Poor Print Quality ¶ 

The ink is not coming out right.

Splotched Printing ¶ 

Incorrect print quality is usually tied to the printer head. Due to normal printing conditions, the printer head becomes dirty and saturated with ink. This is a common problem on this printer. If left unaddressed, the printer will stop working. To clean your print head, please reference this GUIDE/MANUAL

Out of Ink ¶ 

You will need to replace a cartridge when it’s empty or when it gets too old. To replace the ink cartridge, please reference this guide.

Printer is out of colored ink, despite black only printing ¶ 

In order to keep the print head clear and functioning, the printer will use small amounts of ink from all the installed cartridges. Even if a document is printed in black only, some colored ink is used.

Unresponsive ¶ 

No matter what I do, the printer won't work.

Check USB Cable Connection ¶ 

Make sure that the printer is connected to your computer with the USB cable. Make sure the slim rectangular end is plugged into a USB port on your computer on one end, and that the fat, bulky end is plugged into the USB port on the printer. Try printing a document again to see if the printer is connected.

Check Wireless Connection ¶ 

Make sure that the printer is connected onto your local wireless network. Check your wireless network’s settings on your computer to make sure the printer is a part of them. Otherwise, make sure the wireless receiver on the printer, if installed, is connected to the wireless network.

Run a Printer Check ¶ 

Disconnect the printer from the computer. Then, hold down the paper button (the one with the paper and trash can), and push the power button once. Continue to hold down the paper button until the power button’s light flashes repeatedly. When the light flashes repeatedly, release the paper button to print a test page.

Paper Jam ¶ 

The paper is stuck in the printer

Remove Paper ¶ 

When the printer abruptly stops in the middle of a print job due to a paper jam, you can fix it by opening the front cover and slowly pulling the paper out through the paper wheel.

Paper Wheel Dirty ¶ 

When you experience problems with the paper feed, it may be the effect of dirty or dusty paper rollers. This occurs naturally over time. Simply lift the front cover, and prepare a slightly dampened cloth to use to clean them. Be sure to rotate the two rollers as you wipe them down.

Loading Different Sized Paper ¶ 

If you want to load paper that is sized differently from standard print paper (e.g., envelopes) there are two edge guides that slide back and forth to fit the width of your paper. Load your paper so one side touches the right guide. Then, adjust the left guide so it pushes against the other side of the paper, but not too tightly.

Indicator Lights ¶ 

The light is on, but nothings happening.

Green power button is on, but nothing prints ¶ 

Check to see if the USB cable is securely connected at both ends.

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