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Device Will Not Turn On ¶ 

When users try to switch on the device, nothing happens.

Dead Battery ¶ 

If the charger is plugged in but the device still doesn't response, then the battery is not working. Consider changing the battery.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

If there is no USB inserted sound when charger is plugged in to the computer, the charger is not working. Consider purchasing a replacement charger.

Sometimes Can't Charge the Device ¶ 

After using few months, the charging port is not sensitive.

Rusty or Oily of Contact Surface ¶ 

The contact surface might be rusty or oily because of being used. Dripping few drops of alcoholic cleaner on tissue and cleaning the charger port might help.

Inaccurate Result ¶ 

Device can't detect the accurate distance after hitting the golf.

Faulty Odometer ¶ 

If the device can't measure the actual distance, the odometer is faulty. Need to replace a new odometer.

No Satellite Signal ¶ 

The device can't connect to satellite.

Weak Satellite Spots ¶ 

It might be due to too many shelters or user is staying in in-door where the device cannot detect the signal. Users can try to go out-door or somewhere spacious to try the device again.

Faulty GPS Receiver ¶ 

If the user is locating on a golf course but the device is still unable to connect to satellite, then the GPS receiver is faulty. The user needs to replace a new GPS receiver.

No Particular Golf Course Is Found ¶ 

The device can't search the nearby golf course.

Outdated Version of the Operational System or Maps ¶ 

If the user can't find the nearby golf course, it might be due to the outdated version of system. Go to the Garmin website to download the newest version of OS or maps.

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S2 will only take half a charge bought a new clip but the same

Ian Hall - 답글

I have the same issue. I plugged the S2 in for hours, but the Garmin message would flash on the device for a second and go away. I then plugged it into a computer and got the watch to respond. I updated the software, as suggested. But now it says it’s charging, but only charges 1/2 way.

Very disappointed.

johnnyt -

S2 can't be recognized by my computer although I use the USB adaptor. Disappointment only after 18 months.

alain fortier - 답글

I have the exact same problem. The watch works fine, but I cannot get it to sync to my computer. So I can’t update the golf courses or upload my scores. Very disappointed.

Steve Harlow -

mine will not turn off

brian - 답글

I'm having the same issue.....any suggestions?

apfelockt -

I paid a handsome price for this GPS/watch and today it has half numbers on top, the date in the middle and half numbers on the bottom. Very very disappointed in the product not even 2 yrs old that i purchased from Golfsmith. No once to call. they make it hard to correspond with a problem /trouble shooting..

Tommy Holmes - 답글


my second watch

disapointed with the after service


Allan -

Can someone call me or email me

Tommy Holmes - 답글

My pc wont recognise my garmin s2. Keeps asking me to reformat the drive?

buttnerbi - 답글

sometimes I charge my garmin in out at home or my truck an not the computer is this harmfull to it?

rogerjoyner57 - 답글

I don't even have our local golf courses on, where we normally play golf. how do I get them on my S2

vanzyllyn - 답글

No satellite signal

Allan - 답글

Can't pick up satellite to get yardage on my golf watch

Allan - 답글

This is my second garmin watch


Allan - 답글

Jumping from hole to hole having to search for nxt 1 just updated it on lap top

Tom - 답글

Mines doing the fine thing. I have to manually input the next hole and even after doing automatically for a hole or two it gets lost. Also accuracy of distance is way off at times even though the hole # matches up. I’ve only used it for two seasons including this years and it’s already trash. I wouldn’t recommend Garmin S2 to anyone. I’ve kept it updated as required and even tried to reboot/reinstall the software to no avail. The Charging cradle failed (A pin broke off) late last year and I had to order an aftermarket unit to charge the device.

No more Garmin products for me.

Gus Meza -

S2 is junk. charging cradle pin broke late into the first season of use. Now it fails to track automatically the holes I’m playing. Manually inputting the hole to resync it works temporarily before the unit loses track and intermittently provides erroneous yardages. I’d never purchase another Garmin product. I will mention that I update the software when any are available.


Gus Meza -

My Garmin S2 GPS watch wont fully charge (can only achieve a 25% battery) will only take 25% charge bought a new clip but the same can anyone tell me what the problem is.

stephen chandler - 답글

Will not hold a charge for 18 holes

Keith - 답글

Garmin s2 GPS watch searches for Satellite then says no course near

jack huber - 답글

i’m having the same issue . No Courses Near. I tried to sync with computer to update software and maps and the USB cable is not recognized. Frustrated to say the least.

Jason Jarchow -

S2 was working well last year at my golf course in Willsboro NY. This year, it will not find the course. Went and downloaded the new version…. still can’t find our golf course but the S2 is able to find other courses in the area. What is up with that? Why did my course disappear from the map listing? Answer would be greatly appreciated…..

Louise Bonnycastle - 답글

Contacted Garmin Approach S2 customer support last night via CHAT. Tech said that the problem is with the map listing. When they upgraded their map listing somehow some of the golf course locations were dropped. He said this may be fixed on the next update but did not know when or if the next update would correct the problem. He offered to send me a “refurbished” unit which he “hoped” would still have the course location in its old version, but he could not guarantee the Willsboro NY course would be listed. In other words, I could send him my Garmin S2 (which I purchased new) and he would send me a refurbished Garmin S2 which may not solve the problem. Fantastic…. right???

Louise Bonnycastle - 답글

I have an S2 Approach and it worked for about the 6 months that I used it but since then the selection button on the watch only brings up one choice (shut down?), Why and What to do?

It is still a nice watch but I want another one please, so I can get back to playing a better Golf Game, it should still be under warranty what say you?

Bob Barker - 답글

Lets face it the Garmin S2 is rubbish and at best will last about a year. The customer service is appalling so I bought one made by Tom Tom. It was the same price as the S2 but is a much better piece of equipment.

neilpain - 답글

No problems for 20 months and then flashing Garmin icon when I tried to charge it. I was able to reset it (hold “down” button and press “light” button. clear data? appears. select YES. had to try it 4 or 5 times and then back on charger) but, now it has problems other have mentioned. Game Golf, please make a watch to go with your shot tracker! I LOVE my Game golf with Smart Caddie but with an iPhone 8 plus I might as well be carrying an iPad in my pocket. Does Game Golf have an Apple watch app? hmmm got me thinking… Anyway no more Garmin


mike - 답글

wont connect to my computer to update after 1 season. garbage product I will never buy garmin again

Ian Kurt - 답글

My S2 says no course is found it worked great a month ago but it does not work. It is fully charged and says it searching for satellites and then shows no course is found even though I am on the first hole

Jerry Aldape - 답글

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