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The camera's batteries might be drained. Check the camera to make sure that there are 2xAA batteries that are fully charged and in the correct orientation within the battery compartment. This my be a simple solution but may be something that is easily overlooked.

The lens unit might be stuck. Use the lens release switch to extend the lens. Make sure there is an opening through the lens when viewed from behind. Please refer to our Lens unit replacement guide if the lens unit ceases to function.

The camera lens should pop out once the lens release switch is triggered, and a light should appear on the aperture ring to show that the camera is ready to shoot.

If the film does not come out of the camera, check the back cover and film ejection slot. Replace the film cartridge with a new one, but if that does not solve the problem then check if there is anything blocking the photo ejection slot.

The film may not eject properly or get stuck if it is damaged. Avoid bending, excessive pressure, and direct sunlight once the self-developing process begins.

If the film cartridge is not inserted properly, then the camera will not work properly. Check the film holder to make sure that it is the correct film and that there is still remaining film in the holder.

There is also a mechanical roller in the camera which is used to eject the film from the camera. Once the film is removed, release the shutter to determine if the roller is functioning properly.

The lens may be failing to open because incorrect eject button is being used. For opening the lens, try clicking the button on the front bottom right of the camera. To retract the lens, make sure there is no blockage around the lens and gently press the lens back into the body.

The lens unit may be damaged from drops or wear. If the camera is dropped, then plastic pieces may come off inside the lens unit and jam it to prevent opening and closing of the lens.

Refer to the Lens Unit Replacement Guide for possible fixes.

If there is no image visible through the viewfinder, check the viewfinder to make sure it is not dirty or blocked with any objects. Clean out the viewfinder with a soft microfiber cloth if it is dirty or blocked. Since the viewfinder is very small, it is important to place eyes in a very specific position to see through it.

If the image is distorted or blurry or if there is a visible see a crack in the viewfinder the recommended course of action would be to take the back cover of the camera off and buy a replacement part.

Check if 2xAA batteries are fully charged and inserted in the correct orientation in the battery compartment.

Check flash unit to make sure the bulb is not damaged or missing

Refer to the Flash Unit Replacement Guide for possible fixes.

Check the internal flash capacitor to see if it still holds charge. If it's not able to hold a charge, a replacement is necessary. Although this operation requires absolute precautions and safety standards.

Refer to the Capacitor Replacement Guide for possible fixes.

The red light of death is an occurrence when the camera malfunctions. It usually occurs when the camera has pieces dislodged from a drop or if there are damaged pieces in the camera. If this occurs then we recommend taking the camera apart and locating which pieces are damaged, The shell replacement guide located on the "Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Repair" page gives the proper steps for taking apart the camera.

Refrain from dropping the camera, as this will likely cause the red light to turn on. Check to make sure there new 2xAA batteries in the compartment and that they are not damaged.

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When I take pictures my photo come all white

Teresa Franco - 답글

Did you ever solve this? Mine is doing the same >:(

Bronwyn Jackson -

It comes out white because it will develop in a couple of minutes so don't get it wet or shake it or leave it in the sun ok

Melina -

In the back of the camera where you put the film in at the very top there is a silver skinny rectangular roller and it is blocking the place where the film comes out to take the picture and where the picture comes out there is a black thing and is blocking that too I really need some HELP please help me!!!

Melina -

that is why its called a Polaroid! it takes a few minutes for the picture to come up

Jaycee Taypotat -

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