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If Solar-Powered LED Accent Lights fill with water ¶ 

When you pick up the accent light and you can hear water moving around inside.

1. Repair drainage holes ¶ 

When the drainage holes on the Accent Light are not draining properly, then the holes must be cleared of debris and cleaned so that water drainage can occur properly.

2. Add drainage holes ¶ 

If drainage holes were never added to the accent light, then new drainage holes must be drilled so that the water can properly drain out of the accent light.

If Solar-Powered LED Accent Lights have bad light sensors ¶ 

If your accent light does not turn off during the day.

1. Replace light sensor ¶ 

If the light stays very dim and is on all day instead of turning off once it turns day time, then the light sensor is faulty and must be replaced.

Damaged Plastic ¶ 

If the plastic on the accent light breaks either on the top of your accent light or the stand.

1. Plastic Stand Repair ¶ 

If the plastic breaks on the accent light stand and the accent light can not stand upright, then the plastic must be repaired with super glue.

2. Plastic Top Repair ¶ 

If the plastic breaks on the Top of the accent light and the top will not screw on properly or stay on at all, then the plastic must also be repaired with super glue.

Dim LED ¶ 

If one accent light is not as bright as the others

1. Battery charging issue ¶ 

If the battery won't hold a charge as well as the other accent lights, then the battery must be replaced.

If Solar-Powered LED Accent Lights have issues turning on ¶ 

No matter what happens, you can't get your accent light to turn on.

1. Flip on switch ¶ 

A common mistake most people make is they do not flip the on switch, located under the plastic top, before placing their accent light outside to be charged. The light doesn't charge, then doesn't come on at night therefore, people think the light is broken. People dispose of broken items, don't dispose of your light and lose money just flip the switch to the on position.

2. Bad battery ¶ 

When the battery won't charge at all when attached to the solar cell, then the battery must be replaced with a battery of the same specifications (AA 1.2V NiCd rechargeable battery).

3. Bad solar cell ¶ 

Remove the battery and LED from the light that isn't working. Put them into another light and try them at separate times , if they both work, then the problem is a bad solar cell.

4. Bad LED ¶ 

After checking the battery, the solar cell, and the LED still will not come on, then the LED must be replaced.

5. Near other light source ¶ 

"The solar light must be away from other light sources in order for the light sensor to function properly if a light source is near the light sensor then the light will not turn on during the night when it is supposed to."

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