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Camera will not turn on ¶ 

Dead batteries ¶ 

The camera's batteries might be drained. Check the camera to make sure that there are 2xAA batteries that are fully charged and in the correct orientation within the battery compartment. This my be a simple solution but may be something that is easily overlooked.

Lens not functioning ¶ 

The lens unit might be stuck. Use the lens release switch to extend the lens. Make sure there is an opening through the lens when viewed from behind. Please refer to our Lens unit replacement guide if the lens unit ceases to function.

General I/O board malfunctions ¶ 

The camera lens should pop out once the lens release switch is triggered, and a light should appear on the aperture ring to show that the camera is ready to shoot.

Film not developing/ejecting out of the camera ¶ 

Film slot blocked ¶ 

If the film does not come out of the camera, check the back cover and film ejection slot. Replace the film cartridge with a new one, but if that does not solve the problem then check if there is anything blocking the photo ejection slot.

Damaged film ¶ 

The film may not eject properly or get stuck if it is damaged. Avoid bending, excessive pressure, and direct sunlight once the self-developing process begins.

Film incorrectly loaded ¶ 

If the film cartridge is not inserted properly, then the camera will not work properly. Check the film holder to make sure that it is the correct film and that there is still remaining film in the holder.

Film roller malfunctioning ¶ 

There is also a mechanical roller in the camera which is used to eject the film from the camera. Once the film is removed, release the shutter to determine if the roller is functioning properly.

Lens failing to open and close ¶ 

Button damage ¶ 

The lens may be failing to open because incorrect eject button is being used. For opening the lens, try clicking the button on the front bottom right of the camera. To retract the lens, make sure there is no blockage around the lens and gently press the lens back into the body.

Lens unit damage ¶ 

The lens unit may be damaged from drops or wear. If the camera is dropped, then plastic pieces may come off inside the lens unit and jam it to prevent opening and closing of the lens.

Refer to the Lens Unit Replacement Guide for possible fixes.

Viewfinder Issues ¶ 

Blocked viewfinder ¶ 

If there is no image visible through the viewfinder, check the viewfinder to make sure it is not dirty or blocked with any objects. Clean out the viewfinder with a soft microfiber cloth if it is dirty or blocked. Since the viewfinder is very small, it is important to place eyes in a very specific position to see through it.

Damaged viewfinder ¶ 

If the image is distorted or blurry or if there is a visible see a crack in the viewfinder the recommended course of action would be to take the back cover of the camera off and buy a replacement part.

Problems with the flash unit ¶ 

Batteries ¶ 

Check if 2xAA batteries are fully charged and inserted in the correct orientation in the battery compartment.

Flash bulb ¶ 

Check flash unit to make sure the bulb is not damaged or missing

Refer to the Flash Unit Replacement Guide for possible fixes.

Camera flash capacitor ¶ 

Check the internal flash capacitor to see if it still holds charge. If it's not able to hold a charge, a replacement is necessary. Although this operation requires absolute precautions and safety standards.

Refer to the Capacitor Replacement Guide for possible fixes.

Static red LED next to viewfinder ¶ 

Miscellaneous camera malfunctions ¶ 

The red light of death is an occurrence when the camera malfunctions. It usually occurs when the camera has pieces dislodged from a drop or if there are damaged pieces in the camera. If this occurs then we recommend taking the camera apart and locating which pieces are damaged, The shell replacement guide located on the "Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Repair" page gives the proper steps for taking apart the camera.

Possible fixes ¶ 

Refrain from dropping the camera, as this will likely cause the red light to turn on. Check to make sure there new 2xAA batteries in the compartment and that they are not damaged.

댓글 324개

When I take pictures my photo come all white

Teresa Franco - 답글

Did you ever solve this? Mine is doing the same >:(

Bronwyn Jackson -

It comes out white because it will develop in a couple of minutes so don't get it wet or shake it or leave it in the sun ok

Melina -

In the back of the camera where you put the film in at the very top there is a silver skinny rectangular roller and it is blocking the place where the film comes out to take the picture and where the picture comes out there is a black thing and is blocking that too I really need some HELP please help me!!!

Melina -

that is why its called a Polaroid! it takes a few minutes for the picture to come up

Jaycee Taypotat -

same goes too me i did what you asked too leave for a few minutes but it end up turning grey

alyssabatrisyia0 -

Same goes as mine, i took pictures yesterday but its still all white

cristinajoylisaca -

Ours too! Only it goes from white to all black

Takoa Raney -

Ours goes to all black!

Takoa Raney -

This happened to me too and what fixed it was putting a new cartilage of film in it and when you close it don’t open it again because the film will be exposed and all the film you have left will become bad! So when you put the new 10 piece cartilage , don’t open it , leave it closed until you have used all of the pictures and then open and replace it!

melany velasquez -

Okay so that happened to me but when you need to do is get the flash on your phone and hold the flash up to your photo until the picture starts coming in

Ariana west -

YES !! thats what's happened to ME

Aileen Du -

I don't know what is happening to my camera whenever i tried to take photos the film didn't come out..

I tried ti replace it with the new film and batteries but still it's not working

Is it possible that my film is already expired so it's not working properly?

lhadysatyr - 답글

i don't know what to do i have the same problem

Kristen Hancher -

Did you manage to solve the problem? Or anyone?Cos I havent used mine for quite some time.. and now it's causing problems like that in which the film gets stucked and all lights at the front blinking.

lltprincess -

Same here, looks like no one is helping

sandrom1 -

Has anyone figured this out?

Angie Brinkley -

I had the same problem. I ended up going into a closet to take out the film so it wouldn’t be exposed to light and pressed on the inside top of the camera to make sure nothing was blocking the area where the film comes out. I put the same film cartridge in and it started working for me. So maybe something’s blocking the inside?

Natti -

Pressure from the springs inside the film compartment can keep your first one or two photos from sliding out of the film cartridge properly. I couldnt even see a tab to try to pull my first photo out, so I went in my dark closet, opened the film door, pulled out the film cartridge with the first photo that I tried to take slid out from the side of the cartridge by a couple of inches. I put the cartridge back in carefully, feeling my way with my fingers in the dark. Making sure to line the first photo into the outgoing film slot. Closed the film door and took a test shot. Yay! The film came out but it was overexposed as you might expect. Took another shot and the film came out again. This time everything looked great. Basically this problem is a result of the cheap plastic fuji film cartridges. Polaroids use a metal plate in their film cartridges which stop the film from being pinched and stuck inside the cartridges. This can happen with any fuji film cartridge especially in the first few shots

Momentum Technology -

one of the lens covers broke on my lens (the small black things that close when the lens is retracted) will it affect my camera or pictures because of the exposure?

marisabellares - 답글

Hello @marisabellares, did you ever end up getting a response to this? I have the same problem!

Marcela -

my camera is not working properly. first, the film case thing that's supposed to come out when you first install the film wont come out., recently it came out but now i cant take pictures since the film wont come out. also the hi-key setting and all thos light things above the lens are all blinking. help.

asy galang - 답글

This is happening to mine as well, did you ever find out why?

Kayla Bayley -

Mine too help !!!!!!

jacky tapia -

SAME!!! Do u know how to fix it?? And is ur camera fixed?

ging yi -

i have the same problem any solutions??????

storm sparks -

Hi I'm 10 years old and i have the same thing happining with mine y does this happen!?

Neo -

Your camera needs new batteries. DO NOT TRY TO TAKE OUT FILM! JUST REPLACE BATTERIES

Andrea -

The light functions for indoor outdoor on the lense are just blinking


mine is doing the exact same thing, i tried to leave it on for awhile but it wont stip blinking unless i turn it off.

alexis -

The same is happening to mine

Hayley Anthony -

Try changing the batteries! That fixed the problem for me

rushgold -

Same here! But changing the batteries didn't help. any other suggestions?

lizzie cohen -

Anyone solved this problem? I changed the batteries but it's still blinking

amlmstf -

Solved! i had the same issue with mine and i’ll i had to do was replace the batteries with AA alkaline batteries! i used duracell! as soon as i put the new batteries in the film cover came out which caused i was trying to get out when the camera stopped working! hope this helped! -lauren

Lauren Guthrie -

Whenever I turn my camara on it will load and then the lights around the lens flash repeatedly then won't work?

Hayley Anthony - 답글

Replace the batteries , that worked for me - except you have to do it with the lense out. Tried for ages and was about to give up when as a last attempt I dug out my paper instructions that came with it and it said in there to push the lens out first, then replace the batteries with it still out . Hope it works for you as well :)

Simone Jackson -

Awesome tip. Worked for me. It didn’t work with the lens in, but with the lens out.

Makes no sense though.

Dennis Koehler -

the lights around my lens to change the brightness never changes from the home one even when i turn it? How can i fix this?

Alix Hughes - 답글

Same here ☹️

jenny612 -

Mine too. I turn the exposure control and the light just remains on the home option.


Update: see video it explains it here....


Did anyone else figure out the solution to this?

I feel like the exposure to all of my pictures comes out off because of it.

Brodie Ripp -

I think I found the solution. At least this worked for me. I tried cleaning the lightning detector with a little stick (even though it wasn’t dirty) and I turned on the camera, then i pointed my mobile flash at the lightning detectors and now they work.

I don’t know if this will help but I hope so.

Lucía -

I just opened my new mini 8 and find that my photos are not centred and are only half in the picture. My sister has one and said she has never had this issue. Is this a feature of the camera or is mine faulty ?

ashby87 - 답글

This is the same problem we are having. Did you get a solution to this problem?

ckschaefer3 -

So I just responded to a similar question and I'm just going to copy and paste my answer:

Hi! So I was having this problem as well and was thinking of sending it in for repair and then I watched a video on instax mini 8 hacks and it said that the issue is due to the fact that the eye frame you're looking through and the lens are in different positions. So what we look is isn't what we're going to get because the lens is in a different place. This problem is especially bad in close up pictures which is when I noticed it. My suggestion is to learn to work with the framing to compensate for the difference

hmatinrad -

I have the same problem! Has anyone figured out how to fix it yet???

Emma O'Flaherty -

You need to put The camera up and to the right of what you want the picture of hope it works for all of you with the same prblem

Ricardo Miranda -

I'm having the same problem! It just started doing this even though I've had it for months! Is there a way to fix it?? I shouldn't have to adjust the way I'm taking pictures… that's annoying.

jbrunks -

I have tried about 6 different batteries , doing every possible combination with the batteries I had and for some reason it still doesn't work

Macey Schriefer - 답글

I left batteries in it for months and saw molds. I cannot use it anymore.

peachyluna -

Every time I turn on my camera it doesn't make that little charging noise that it usually does, normally it wouldn't bother me but the film is also coming out practically black.

jaylatoliver - 답글

mine is doing the same. Did you ever figure out what it was ?

Hannah -

Every time I turn on the camera it prints a picture it's a waist of film .why is it doing that??

vickyhernandez43 - 답글

This is happening to me as well! It's very frustrating and not economical at all.

Kayla Talbot -

Mine is doing it too but the button to take photos is jammed on mine so it repeatedly takes photos and won't turn off

Paige chance -

When I take pictures, the film comes out white.. I wait for it to develop, and the picture never appears.. I have no idea why it is doing this. I bought it this past Saturday, and this is only my second time using it. Please help. Thanks..

angelinar99 - 답글

mines is doing the same

Lilly Veil -

if it doesn't appear, its because it is either too cold or too hot. A tip is right after to take a picture, put it in or purse(or keep it covered) so the picture can appear properly! hope this helped :)

Jaycee Taypotat -

I can't take a picture indoors. The film comes out all dark. I have changed the settings yet it turns out dark. How do I fix this?

Julian Truong - 답글

Mine is doing the same. Did you ever figure it out?

Hannah -

Had that happening too, but I found that if the pictures were taken with less distance between the thing/people and the camera then there was more stuff for the flash to reflect off and so it was brighter. Long or even medium distances always came out almost completely black if the lighting was bad, also sometimes the film was just bad.

Simone Jackson -

When I take a picture on my Instax I look in he view finder to match up the image but when I take the picture it comes out zoomed in on the image and blurry. Has anyone experienced this and how did you fix it? This is continuously happening and I have waisted about 5 pieces of film on it. Please help!

Hana - 답글

Hi! So I was having this problem as well and was thinking of sending it in for repair and then I watched a video on instax mini 8 hacks and it said that the issue is due to the fact that the eye frame you're looking through and the lens are in different positions. So what we look is isn't what we're going to get because the lens is in a different place. This problem is especially bad in close up pictures which is when I noticed it. My suggestion is to learn to work with the framing to compensate for the difference

hmatinrad -

Hello, I try to take a photo outside of my house so I try to turn the flash off but it won't turn off. I took the picture in the middle of the day and when the photo came out it was completely white because of the flash. I waited hours and it still was white. Can anybody help me solve this problem?

Maria - 답글

You can't turn off the flash you just turn the aperture lens to the sunny little picture it will be lit up orange

Nysia Maria -

The red light never shows up on my camera what should I do (I need an answer ASAP!) ☹️

Trash Lyfe - 답글

My instax won't flash...

I turn camera on and it comes up with the red light by the viewfinder screen. The lights around the lense aren't working too. I've changed batteries and pushed the button to capture photo and no flash. PLEASE HELP

ktewhaiti - 답글

Did you ever figure this out? Mine is doing the same. Wont take a picture, there's no lights on the lens settings and a red light by the view finder

Mackenzie Smith -

I've been searching for an answer for this for ages :(

Idkidk -

I've been searching for an answer for ages I can't find any but I'll come back with one if I find it

Idkidk -

When I take a picture the paper comes out blank and the camera is brand new how to know what's the problem

Pauline Deluca - 답글

that is why its called a Polaroid! it takes a few minutes for the picture to pop up, also make sure the picture is room temp. or else the picture wont appear. :)

Jaycee Taypotat -

I have a problem with the viewfinder of my instax mini 8. i have accidentally spilled my alcohol inside my bag and unfortunately, it went through the viewfinder and now it's all black.

I wanted to know if there are any way to fix this?

thank you very much!

Chrisiana - 답글

None of the lights turn on except the view finder one someone please help

Sky - 답글

my camera is shows EMPTY eventhough I'm already refilling it. help me please

Aqilah - 답글

this is &&^&^$^ bullshit

chloe heape - 답글

My film box is stuck inside my instax mini 8 after i pressed the button for the blacl plastic tab to come out and not it wont come out. What do i do?

Jessy otero - 답글

You need to pull it out your self. Stick your fingers in the tabs and pull it put.

Harika Tiyyagura -

my camera will not switch on. I have swapped the batteries and film out for new ones, but no lights appear even though the shutter still opens :(

Amy Cooke - 답글

I'm having this problem as well and idk what to do to fix it , I've had the camera for about 8 months

Paulina Martinez -

I had the same problem and i solved it by looking if the batteries are set correctly. The “+” part of your battery needs to match the “+” sign in the camera and the same with the “-” sign.

Lucía -

The button to take pictures is stuck what should i do? ):

Josue Gonzalez - 답글

Did you sort this as mines the same

Paige chance -

whenever I take a photo outside the photo never comes out right. it's too dark and you can't see what the photo is. I tried swiping the setting to extra sunny but the setting stays on the home setting.

Lizziy Swiesz - 답글

Same for mine. Did you ever figure out what the problem is?

Hannah -

Is there an explanation and/or solition yet?

Zinah El Sayed -

My camera is blinking red and all lights in the front are blinking. What do I do?

Briana - 답글

Try changing the batteries

Hannah -

Is there any way that you can make the film that came out white show the picture if you took it in the wrong brightness

brittany shank - 답글

no the photo isn't changeable now

Lizziy Swiesz -

I feel like my lens doesn't do anything, I look through the eye whole (view finder?) and cover the lens and can see perfectly, the settings on the camera don't change the light never moves.. Is something wrong?

Halle - 답글

My picture keeps coming out black. How can I fix it

sM - 답글

the camera is eating up all my film, has anyone else encountered this problem? when I load a new film cartridge in it just shoots them out one by one, all black, I've wasted two packs of film this way! when I first got it I put a pack of film in and took three or four pictures so I know the camera does (or at least did) work properly. when I got home later that day and turned it on it started spitting all the film out and did the same thing when I tried a whole new pack of film.

Ellie Mars - 답글

mine is doing the same thing

Kristina Langley -

Mine too, I just got my camera and aaaaalll films came out black at 1 minute, I didn't even press any keys

soliasli -

My camera perfusly spits out film and the picture is black. It starts doing that as soon as I turn it on. How do I make it stop?

Kristina Langley - 답글

My films won't develope why

Michaela - 답글

My photo went it comes out the photo has got white dots on the photo why

Lilly Payne - 답글

Mine is doing the same thing. The roller is the problem, but I don't know how to fix it. It is probably dirty, so you should open up your camera and clean it somehow. Have you solved your problem already?

katja.mursic91 -

My camera won't even turn on! It opens and that's it! It doesn't make sounds and the filter lights don't come on! I changed the batteries and the film about twice, I also tried storing it in cooler places and warmer places. Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Should I co tact the company?

Grace Clark - 답글

My instax won't let any photos come out when I press the 'take picture button' plz help me

brittanymccormack24 - 답글

I dont recall ever dropping my camera. When I turn it on the lens pop out as usual and only one light turns on..... as usual and the red light on the back of the camera is off. It's only when I press the shutter button that it goes crazy; The flash doesn't turn off, all 4 lights on top of the lens keep blinking and the light at the rear of the camera is on. Ive tried changing the film and the batteries multiple times but it jest work. Someone please help xxxx

capucine marie - 답글

hi is there any way to fix my Fuji Instax camera its just so happen that i just stored my camera to my cabinet for almost a month and when i want to use it i found out that the batteries are bust or explode .The storage of the batteries are also got melted. what should i do someone help me please .

millaresliezyldict - 답글

So I just got mine, and when I turn it on I was told to wait for all the lights to come on. But when I turn mine on the lights in the front art blinking, and the red light by the viewfinder is on. I don't know what to do to fix this or get it to work. I tried Changing batteries, multiple times, also I tried just letting it sit for a little while, but it still blinks. It won't let me take any pictures. Not even the tester strip has came out yet. WHAT DO I DO?

ryen wells - 답글

I'm having the same problem!

yeahbaybee129 -

I have the same problem. Sigh

amlmstf -

I just recently got my Instax camera. I started using the first cartridge of films and it worked perfectly fine the first few times. Right after, every time I take a picture the film won't print out. I have to turn it off, and as soon as I power it back on, the film prints out. Does anyone know the reason for this? It's really annoying me and I don't know if it's a battery problem, camera, the film or just a manufacture problem. I would appreciate some feedback ASAP!

Jimmy Dang - 답글

My camera is not displaying the number of pictures I have left in my film. It's really annoying because I want to know if I need to change out the film, before I actually take a picture. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Bianca Tripp - 답글

I have the hello kitty instax mini 8 camera and recently my old batteries corroded I changed them and cleaned the compartment and I put in new batteries however it does light up but the counter for the film is at S and also the hi key setting and lights don't light up :/ any suggestions

demonicdarkkitty - 답글

My camera is messed up. When the film comes out, and after a while, it's all blotchy. Its like black or blue-ish, and sometimes have a white spot on it. Why is that? Someone help slease.

Lynn - 답글

Hi guys..

My camera was not working its my first time to used it. But when i try to press the button to have a pictures does not had a flash or shutter. What do I do??? Please help me... Thanks in advance.

kiefer - 답글

My aperture ring won't come on when I Power on my camera and open the lens. So I am unable to take pictures. What do I do?

tarareedx2 - 답글

Hi there am jusy wondering does the camera has ink insidr because when my daughter took a picture nothing came out we even waited for a while but the film is just white.thanks you

babe2008 - 답글

If you were taking the photo outside it was probably either really cold or really hot which can effect the picture showing up. But if you were inside then try a new film package.

Emma heinl -

I have a problem, when take a picture they come out with 3 dots visible in every picture in the same place. Anybody have a solution?

Orlando Cardona - 답글

I have the same problem. Probably it is because the roller got dirty somehow. You must open up your camera and clean the roller (maybe there is dust or some chemicals). Have you solved your problem yet? I'm not sure I'm brave enough to open up a camera by myself, I don't want to damage it any further. There is no youtube video about it, shame.

katja.mursic91 -

My Instax mini 8 camera will turn on the red light will come on but the aperture lense won't turn on and when I press the button it won't take a picture I've changed the battery and it's got film in it. Please help

eviepringle2003 - 답글

does the recommendation lights (e.g.: home, cloudy,Hi-Key,) light up. if they don't try changing batteries.

Kristen Hancher -

when i take a picture inside my home, the picture turns out to be very dark from the half portion of my head. please help me :(

varna - 답글

The red light in front of my camera works fine. But the sound that the camera makes when you turn it on no longer comes on. The lights for the different settings wont turn on. Please help. thanks

jessica - 답글

Whenever i open my unit, the dials are blinking what should i do?

janahvillagonzalo - 답글

I've had my Instax for about a week and I've only used it once. It worked perfectly fine when I first tried it, but now (again, I haven't turned it on for a week) it starts ejecting all my film out nonstop, without me pressing a single button (all the pictures end up completely black). It won't stop and it still goes for awhile, even after it's been shut off. What's going on and how do I fix this?!

Assyla - 답글

On my camera it will print fine but when it comes to the count on the back of the camera it isn't on the right number what should I do?

Emily - 답글

Every time i turn my camera on, the red light is on and the weird thing is that i haven't touched the camera in over a month...

Felix sosnin - 답글

so i got a brand new one and it doesn't work whatsoever, the battery's are fully charged and the film is brand new everything g looks to be in

perfect conditions. the film is in correct the yellow area is lined up and the battery's are in the right way. when i pop the lense out the red light turns on . then i click the button to take a photo nothing happens at all . HELPPP PLEASSSEEE

cecelysvollyball - 답글

The same thing is happening to my camera

Shriya Singh -

Same here except I might turns on at all

Kate Staggs -

How much light do you need for the picture to come out clear and bright? Every picture has been dark.

qt3lw - 답글

Have you tried using different settings on the flash?

alust03 -

All the lights on the camera are switched on and when I try to click a picture ,I am not able to because the picture is not getting clicked. What should I do?

Shriya Singh - 답글

Suddenly when i take a picture it turns so dark and blurry.. not like before. Idk what happened :( i wanna know which is the problem. If its only in the film

Or the instax..

Gelo - 답글

Mine is doing the same some turn out but most are going black and I just got it

Hannah -

Thats bad. U better return it soon..

Gelo -

My camera blinks red next to the viewfinder...I haven't dropped it or anything...and I changed the batteries...what is the please

Mira Franzi - 답글

hello my camera will print the picture but then it will just print black and stay black forever when i take the pic it will come out but then turn darker and it won't stay bright wht do i do?

Mollie Lipson - 답글

My film did not come with a box to insert!? What do I do?!

alust03 - 답글

I used my camera for the first time outside and when the pic came out it was entirely white. I left it for about five minutes but it just stayed white forever. Please help me out?

Harika Tiyyagura - 답글

did you shake the pic

Paddy the freestyler -

my camra will not turn on. I've the checked the batteries, i've checked the lens and read all the instructions. Also the red light won't turn on. WHAT DO I DO? PLS HELP ME!!!!!!!

Paddy the freestyler -

I put the film on the wrong side so now it's front back and it can't come out

Sofia Nguyen - 답글

I just got my camera for Christmas and I put in the batteries and film, tried to turn it on, except it won't. How do I fix this?

Kate Staggs - 답글

I tooked some pic indoors with my new Instax Hello Kitty, with the proper selection (the little house icon) but the film ejects white and then becomes completely black. I replace batteries and the problem still exists. I replace the cartridge with new film, and again, the photos turns BLACK. The problem only happen indoors. Outdoors the performance is ok, not amazing, but ok. Do you have any idea?

lobo1990 - 답글

When I can he the brightness to a new setting (high-key etc) it doesn't light up to show that it is on that setting I got it for Christmas and now it is 2nd Jan and I have hardly used it? Is it meant to show a light to show you which setting you have it on?

Briony tapp - 답글

I'll take some pictre but the pictre did not release in my camera what should i do ? Can you please help me ? Thankyou!

Yhel - 답글

I'll take some pictres but my camera dis not release the pictre what should i do ? Can you please help me?

Yhel - 답글

all of my weather options are flashing orange on my instax mini 8 and wont stop! any suggestions?

ytufykgk - 답글

I insterted the film upside down and now it isn't coming out. What do I do?

Priyanka Matta - 답글

picture is stuck cannot take it off i tried to put new film but cannot make new pic as the pic is blocked

Zuzanna - 답글

also all the lighting options are lightning

Zuzanna - 답글

Every time I take a photo it just comes out black and nothing is delevoped.

Ginnafer - 답글

Was having this problem and couldn't find a solution online. Just took everything apart, examined the internal components and realized that the gears connected to the motor were jammed. Gently pried at them with a flathead screwdriver and ended up freeing them up. Inserted the batteries to give it a test and boom, she works like new! Added some additional lubricant to the gears to prevent another jam from happened and sealed her back up. If you are having the issue of the 4 blinking lights on the viewfinder and you are unable to take a photo even after changing the batteries and film cartridge, I highly suggest you try this. Odds are its a jam in the gears.

Rob - 답글

just bought, it n the first pic came out white later on edges got yellow but never a pic. also on the number of pic left it stayed on the S is that normal?

Jessica Guerrero - 답글

When my photos come out there's yellow coloured crack going threw the image ?? It's not happening in them all bit most of them ?? Anyone no what this is ?.

Laragh Mooney - 답글

I took my instax mini 8 a part.. when I pulled the shell apart a little black piece fell out.. I'm putting it back together.. where does it go?

Leiloniquenneville - 답글

pls help. i left batteries in place for couple of months and when i am about to use it and push button ,no lights coming out. pls advice

peachyluna - 답글

Pls help, I left batteries in place for months. And saw molds in it. When button is pushed , no power input.

peachyluna - 답글

i added new film but as soon as I tried to remove the first sheet with the Polaroid it turned off mix way through. when I try to take the film out it seems jammed and when I replace the batteries it doesn't turn on. please help

julia golosz - 답글

Did you replace the batteries with the lens out?

Simone Jackson -

i open the film while in the camera what will i do?

jileishafrancinedelacruz - 답글

hi, when i took a photo i think i accidentally pulled the film during its process of coming out of the roller. after that, the film got stuck there and i cant pull it out. can you help me?

Alya Mazlan - 답글

My button that pops it out is not working what's wronggggg

Tyler Dickler - 답글

Mine doesn't display the number of films my camera has left, it's just black, but my camera is working properly

Lindsey Rosales - 답글

I just changed the batteries and it still won't turn on :( the red indicator light does not want to open

angelicamaeangelo - 답글

My red light wont turn off and i changed the batteries and stuff but it wont go off and let me take pictures. Ive only had it a couple of months

Payton Prestia - 답글

The red light is constantly on- It wasn't dropped- but how can I fix

Chris - 답글

Every time I take a picture the film doesn't develop properly. Their appears to be 3 lines on the printed photo but that's it. What can I do?

Lydia Michaud - 답글

Why can't I see the picture after a while when I take a photo??

Taylor - 답글

When I am clicking my photo the noise when the photo is clicked doesn't come out and the film/picture does not print. The place when you set wheather you are in the house or some place that place all of the switches orange light starts blinking. Please tell me what to do. :(

fun world - 답글

i had all those exact problems and changing the batteries fixed it, although it took me a while to realise that you have to change them with the lens out.

Simone Jackson -

Whenever I take a photo with my camera, the film comes out and won't develop and is just plain white. I just got the film today and I let it sit for a while. The photo still will not show up. I put in new batteries also. Please help me.

Emily Gaboriault - 답글

Maybe the film is burnt

Joana Mendes -

Help!!! every time my pictures print it comes out blank and white. The front where the picture is supposed to be is blank and white, and the back is black where it says polaroid at the bottom. trying to take cute picture of my new puppy, please help :(

reagan whaley - 답글

What is the tiny number on the back of the camera?

bloopy bloop - 답글

Shows how many films you have left

Simone Jackson -

my red flash light thing is on it wont blink plssss help

itshind - 답글

Replacing the batteries (with the lens out) should help :)

Simone Jackson -

Ok so about half the comments on here describe almost exactly the same problem I had (film only coming out half and then getting stuck / not coming out at all, all the orange lights blinking, little red light staying on, no whizzy noise when I turned it on, pressing the button not making a click etc ). Couldn't find answers to the problem anywhere on the internet other than the fact that people were clearly having the same issue, but eventually got out my paper instruction booklet that I luckily kept and it said to change the batteries with the lens OUT, which was not what I had been doing at all. As soon as I did it properly it came miraculously back to life; I haven't had any problems since. Hope this helps :))

Simone Jackson - 답글

Hi! my " roller " which surrounds the film & lens is broken, which also allows a lot of light 2 come in, causing super bright photos. The rubber like piece isn't attached anymore & would like 2 know if i can buy a replacement part or fix it some other way? thank you!

allielikestrees - 답글

When I turn the thing to change setting there's no light coming on and I've changed the batteries twice

Genesis Morales - 답글

this is what is happening to my fujifilm right now i really need help: i took the last two photos from the past films, then i did the refill so i was going to remove the protector film , it ws coming out but then it stayed stuck , and i can't remove it is still there if someone knows how to solve this please help

Silvia nekesterov - 답글

My film got stuck, now all the lights are blinking and my instax is not working. Somebody can help me?

Maria Luiza - 답글

I'm having this same problem :(

Jesd Basso -

i took a picture with my camera and while the photo was coming out of the slot my camera died. i replaced the batteries, but the photo was still stuck. eventually i pulled the photo out and i replaced the film package but the lights on the lens stayed orange. i dont know what to do. please help

Kathleen Smith -

It's my first time using it and I won't even turn on...

Chloe white - 답글

Ive had my hello kitty instax for a while and suddenly it's having trouble with the button to take pictures..I press it and press it no matter what I do it refuses to work sometimes then suddenly it does later on SOMETIMES?? Then most of the time doesn't it's really strange. I've looked everywhere and no one seems to have this issue >~< if anyone knows anything please let me know!

Wynter Rose - 답글

Hey guys, my polaroid turns on and makes a little spinny sound,but does't take any pictures, it doesn't even make that "snap" sound. It worked before, and I did not drop it. Can anyone help?

Imane Killian Swift - 답글

A similar thing happened to me. Did you figure it out?

Amala -

my film comes out stained and the picture has a yellow tint to it. you cant see half the picture because of the stain and the back of the picture has light purple staines

fabiol - 답글

is there a place you can take a polaroid to be fixed, or do i just have to buy a whole new one? i can't take apart mine (it's got the red light of death) because i don't have the manual, and i don't want to ruin it even more than it already is.

Katlyn Schwarz - 답글

I am trying to fix my nieces camera. It begins to run through the film as soon as the batteries are in place as if pictures are being taken but they arent can anyone help? I would really like to fix it for her. Thank you!

Crystal Raetzel - 답글


I recently bought my new polaroid camera. I have already taken 3 successful pics. The last time I tried, the camera made a shutter noise and everything, bu the picture just never printed. I opened the back to see if the film was in there. I didn't move the film but once I closed it, the count went from 7 to S. I tried to take a pic and it went to 10 but nothing printed out. The camera was a birthday gift from my parents and I don't want to upset them by telling them... I don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP! :(

Amala - 답글

Everytime I turn on my camera it automatically takes a photo without me touching the shutter button. I've never dropped it, I don't understand whats going on & its just wasting film.

Vivianna Parton - 답글

Is there a way to turn off the flash?? Most of my outdoor pictures the background goes black because of the flash. Please help.

Aashlesh Rao - 답글

No! There's no way no turn off the flash!

Joana Mendes -

My slot is somehow damaged and I don't know how to properly clean it. Basically the photo develops but it has a vertical line in the place the slot should be damaged.

Anyone know how to clean it?

Joana Mendes - 답글

So I know that you are supposed to keep the polaroid in a dark place for a while for the light to tone down but its still comes out white! If its sunny should I change the setting of the lighting to darker? Can I do that? Please help!

Cecilia Linda Lanir - 답글

All white! Never changes. What to do

Charles Morris -

All white. Never develops, help

Charles Morris -

hey guys, my camera has been working fine but a few days ago all the photos started to come out half black. You literally can't see the second half of the photo. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know what I could do? Thanks!

corinna.proell - 답글

sometimes the red light on the effect (cloudy/sunny..) doesn't fit right so when i take my picture it's not clear and sometimes black

maria - 답글

It seem a line the ink is bleeding on to the roller. What does this mean? Could it. E the film. I know it's the correct film.

thesniders1 - 답글

I just put a new film and when I try to shoot nothing comes out and all the light on the front are on! Help :'(

florencia.orozco.s - 답글

Lights for the different lighting is flashing orange

dallas.ashton2013 - 답글

I need help with my flash. It broke from the top and it won't stay. I took a picture without it and the pictures come out blurry. Where can I get a new one?

daniela del llano - 답글

Idk why but my camera won't take pictures outdoors like if is during the day the picture would come out white completely white .idk what to do cause I want to take pictures outside too .

Ana perez - 답글

The pictures of my Polaroid aren't coming out and the Polaroid fell one time what do I do??? What if I open the back of the Polaroid what will happen??? PLS REPLY ASAP

Gali - 답글

When I turn on my camera the red light in the view finder goes on but the light setting lights don't go on, please help!!!

ChelseaT - 답글

I was recently changing the cartridge in my camera. And my camera slipped out of my hand and the lens shut, stopping my camera from printing the picture half way through... and now it won't work... any suggestions on how to fix it?and every time I turn on every light setting just keeps flashing.

Jesd Basso - 답글

hi! my camera takes the picture perfectly, but when the film is revealing it turns completely black and the picture won't appear

laura - 답글

Every time I take a picture it comes out zoomed in!! Anyone know how to fix this ??

Hiiro (BamDabQueenHiiro) - 답글

My polariod camera will not turn on at all! I try to take a picture, and nothing happens. I have changers the batteries and changed the films with the ones I bought today. However, the camera does not turn on at all, and the lighting setting don't turn on. I have had my polariod for 2 years this Christmas and it is already broken. It has not been dropped or anything, but you can make the lense pop out, change the batteries and change the film. That is it. Has anyone else had this problem? If you managed to fix it, please tell me!

Lola - 답글

I'm currently having this problem as well. Have you found any way to fix it? I see you've posted this on the 9th of July.

Arlene -

This happened to me and my friend and we haven’t found any solutions yet :/

Daniela Valles -

This is the same thing I have, did you find a way to fix it?

Skylar Case -

My pictures end up white no matter what the light setting shows what I should put it on.

Sydney Osterberg - 답글

When putting new film in the camera won't register its new film

Amy - 답글

There's a giant black/dark green splotch on the bottom right of the photo I took. I'm not sure what i did wrong.. I made sure not to bend it or anything, or shake it, and wasn't blocking the camera view or anything. :/ I've only used the camera once, but i'm afraid to take more pictures, because I dont exactly have the money to keep buying film. :(

Abigail J Steiner - 답글

Same thing has happened to me where my pictures won't print out . I have changed the batteries and added a new film pack. Before doing that make sure to open the back up (where you add film) and push the grey hook down before adding new film. Should print out right away after that!

jocelyn hernandez - 답글

Hi! I put in new Duracell alkaline batteries for my camera but the light on my camera will still not turn on and therefore I can't take any pictures. Any suggestions as to what is causing this?

Nikki - 답글

Please help! my camra is almotr a year old and has always worked propperly untill recentsly. Some photos prints well and others not so muhc. the photo will layer so for example photo 1 is a flower on the left side of the frame, photo two is on the right the fill either prints white film or no film comes out and then the next picture has those two picturde of flowers next to each other. Help its extremely annoyinf and difficult to manuver shpuld i just buy a new camra. oh i also have a red light next to the veiw finder that blinks once after every picture so what the heck is happening !!!

melvin ryley - 답글

I recently bought one and I inserted the film pack it seemed like it clicked a picture but the protective film didn't come out can the film's still be used if I insert them inside properly again??

R star - 답글

Hey, i dropped my camera by accident once. Ref light doesn't change it stays in the same place, so I can't change my settings and I think ink split inside? Pictures come out white with a bit of black ink on them. There is any chance I can fix it?

Karolina Miskow - 답글

I don't know what the heak is wrong with my camera so I'd appreciate if someone can assist me b/c I recently got my camera & i do not feel satisfied at all. The first couple of films worked well but after when I would take a picture, the film would turn completely white or print out half of the picture and the rest white. I don't know what weather my camera isn't functioning anymore ? Or if I need to buy something in order to stop that from happening. HELP

Josebeth Morales - 답글

The little res lights won't turn on when I press to take a picture the flash doesn't turn on but the red light in the back does turn on

Aaliyah fajardo - 답글

My câmera takes the pictures, but when I wait for the picture to come through, it turns yellow. I tried putting it somewhere not too hot or cold, not shaking it, putting it against the sun or on water and it still comes out yellow. It never fell down either. What do I do?

Carolina Pereira - 답글

Ok, so none of my Hi-Key setting lights are on, and whenever I try to take a picture, literally NOTHING happens. No film comes out, no little click sound, no flash. Anyone else have this problem and a way to fix it? Yes, batteries are installed correctly and I've even bought brand new ones to replace the originals. Nothing. Help.

Arlene - 답글

Oh yeah, I also have that stupid little red light blinking by the view port. What's with that? Again, help.

Arlene -

My camera battery door is jammed what do I do??!!

Shsj - 답글

Again some one plz reply if I don't get it fix I am busted plz help plz!!!

Shsj -

My camera’s viewfinder is slightly blocked. I think it has something to do with the inside since the outside seems fine and clean. What should I do?

Cindy Sevillano - 답글

My instax mini 8 won’t take anymore polaroids. I put a new film in & when I click to take a photo all lights flash red. I changed batteries and film but nothing’s working. Anyone can help?

Natalie Gonzalez - 답글

I loaded my film & when that first strip comes out after loading it got stuck only came out a tiny bit I thought maybe my batteries had died so I replaced but it's still not working the little light that shows its powered on isn't coming on at all. Why did this happen!?

Valerie Vasquez - 답글

i took a picture and it came out all white

i‘ve been waiting for an hour but it end up turning grey

can someone please help me??

lisayeoo - 답글

Whenever I take a picture, the picture is white and after like 30 minutes it’s still white and I don’t know why.

Jenny's Universe Plays - 답글

When I turn it on, there is no light or anything and when i tried taking a photo, nothing is happening. So i tried replacing the batteries and film, and it still doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Nina Lim - 답글

I have the same problem :(

Katie -

Hi ,

i just got gifted an instax mini 8. I put in the batteries and the film pack and tried to start but the red light wouldn’t just turn on. I don’t know what should be done. Also can the film that I have inserted in the camera be of any use now and can I remove it from the camera. Since the camera never turned on or have the films got spoiled but just put them in the camera without it staring ? Please suggest what should be done. TIA

Mansi Jain - 답글

Ok so my little brother was running around and had my camera out thank god the lens was in and he dropped it now the settings for light won’t go on and the batteries work it won’t turn on and I don’t know what to do :(

Katie - 답글

For me when I turn my camera on it makes a weird noise then the red lighting comes on and all the orange lights in the front start blinking and it won’t take a picture. I have changed film and the batteries.. still nothing.

Ashley - 답글

Happened to me and my friend also

Daniela Valles -

I have a red light on my camera and the film will not eject at all so what can I do plz help me

Jenessa Almodovar - 답글

You might have to manually take out the film cartridge and feel around the top of the camera on the inside to make sure nothing is blocking it. If you want to save that cartridge from light exposure, I suggest going into a dark room or a closet. The same thing happened to mine and I just pushed on the inside of the camera and now it works fine.

Natti -

When I try turing on my camera, the orange lights by the lense are blinking & I don’t know what to do. It won’t take pictures and the orange light won’t stop blinking

Nat - 답글

With my camera most times the pictures won't show

Marilyn - 답글

Most times the picture on the film won't show, it'll just be all white

Marilyn - 답글

At first when I took photos they wouldn’t print, the film getting stuck in the cartridge which meant I had to pull them out, even then there was no ink on them. Recently, the camera has stopped working, turning from the red light on the back still working but the flash not going off and no photos being taken/no other lights working, to the camera completely not turning on. I’ve had this camera for about 3 years and it only started acting up a few months ago. I’ve tried replacing the batteries but that didn’t work.

junokerry - 답글

i just got a instax mini 8 and was reading the manual and it say the flash is always supposed to fire but with my camera it doesnt always fire sometime it does and sometimes it doesnt. I looked online and i think no one has this problem. WHAT DO I DO !?!?!?!?!?!?!

Master HackerYT - 답글

Does anybody know how to fix this camera when the film keeps getting jammed? I tried replacing it with a brand new set of film, but the same problem keeps happening. The film only comes out a little bit when a picture is taken and I do not want to pull it out because I am scared it will mess up the camera..

Amanda Benoit - 답글

That's kinda what's happening to me

Ellie Grover -

I have put two AA alkaline batteries in and still my camera will not turn on

YunChengMD - 답글

Mine stopped working out of nowhere, because I had taken a picture of my dogs and it took it fine the flash wasn’t good and nothing seemed to be malfunctioning and the pic had come out white as if it were developing fine but the pic was actually black and then it stopped taking pics. My friends’ also did the same thing and she even changed the batteries so we know it isn’t that. It’s so weird

Daniela Valles - 답글

Added a new pack little circle still says S…help please

Jewela Mazin - 답글

Added a new film pack lights still are blinking and the little circle on the right say S please help ASAP

Jewela Mazin - 답글

I have the same exact problem with mine

Skylar Case -

when i take a picture it appears black with light white spots on the sides. does anyone know what it is?

Raelee Nassim - 답글

Did u let the picture develope in the sun because I was reading the other comments and somebody said that if you let it develop in the sun then it will come out like all black and might have some white

Ellie Grover -

My camera keeps saying optimize printing quality

iamjada216 - 답글

When I turn on my instax mini 8 the red light by the view finder turns on but the orange lights on the lease don't it won't let me take pictures and I have tried all different batteriesbut it still seems to be the same

Molly walsh - 답글

I just bought a polaroid and it already has film in it, but I put the batteries back in and a red light comes on then dissapears, I took a photo and didn’t change from (S) when should’ve shown how many I have left, and the photo came out white & still hasn't developed and it has been over 24 hours and I’ve just put new batteries in and it’s doing the same thing. Can someone help me?

Shae - 답글

When I take a picture my camera is a mini 7s makes a weird buzzing noise? Ive had it for like 3 days now Idk what’s happening help!

Becca Ibarra - 답글

When I take a picture it sometimes comes out but it's all white and I tried to replace the film but it didn't help . Please help me fix this I don't want to keep wasting film it's expensive

Ellie Grover - 답글

I just got this camera for Christmas and at first it was working but now it's coming out white and I'm not leaving it in the sun and sometimes the film doesn't eject so I read your thing and I replace the film I put in new batteries nothing is working please help me I don't want to keep wasting film what's really expensive

Ellie Grover - 답글

My instax mini 9 droped out of my hands and the number of film went down by 2, I had 7 and it went to 5 and the red light flashes what do I do?

Albert Einstein - 답글

I put the film in wrong now it’s stuck any advice?

Maddog123 - 답글

I accidentally put my film in the wrong way now it’s stuck any advice ??

Maddog123 - 답글

I know it might seem like you ill break it but he camera is pretty tough try to get something to wedge it out if this doesn’t work find the direction how to take the camera correctly apart.

Brooke Joyce -

I took my 18th photo with my Polaroid after many successful uses and I took a picture and it stopped printing after it was 3/4 of the way out. I just figured it was jammed or something so I pulled it out, now when I turned it on the adjustment dial lights were all blinking at the same time, and the red light next to where you look in just stayed red. I don’t know what is wrong with it…new batteries? It doesn’t look like anything is broken! Please answer A.S.A.P if you know what is wrong!

Brooke Joyce - 답글

Still not coming after not shaking it not putting it in water or sun

Peyton-Paige Tulloch - 답글

I need help of that’s okay with my camera, first off, I can put the film in just fine. I put brand new batteries in it and everything. But when I go to turn it on, it doesn’t make the Normal noises, it won’t let me take a picture and a red light pops up where you would look into to take the picture. Someone please help me, I am stressing out badly.

Skylar Case - 답글

My film is stuck inside the camera. It was the last film in the set and it never came out. I opened the camera and the film is stuck at the roller. ( I don’t know the proper terms for it) and I can’t remove it.

amelia lake - 답글

The film in the camera is stuck. I took a picture and it never came out. I opened the back and the film is stuck right at the roller (I don’t know the correct terminology of the camera). I can’t remove the film, nor can I insert a new set.

amelia lake - 답글

All of my pics are black and the flash is not working property and adding I just bough it What am I doing wrong?

Citlali Santos - 답글

what do i do if it doesn’t print but i still have 7 films and it will waste one if i take it ?

vi hoang - 답글

i took a picture and no film came out. i thought that was odd so i tried again. This time, film came out BUT there were two pictures..? i dont really know to describe it except there was double of the image. HELP. i changed the film and the problem is still happening. i have also changed the batteries.

ashley - 답글

I just bought the camera today from amazon and whenever i take pictures it comes out all black please give me the solution otherwise my parents will say i broke it

Ismat - 답글

Can someone please help me? My instax mini 9 controls/settings for bright/dark pictures completely doesn’t work! I put it on the sun button but it ALWAYS stays on the house, which causes my pictures to turn out horribly dark. Please help ASAP. Thank you!

Kristina 17 - 답글

Ugh I’m so annoyed I put in film turned it on to peel the cover off and it makes the sound and everything then the peel doesn’t even come out and gets stuck inside WHAT so the. I think it’s the batteries I put more batteries in and u turn it on again this time the lights don’t go on and there is no sound about 30 seconds later the cameras settings start flashing red all of them idk what to do I don’t wanna buy a new one

Sasha - 답글

I have basically the same problem! My does that too and I don’t know what to do with it. I definitely don’t want to buy a new one.

Lily Corcoran (STUDENT) -

Hello, both my Fujifilm 8 and 9 have the film just go . Like once I turn the camera on , it will not stop taking random photos and when I try to take them nothing happens

Stephanie stephaniehernandez - 답글

just bought new films , was working perfectly fine then i take a picture for the sample to come out & it got stuck!!!! & on top of that all the lights keep flashing, does anyone know how to even fix this??

yvette - 답글

my camera’s settings just flashes and won’t let me take a picture … i don’t know what to do. :(

vanessa - 답글

the pictures aren’t coming out, and I tried removing the fujifilm but it’s stuck in (I dont want to damage the camera by pulling it out). What should I do?

Mamaya Papaya (MisaWave) - 답글

Change batteries this just happened to me

pinkbug15 -

How can i fix my viewfinder ? I see half when im taking pictures. Please help :)

Julie Pearl Aday - 답글

white film: the turn dial should be used for the aprropriate lighting; house icon while outside=white photo. the settings determine how much light the shutter alows in to capture the image.

Frank Marin - 답글

I dropped my camera but it seemed to be ok but then it’s lights on it started flashing and it won’t take any photos at all. I have no clue what to do with it to fix it. Does anyone else have this problem?

Lily Corcoran (STUDENT) - 답글

Change the batteries I thought mine got damaged on the flight but it didn’t

pinkbug15 -

my film is stuck and would not budge when i try to remove it. i loaded a new film and when i took a picture to release the first black film, it wouldn’t come out and now the whole film is stuck. please help

Clarissa Adelbai - 답글

Change batteries

pinkbug15 -

My film wouldn’t come out so I changed the batteries and it did!!! :)

pinkbug15 - 답글

my instax mini 9 just keep spitting out pictures

Jennifer Holt - 답글

I put new battaries in my camera but now it wont turn on at all. I double checked and know the batteries are facing the right way. What should I do?

oliviaclaire24 - 답글

I tried to take a picture and the film cover (the black thing that comes out before the film) started cpming out then got stuck. It wont come out and its not far enough out to remove the film pack. Any idea how to fix it?

Jessica Henderson - 답글

Hello, I was riding my bike a few days ago and when I took my Install Mini 9 out of my bag, the aperture mechanism seemed to be a bit off. I then noticed that it was essentially skipping the “indoor” mode. As in it can now only select cloudy, bright, ultra bright and high key. is there any way that I can fix this?

Beta Riffs - 답글

Hi I am trying to find out what is wrong with my Polaroid mini 8. I dropped it and everything popped out and now when I try taking a picture the settings of the Hi-Key and Flash are just blinking red and I push the button to take a picture nothing comes out. It was in the middle of a process when I was taking a picture and film got stuck so I pulled it out. What can I do to fix it?

Carolina - 답글

i did the same thing. and i dont know how to fix it??

Kathleen Smith -

hi so i got my polaroid instax mini 8 two years ago and now i’m trying to use it but the camera isn’t turning on. i put in new batteries but it’s still not functioning. help lol

faithchanda3@gmail.comfaith - 답글

When I went to take a photo with my instead mini 8 the film got stuck halfway. I couldn’t pull it out until opening the cartridge and took all of the film out. At this time the “red light of death” started flashing and my Polaroid has ceased to work ever since, continuing to flash the red light. RIP to me, SOS please.

Caitlyn - 답글

Make sure the eject hole is not jammed

Nailah Lalji -

Why isn’t my film developing? I left it out of the sun. And I wait a few minutes, and it’s not there. I check after like an hour and it is still not there. Please help me!!

Nailah Lalji - 답글

it pops out but no lights come on

Kaiya Papaya - 답글

When I tried to take a photo on it, it’s just plain white

Jungkookiii’s Gurl - 답글

When I took the photo on it it just came out plain white

Jungkookiii’s Gurl - 답글

Does anyone know how to get it to take pictures ? When I turn mine on all the orange lights come in and so does the red one in the back, idk how to fix it. Help meee please

Morgan Crosby - 답글

In my case, the red lights don’t detect the light change; when I point at something when it’s dark and without any kind of lightning the camera lights keep saying I am indoors, and when it’s sunny it keeps doing the same. I tried changing the batteries and it doesn’t work.

Lucía - 답글

When i put the new cartridge in correctly and took a shot to remove the blank, the batteries died and it stopped putting out the blank not even halfway. now i have new batteries in but it will not come out of the slot. i tried taking the entire cartridge out but it is stuck. i tried turning it on and off but it still won’t put out the blank. all of the orange lights are flashing too. PLEASE HELP

Gabriella Tarrant -

I opened the Camera for the first time and wasted five films because they all came white no colour at all I tried everything the batteries were new it just shows a light on the indoor mode I don't know what to do

tuba junaid - 답글

make sure you don’t touch the picture part, also make sure that it doesn’t get wet or put in direct sunlight it really does help if you somewhat shake it.

Rilee Barndt -

If you take a picture and you didn’t realize you were out of film will the picture print out when you put new film in? ANSWERS PLZ!!!!

Rilee Barndt - 답글

Hey I just got my new Instax Mini 8 and I put the film inside of it but when I go to take a photo nothing comes out and the lights around the lends all start blinking. I already tried changing the batteries and still didn’t help. Anyone got an solution?

sophiakelly04 - 답글

My instax was flashing and the red so I changed batteries then it worked then I had to change film now it's happening all over again wtf is going on

sheeanna te rore - 답글

My camera has no film inside not even the catridge. But the film got jammed. Now only the red lights are on and the lens lights aren’t working. Please help :(

Selina Vaz - 답글

My intact mini 8 doesn’t want to take on, the batteries are new it has new film. The little orange light to change fliters from sun to cloudy is not on.

Yelitza Olmos - 답글

My camera doesn’t even show any kind of light, Iv’e placed several new pairs of batteries and it’s still not working.

Marian Delgado - 답글

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