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Dynex DX-WEGRTR Troubleshooting

Version number: 1011

Router won't turn on ¶ 

Can't get your device to turn on no matter what.

Plug DC cable correctly ¶ 

Make sure you've plugged the original DC cable that came with your device into the 5V intake in the back of your device and the other end onto a wall outlet.

DC transformer stopped functioning ¶ 

Assure that your DC power cable and transformer isn't the origin of your problem by looking at the green LED at the top of the transformer. If it isn't on, your Power transformer may be damaged.

Motherboard is damaged ¶ 

If the above explanations don't suffice, the motherboard of your router may be damaged. Refer to this guide for steps on how to replace it.

Poor connection ¶ 

Internet browsing is slow and computer often drops connection.

Interference ¶ 

Assure there aren't any other electronics using the same frequency as your router. This model transmits at 2.4 Ghz.

Internet Service Provider Repairs ¶ 

If technicians from your ISP are working nearby, you may experience unstable connections. Call your ISP for assurance.

Out of range ¶ 

You may be using your computer at the edge or outside of the range of your router WiFi coverage. Use your connected device closer to your router for better connection speeds.

Device not outputting the WiFi network ¶ 

The name of your WiFi connection is not in the list provided by your computer.

Connection hasn't been set up ¶ 

Router often require you to go to a provided URL IP address in order to configure the settings of the router. Make sure you enable "Wireless" in the settings, and the LED of same name is turned on on the device.

Using Wired connection ¶ 

If you've connected your router to your computer using an Ethernet port, the router won't show a WiFi ID.

Broken antennas ¶ 

Your routers antennas may be broken. Check that you are able to rotate them as the device allows.

Ethernet connection not working ¶ 

I plugged it in, but nothing happens!

Wrong port ¶ 

Make sure to connect to the right port in the back of your router. The leftmost port outlined in green is used to connect the modem. Make sure to connect your computer to any of the other four outlined in blue.

Modem not connected ¶ 

Your router outputs your connection in a wireless fashion. However, the signal must first be routed through a modem. Assure that your modem is correctly plugged into your router.

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