONT CONNECT WITH THE CONTROLLER! Yes I have good internet, but when I turn them both on the controller beeps twice but it doesn't beep a third time. and it doesn't connect! It has been acting like this for two weeks now!

Merpysoup Flarpkin III - 답글

My promark p70 CW drone not sending WiFi signal please help

Ronald Martin - 답글

Primary vr 70p drone. First few charges solid red light. Today red charging light is blinking. Is there something wrong?

Michael Zavala - 답글

Did u find out anything?

Curtis Long -

I got an m22 drone this year its a 2.4 ghz , 4channel, 6 axis gyro, headless with WiFi connection. My problem is every time I connect to the drone's camera via drone flight apps, I don't get any images or video although my drone is connected and the wifi signal is full! Help?

glen kuria - 답글

after some help please .

i got a visuo drone and did exactly what the book says to paor the drone with the remote. i put the left joystick down, turn on transmitter . lift joystixk up wait for beep then move joystixk down and nothing and it wont pair.....

anyone have help or advice.

Neil Johannesen - 답글

One of the propellers does not spin. And we just got it today for for our grandson?

Trent Larkin - 답글

They gust bought it for there grandson and one of the propellers does not work.

Trent Larkin - 답글

Hey all, I have a Dromida Vista with a front/left prop issue. It will spin at full revs if I hold the drone upside down or sideways but cuts out when held upright and level. I have changed the motor (same result) and checked the connections and wiring back to the motherboard which seem OK . Any ideas?

Lanno Tavani - 답글

Hi just bought a pocket quadcopter XQ100 have fully charged, when I sync it with the controller the lights flash fast to start then slow flash. When I flick the throttle up and down to initialise the lights become solid, but when I try and use the throttle the lights again flash and no movement. Any ideas what to do . Regards

Guy Haywood - 답글

Me and my father were flying the sky viper v2450fpv in the house and it got under a table leg and the blades got stuck and now the controller beeps with the drone with red and green lights flashing?

Brandon Slayton - 답글

My question is how do i make my quad drone tumbler 2.0 stapled. Because the problem with that is when i want to go straight up it goes back wards if the camera is facing me and i have it on a flat surface , i held both if the joy-sticks to the bottom-right, and i all ready read the manual many times and pressed all the black buttons all ready and i got it 0n August 31 2017 for my birthday so then i took it out the pack i charged it and when i turned it on and flew it it started shifting as i was flying it please help my like im crying as i fly it because i dont want to pay

the vloger - 답글

Polaroid pl300 power won't turn on battery is good .jus brought it today at Sears

Shaeem Marcus - 답글

Bought a promax vr drone at a yard sale. No owners manual but few extra parts…. Worked fine for a month or so but now the lights are bright when i turn it on but as soon as i let the power button go it turns off. Also when plugged into the charger no indicator lights come on. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated

Keith Schirmer - 답글

I have a drone that will not start. The controller keeps beeping and the drone will not start. I don't know how to make it work. Can anyone help me with my problem?

Bob Sanchez - 답글

Got my first drone and want to watch live feed. It tells me to look for a certain wifi signal but it's not listed when I search for it. I tried numerous times but to no avail someone help!!!

Sean Simmons - 답글

Lost sharper image DX2 drone I lost remote can I pair with phone

Christy - 답글

How do I test battery on sky viper drone

Greg Tracy - 답글

Greg Tracy, first you need to test stock battery 650 mah 30c hovered for 7 minutes and 55 seconds, well video will help you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w4I4gyp.... BTW, some more nice articles also available at http://www.fitdrones.com/ which would help you.

harne keshab -

the camera use to work, but now it doesn’t when I pressed the button. IDK what to do. And I idn’t ruin it somehow, just one day it didn’t work. What do I do? On x-predator drone

SkyDen Parkour - 답글

I bought a Sharper Image Streaming Edition Drone today and when I try to film with the drone the camera is red. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, can someone please help, thanks.

@Adelisa Dedovic - 답글

when i try to fly my drown the remote is backward how do ifix it my left stick that makes it go up and down is making it go forward and backwards what do i do to fix it it steal flys its just got backwards controls and it sucks

christian hipps - 답글

my remote controls for my sky viper all of a sudden changed out of no were my up and down stick makes it go forward and backwards how do i change it back it steal flys Judy controls are

christian hipps - 답글

Hi. Do you know where I can get schematics for the sky Master Propel drone. Thanks. Steve

Steve - 답글

Hello. Do you know where I can get the schematics for skymaster by Propel drone? Thanks. Steve

Steve - 답글

Try This link, support can help you also, they are pretty good.

Link > https://www.propelrc.com/collections/dro...

hexoff -

[|ive bin flying a drone it's shox raptor drone 3 of the propellers work but 1 doesn't how do I fix it please help]

Best wishes

Drone flyer

Evan Momsen - 답글

I have a shox raptor drone 3 propellers work but 1 doesn't please help

Best wishes


Evan Momsen - 답글

My drone can take off well , but it will just fall back down 4 seconds later and when I try to fly it again ,I have to turn it off and on . Even then , it won’t work

Justin Marquis - 답글

My drone takes off dine battery fully charged n flys for 8 10 seconds n lose power n falls to ground

Travis - 답글

My 360 dx-4. Will take off but drops out the air some times drops after3 seconds some times drops after 10

Travis - 답글

My predator drone by holy stone company is not working properly it is not flying only and it is tilting backward s

Shreyash - 답글

My drone is not flying and it is tilting backward

Shreyash - 답글

My Promark VR drone was fine 2 weeks ago I have only used it a couple times Never hit anything or bring it down hard NOTHING —-> Just took it out to fly and it will not go forward or backwards ONLY left or right Anyone know something that will help me Thanks

scott - 답글

I have a Pro mark Shadow Drone. I am having a problem with viewing the videos on my phone. Galaxy S5. I can see them on my computer if I use a sd card, but not streaming on the phone. Is there a video app requirement other than the mp4 that comes with the S5? I Thank you, Dr. John

John Feuerbacher - 답글

I have a Promark GPS Shadow DroneI am having a problem with viewing the videos on my phone. Galaxy S5. I can see them on my computer if I use a sd card, but not streaming on the phone. Is there a video app requirement other than the mp4 that comes with the S5? I Thank you, Dr. John

John Feuerbacher - 답글

I got my first drone dx-2 and i throttle it up and down then it beeps but then it does nothing what do i do please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kody whiteis - 답글

I got my drone and the first few times it worked but now it won't turn on the lights won't work, and the perpellers won't start, what's wrong with my DX-2?

Nirel A Lopez - 답글

My DX-2 drone won't start up it worked the first few times and I charged it and the lights won't light up and nothing happens but the controller still

Nirel A Lopez - 답글

Go to my first drone and I wanted to spray paint the propellers and so while they dried I put on the other propellers that came with the drone and the drone wouldn’t get off the ground and it would flip so I waited for the spray painted propellers to dry and I put them on and my drone still flips. What can I do to fix it?? Please help please

Brody stokes - 답글

I got my new drone and I wanted to spray paint the propellers and while they dried I put on the extra propellers and I went to fly and it wouldn’t get off the ground it would just flip so I waited until my painted propellers dried and then I put them on and my drone still just flipped. What can I do to fix this? Please help someone please

Brody stokes - 답글

I have a p70 GPS ProMark Drone and when my GPS camera is calibrating ( when I get done doing all the spinning and mess) the white and blue lights are blinking and I am giving it plenty of time to calibrate but it automatically turns off in the middle of calibrating.

Malachi - 답글

I have a p70 GPS ProMark drone and when I do all the steps to calibrate the GPS camera ( all the spinning and mess) the white and blue lights DO flash, but in the middle of the calibration, it automatically turns

Malachi - 답글

Remote won’t sync with my drone. It’s a brand new Promark GPS shadow. Followed the steps over and over. Any advice?

Tyler - 답글

I have the same exact problem. I even returned the drive and replaced it. Same issue… Did you ever figure it out?

Spencer -

My propeller flew off and my drone is broken. Is that something i can call the company and complain about or is that some how my fault?

Gusto - 답글

M my Pro Mark drone fell out of the sky due to a propeller flying off is that something the company will take care of or is it user fault

Gusto - 답글

I recently bought my nephew a zipp nano 2.4ghz drone for christmas and I can’t get it to work. When i turn the drone on itself it wont light up or do anything. Ive charged it the way it said to and brand new batteries but I cant get it to come on. The contoler will. So I'm not sure what to do any help?

leanna - 답글

my back proppellers on me dx-2 sharper image stunt dron work better than front ones and flips aponn flight

Sage Anctil - 답글

The camera on my Promark gps vr drone keeps freezing (stopping) seconds after I take off how do I fix this

Jack Taylor - 답글

My promark vr drones camera keeps freezing (stopping) seconds after takeoff how do I fix this

Jack Taylor - 답글

Hey I have a xiro eplorer. Motors only turn on if I flip the drone upside down before turning on. Any ideas

Chevy - 답글

promark vr drome fell from air and crashed it was foggy out dont know if fog might have done something to esc and now power button on drone is green

martin bauer - 답글

My sky viper 2400hd drone whne flying loses connection to controller who knows how to fix it?

Noah - 답글

The battery on my promark gps remote controller will not turn on

Denise Robison - 답글

I got a drone a while ago and have been using it a lot it's gotten pretty beat up and now when I turn it on and connect it to the controller if I hit any button it automatically disconnects even when it has a full charge ideas to fix this?

Connor - 답글

I just got a drone and when I try to fly it cuts of right after takeoff. It’s a quadrone omega

Cruz - 답글

I have a dx-4 it blinks fast some times slow but don't connect to the remote please help

Drumbow - 답글

what about if a blade is not spinning on a drone? How do I diagnose this?

wade bailey - 답글

I have a p70 shadow drone that i cannot get to calibrate have followed the start up directions multiple times. Anyone know what could be going on with my drone?

deb - 답글

I have a parrot drone the red lights are blinking and won't stop. Won't charge and won't turn off

Michael grosso - 답글

When I launch the drone it keeps going left and forward, how do I reset it so it just gives when I give it throttle

Guy - 답글

I’ve a GT-4202 raptor drone and the camera has stopped showing up on the screen. Any ideas?

Lin - 답글

I have a PL800 drone that I just got yesterday flew it today and it was fine now it stopped working but the remote works just can’t get the drone to come on and the battery is fully charged can someone help me out with this

Michelle Taylor - 답글

Bought a sky viper hover drone yesterday and today the front left propeller will not spin after resetting the trim back to default. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

Waylon - 답글

I can't seem to find the serial number on my promark p70 vr drone?

Chris Goodman - 답글

I have Bugs 2. When I hit the red ARM button it takes off. No control it flies off full bore. Only up and down. Any help

David Morrow - 답글

when I start it up only three blades are working

Tom - 답글

does anybody ever reply to any of these ??

Tom - 답글

I charged the battery to my drone, but when I put it in it didn’t turn on no matter how long or hard I pressed the button. So, I bought a new battery for it, but when I put that one in it still didn’t turn on. I have no idea what’s wrong or how to fix it and the faq on the drone’s website is not helpful.

Fallon Nightmares - 답글

Hi Ive moved house and lost my remote control for my DX 3 drone in the process. I have been searching for hours but cant find anywhere to purchase a new one. Im fond of my lil drone. Can anybody help point me in the right direction

daeth - 답글

Hi, I have a Sharper Image DX-4. I let it charge on top of a speaker, which I believe caused the compass/IMU to fall out of calibration, since the drone will not arm or fly now. Any ideas how I can reset or recalibrate the compass without using the remote?



Jon Moore - 답글

I have the MJX Bugs 3 and I’m new to drones. After lift off it seems to be uncalibrated because it’s turning by itself and stuff. So I’ve used the trim buttons to the best of my ability but on lift off it is fine and then when I go out too far it starts turning uncontrollably. This thing doesn’t have headless mode so steering it is a nightmare. I feel like it could fly off and smack into everything. It’s violently fighting me, not to mention even the slightest wind is already enough of a challenge. I also noticed after just a couple flights, not to mention a couple of accidents, one of the fins/motors doesn’t seem to be spinning as fast but idk if that’s the case. I don’t know whether I’m just bad at flying drones that aren’t indoors but the spinning thing is definitely an issue when it goes too far. Please help me I am desperate because I kinda want to send this thing back.


help when flyingv mt husan501s it just falls out of sky at different times for vno reason yes I know there’s a reason but very strange for this to happen just getting good enough to keep it going the vwhole 18mons of flight time any help and what kind of drone would you buy to have fun with thanks Bob

bobs1999 - 답글

My propellers won’t even start spinning. I try to get it to start and they won’t. I have fully charged it and this is the first time of me using it.

Kayleigh Jasmantas - 답글

I have a SIMREX X101 drone, and it auto rotate upon take off when I all I have told it to do was just lift into the air slightly. Any idea on how to fix, please?

Conigland Sydnee - 답글

I hve a mini quadcopter and it doesnt fly after takeoff.. If just cuts off the power and when i lower the throttle,, the power comes back on... I have changed my batteries but even then it is doing so

wheelieboyzankur - 답글

when connecting the battery on the off position three motors comes on full blast. Turn it on and they stop, drone will not respond to controller and fast rapid blinking lights

cjloverboy - 답글

I have I have brand new batteries in them remote control I have brand new batteries in the remote the berries fully charged inside the Drone and when I go to fly it and won't even go a foot off the ground why is that

Mike Jones - 답글

I can’t get my controller to sync. When I power on and push the left joystick up and down the drone lights stay blinking red

bgreen6 - 답글

On my V1750 sky viper the front left motor comes on and runs at full speed as soon as connect the battery to it without stopping. Why is this and how can I fix this so that I can fly my drone again?

Don - 답글

New Sky Viper V2900 takes off on its own when auto lift off button is pressed and does not hover in place, what is wrong?

Gary Huggins - 답글

Hey, I have a promark CW warrior drone and the problem is this, I charge the drone but the red light never turns off to signify that the battery is charged. Sometimes I disconnect the charging cable to see the red light still on like it’s charging. The manual says the battery is low when it flashes the white, red, and green quickly but with a half a second interval. My controller is charged too. Any help?

Albert Einstein Jr - 답글

My drone Come on but the lights are snow flashing white & Blue, and wont calabrate ?

What should I do ?

jimmyadams212 - 답글

Well I got the $@$*!& dx-2 and i find out that theres a slight proplem in the contract so much of course one of the propellers is not spinning at all . It only does ground tricks now like Chase it's tail and flip over to grab a hand full of hair in the routers

Timothy Lee Campbell (Pesos) - 답글

Please help! I have an Air Hogs Hyper Stunt drone and it looks like 1 of the wires has been moved. Does anyone know how to help. I also have an Air Hogs Shadow Launcher and the helicopter won’t fly, but the car will drive! Someone please help me out!

X Gamer Black - 답글

my drone used to automatically disconnect from the transmitter when i give throttle to it… please help me fast…

Ayush Gupta - 답글

Ive got a promark gps shadow drone. Had a defective battery where the drone would barely lift off the ground, and then when it tried to lift off again..it tipped backwards, no blade guards were installed…so the back 2 prop blades touched ground (dirt) while spinning for about 4 seconds until they stopped on their own. I took it apart, cleaned everything..nothing binding…now when i sync everything and push the 1 button take off…the propellers move just slightly..more like twitch..and then it goes into re-syncing the camera by moving it up and down as well as flashing the lights quickly. Do you think its in need of a new IMU board?? I was also attempting to use a 3s Lipo battery instead of the stock lithium. The problem im having is with the good lithium stock battery. Help!

Nick Davis - 답글

My XT-1 Attop drone won’t connect to the controller. Controller is black with orange buttons and joysticks.

Ryan Trieu - 답글

Same here , lights up but the motors won’t start

Carl Bartlett -

I bought a Warrior drone from Walmart for my son’s birthday. The day after his birthday, we took it outside to fly it, and it stopped responding to the remote control and took off into the sky. It did not stop and land once out of receiver range. We watched it until it was lost in the clouds. Has this happened to anyone else? What was done about it?

Kathy McCord - 답글

I had a flexify drone given to me, it flew the first two times I flew it, the third time it just took off no controls, no gps. when I retrieved it about 2hundred yards away and tried to fly it again it will not lift off. seems one motor is running slower than the others… any advise

chatam_24 - 답글

I have a world tech elite raptor and tech support from company is very poor. the live feed screen

Does not function,I was told you do not need to install a micro SD ,only if you want to record pics. any help with drone would be greatful.

wong dong - 답글

I put a SD card in my raptor camera world tech elite,the live feed screen now only shows my face on the screen. I am fed up any help would be appreciated.

wong dong - 답글

I got a Hudson x4 h107d fpv mini copter and just wondering if you can help me out so this is what's going on I bind to my enthroned like it asks me to following that I get to the main screen like if I'm ready to take off but it doesn't it just stays in the main screen and it nothing happens I tried calibrating and I tried a whole bunch of other things that might have been the problem that I've seen on videos and nothing maybe you guys can help me out thank you have a great day

Alex Padilla - 답글

Why do all my drone motors keep on cutting of after a few seconds of flight?

Oliver C - 답글

My s169 drone just flipped and crashed right after take off.when i picked it up the left front motor keeps on running even if the system is off.i pulled out the battery,do it went off (the left front motor).when i inserted back the battery,it went on.the rest of the 3 motors is off? How do i fix this?thanks

ncy49 - 답글

I wasnt able to bring my prop guard.

ncy49 - 답글

I bought a lot of P2s amd the newest lookimg o e amd the controller are not doi f what its supposed to i turn the controllwr on and light is red its got bramd new batteries 2x i had to buy new batteries for the p2 and i put the battery in and do the button thing push and release then hold down itmakes a little chirp and piwers back off why im not familiar with the phantoms

Shanr Crittenden - 답글

My camera shows upside down any suggestions uninstalled promark app and reinstalled it and my video shows up upside down

Todd Blevins - 답글

Trying to fix my mini drum I farted and it won't fly

Nicole Durbin - 답글

I have the little mini drone

Nicole Durbin - 답글

Do you have to hook the little mini drum to a computer to activate it to get it to come on

Nicole Durbin - 답글

I have a P70 Shadow Drone and everything works great EXCEPT it only goes forward so far and then its stops and goes back, its weird like it hits a wall or something and then goes back a bit, i mean i keep trying and it keeps stoping and then goes back, has anyone had this problem and if so how to i fix it? i am out on 8 acres so. i dont see it being any interference

Ryan - 답글

Try checking your flight settings in the

Chris -

I have a promark vr and my motors won’t turn on. I wrecked it the other day and now I can’t get the motors to turn on. I have shut it down completely and started it up. I can connect to it but as soon as I click the one button take off nothing happens. I’ve charged the battery and tried to reset it to factory settings. Nothing is working. Is there anything I can do?

Jimmy22 - 답글

I have a 3 month old Phantom 4 Pro V2 with 3 batteries. After flying my drone for a month, I got an error message when inserting Battery 1. It said, no battery is detected, the drone can not takeoff. Please install battery properly. I was still able to use my 2 other batteries. Now, all of them have the same error warning. In spit of this, the drone starts up normally with all lights flashing, beeping sounds, and the cooling fans work. I can also rotate camera with controller. To this day, it won’t fly. Any one out there with this problem, please help. Thanks.

jack aldaba - 답글

Does anybody have a customer service number. I have a drone that will not charge. The red light comes on to indicate it’s charging but after it’s done charging the lights are already flashing as if Battery is low.

Curtis Long - 답글

Have promark GPS shadow drone turn it on pair controller hit takeoff and props turn maybe inch and that's it what might be the problem

richard collinson - 답글

My drones motor won't even spin

Max - 답글

Help me please

Max - 답글

Hi this is my second drone and this one flies perfect takeoff is perfect the problem comes during landing it will shoot straight down hit the ground go back up then slow down and land well thats useless it's done broke the bottom of the drone and the landing gear. I don't know what it could be it doesn't always do it only sometimes but when you press land it will speed down unbalanced going left right and hit the ground instead of stopping and the controller will not stop it once it starts doing it. Any ideas appricated it is a shadow drone

Chris - 답글

My call of duty battle drone is synced and everything but it will not take off when I move the joysticks it only flies kind of weirdly when I press the button with the down arrow and up arrow please tell me how I can fix this

Ant - 답글

So hopefully this works because I'm a bit confused, I got this drone not to long ago about a month maybe. It great and all but I got a new battery with more mah and was hoping it would work but it just shut off

Joshua - 답글

Dear sir, I’ve JJRC JJPRO X5 EPIK, after having few crashes, forward flying speed is reduced compared to the backward flying speed. When I throttle it in forward direction it move very slowly and also loose it altitude, but backward flying is normal like befor, I’ve tried charging is propellers (spare one) also interchange it’s rottor (diagonally) but not use, plz suggest what to do?

Prabodh Mote - 답글

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