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Ink Ribbon Stuck ¶ 

The ink ribbon keeps getting stuck while trying to print label

  • Old Tape

If the tape has not been used recently, try taking the cassette out and unwinding the tape a few centimeters until you can see a new part of the tape showing. Cut the tape at the spot where the new adhesive begins. Reinsert the cassette and try again.

  • Ink Ribbon Not Flat

If the ink ribbon is not flat when the cassette was inserted then the tape is going to have a hard time printing. If this is the problem, remove the cassette and straighten out the tape so it lays flat. Reinsert the cassette and try again.

Text is printed weakly on parts of the label ¶ 

  • Batteries are low and will need replacing. Check to ensure batteries are properly placed into their slots. When replacing batteries make sure to alkaline batteries or better if available.
  • If that solution failed then it adjusting your contrast may be best. To do this, adjust to the darkest setting in order to obtain a better print quality. This option can be found by following the instructions in manual from paragraph "Print Contrast"

Vertical line through text ¶ 

  • Contrast Too Low

You will need to increase your contrast levels. Contrast setting can be found in the manual in the paragraph "Print Contrast"

Text Is Printed Tilted ¶ 

The text is tilted, instead of parallel to the paper

  • Cassette Misaligned

First make sure to check that your cassette is not jammed while printing. If not make sure the cassette is pushed firmly to the back of the cassette compartment.

  • Tape Not Properly Guided

Make sure to check and see if your cassette is feeding the tape through both of the guidance pins correctly. If the Label Maker is not doing this, you will need to contact Dymo and register the device for repair.

Label Not Properly Cut ¶ 

The label is not being cut properly

  • Dirty Blade

Sometimes after repeated use of the label maker, residue from glue may build up on the blade causing it to malfunction. If this occurring, take a small cotton swab and dip it in solvent (like alcohol). Carefully take the cotton swab to the cutting blade and brush away anything that might be making the blade dirty.

  • Blade Obstructed

Remove the cassette and check that there are no obstructions or objects in front or on the cutter blade. Remove any objects found and firmly push the cassette back inside the compartment. This is done to ensure that the cassette fits properly at the bottom of the compartment. If problems with the issue persists, please contact a dealer to return your unit for repair.

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I cannot get my Dymo 160 labelmanager to print. After removing a finished cartridge I placed a new cartridge in and although the machine is 'whirring' as if writting no tape emerges from the machine. I have tried 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 inch tape cartridges and replaced the batteries - any ideas?

gavin - 답글

I am having the exact same issue

natasha muggleton -

Hi Gavin,

I had the same issue take the cartilage from the back make sure its not out of order or jammed reline t and it show work again. Thats what happend to me

randomenitem -

Same here. Did you find a solution?

Shiela -

I have the same exact problem, and I wish someone would get on this thread or somewhere on the internet and say how to fix it, because I have been searching the internet for over an hour trying to get this thing to work!

Jaimie Ritchie -

I am as well. Any insights?

Laura King - 답글

Having the same problem! The cartridge is installed and the roller is moving but not moving the tape to print. I have put 2 different cartridges in and still no luck.........

Stacey Long - 답글

Hi Stacey,

It should be lined together or not jammed same problem from me.

randomenitem -

Same issue here and I can't figure it out. Have tried to cartridges thinking the first was bad

cori.lanier - 답글

I managed to fix ours. I pulled the tape along carefully making sure the black ribbon was being fed properly and not coming out of the feeder.

Sue Sheehy - 답글

I was having the same issue. It turned out that the cassette was not in all the way. When you insert it and it spins the little spin thing, push it in further. It should click again.

Andrea Kemp - 답글

My cat knocked my Dymo Label Maker 160 Handheld off of my coffee table. When It hit the ground the back popped open and the cartridge fell out but so did this little black plastic stick with a yellow square on it. I for the life of me cannot figure out how to fix it.

Jade Nickles - 답글

Hey Jade,

The black stick should be pressed yellow square side up, onto the plastic protrusion between the large plastic fin and clear window on the back of the rear panel. It should press easily and need only minimal pressure.

Eshan D -

When I go to print, it turns off. I have tried new batteries. Please help

Dawn Stephens - 답글

I’m having the exact problem!

Jolena Neal -

Okay so there’s this forum but does anybody from the company ever respond??

Jolena Neal -

I'm another having the same problem. What's going on here as SO many shouldn't be suffering this way if the item worked properly surely

Pamela Worsey - 답글

Hi! We have one in the office for quite sometime now. The printing is not clear. What might be the problem?

felimarie_miras - 답글

My label manager is brand new but does not print. The tape feeds through but is completely blank.

Paul Francis - 답글

I am having same exact issue, were you able to figure out a solution?

Azalea Health -

I am having the same issue as people above. The cartridge is installed and the roller is moving but not moving the tape to print. I tried rolling it myself, pushing the cartridge all the way down and trying to advance the tape and nothing. Help!

Srh - 답글

Hi i’m having issues trying to print on my dymo label maker. Have tried tightening cartridge, respooling and on/off buttons but each time I go to print it says label jam. Any advise? Anyone else with this issue?

Katie - 답글

I’ve just fixed mine, make sure it’s clicked in properly and that the white tape on the refill is slid into the guide before you put it in (there’s a little bit of plastic either side where it slides through to guide it) hope that makes sense :)

Leigh - 답글

I had 2 issues and fixed both:

1. The tape wasn’t coming out. Solution: Pull the white tape until it is coming out of the top of the machine through the guide slot. That cleared up the jam.

2. Once that was solved, it would not print. It just pushed out blank white tape. The battery level was low so I changed batteries to Panasonic ones from the dollar store and some regular Duracell. It was still not printing and the battery level was still flashing which was strange since they were all new batteries. Solution: Basically, I changed out the batteries AGAIN with better quality batteries (expensive Duracell Quantum ones) and made sure they were all the same brand. Magically, that worked. Fresh, high quality, same-brand batteries got everything working again. It seems that the machine will not print if the battery level is too low or you use mixed batteries. (I don’t know why but hey it worked.)

Jessie - 답글

After the cartridge got finished , I replaced it with a new one but the dymo won’t print . Tried another catridge, the problem remains.

Solution . Apply a little bit of force to pull the white label to protrude slightly out of the machine. Then try printing. This should solve the problem. I spent 2days trying before resolving the issue.


Mustapha - 답글


I too had the same problem of label not coming out (while the roller seem to spin). I tried changing two different new cartridges but still the problem persisted. After trying few things, I landed on this website and found the solution given by Jessie and Mustapha to work. I just pulled the label little way out and then tried printing and it worked. Hope it continues to work!


George - 답글

Replacing the batteries is what worked for me. Tape came out, but nothing was printed on it. Replaced all the batteries - voila, everything worked fine.

Brenda Hood - 답글

I had the issue where the tape would not feed. I tried all the items above regarding that issue and finally found that the tape had slid back a tiny bit and was curling in toward the cartridge and hitting a lip on the cartridge so it couldn’t feed. I rolled the tape back just a little bit, lifted the white part of the tape up over the lip so that it fit between the 2 plastic ears and it works again.

Hope this helps someone else.

Dean M - 답글

I had this same issue, turned out black tape from the previous cartridge had gotten wrapped around the feeder drum. I removed it (carefully) with tweezers and everything is working again. The drum should be an off-white colour, looking like a sort of rubbery plastic. Mine was shiny black (because of the tape) and it wasn’t obvious that there was tape wrapped round it at all!

Realised what the problem was after reading this:

Gareth Visagie - 답글

I am having an issue where it is printing an excessive amount of tape at the end for no reason. Its a waste of tape and nothing I have done has fixed it. please help!!

Elisse Stimpson - 답글

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