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Frigidaire FFPE45B2QM Troubleshooting

4.5 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

Due to the location of the refrigerator, check to make sure there are no objects that may prevent the door from fully opening. Consider reversing the swing of the door. Reverse the door using this guide.

Check to make sure that the seal protecting the hinges is still properly protecting them. Try applying WD-40 to both hinges. If this does not work, consider buying and replacing the hinges. Replace the hinges using this guide.

Check to make sure that the floor the refrigerator is standing on is level. If the floor is uneven, consider readjusting the feet of the refrigerator to maintain a level surface.

Check to make sure that the gasket is tight and not falling off. Try popping the gasket back into place. If gasket is damaged, consider replacing it with a new one.

Check to make sure that the door and gasket are both tight and keeping the cool air in. If the refrigerator is still cold, consider checking the refrigerant and possibly replacing it.

Make sure that the core temperature is already recalibrated, if still not cold, check the vents or fans. Consider moving refrigerator away from walls to easily clean the vents.

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We have the opportunity to buy four of these, repair them and resell them. I need to know if they can be recharged with Freon?

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