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Camera Will Record for a Couple of Minutes Before Stopping ¶ 

When attempting to record a video, the camera will operate correctly for a few minutes before stopping.

Memory Card is Full ¶ 

Check to make sure there is available space on your memory card. If your memory card is full it will prevent you from being able to record videos.

Faulty Memory Card ¶ 

Check to make sure you are using a compatible SD card. All GoPro cameras require a minimum of a Class 10 SD card. Keep in mind that video files are very large, especially 4K video. A lot of memory will be required for longer videos.

Camera is Frozen and Has an Unresponsive Screen ¶ 

When trying to use your camera you find that the buttons are unresponsive, you are unable to access the menu or perform any actions.

Camera Needs to Be Reset ¶ 

The camera may just be frozen. Remove the battery to perform a hard reset. Make sure you are using a charged battery when you attempt to reboot the camera. If the screen on the front of the camera is working, but the LCD screen on the back of the camera is not, you may need to replace the screen.

Motherboard May Be Faulty ¶ 

Make sure the battery you are using is charged. If the camera will not boot up when using a charged battery, you may need to replace the motherboard. Check out this replacement guide.

Screen May Be Faulty ¶ 

If the screen on the front of the camera is working, but the LCD screen on the back of the camera is not, you may need to replace the screen.

Connection Between Screen and Motherboard May Be Severed ¶ 

GoPros tend to be used under harsh conditions. Major bumps or shakes may have caused a connector to come loose. The only way you will know if this is he issue is to open the camera and check the connections. You can use this guide to check the connections.

Camera Will Not Work With My Memory Card ¶ 

If you are trying to use your camera and it does not recognize the memory card.

Memory Card May Be Faulty ¶ 

If the memory card you are using will not work in your GoPro, try using it with another device that you know is functioning correctly. If your memory card is still not working in that device then it may be broken.

Memory Card May Not Be Compatible With Camera ¶ 

If the memory card you are using will not work in you GoPro, check to make sure it is a minimum of a Class 10 SD card. GoPro Cameras require the use of a minimum of a Class 10 SD card.

Memory Card Port May Be Faulty ¶ 

If you have attempted the steps above, and have proven that your memory card is functional, then you may have a faulty memory card port. If this is the case, then you may need to replace it.

Camera Smokes When Powered On ¶ 

When turning on your camera, gray smoke begins to seep out of the housing.

Camera may Have a Faulty Battery ¶ 

If your camera smokes when you try to power it on, you may have a faulty battery. Check the contacts to see if there is corrosion around the terminals. This could be a sign that the battery is bad. Try replacing your battery.

Camera May Have a Faulty Battery Port ¶ 

It is possible that your battery port may have shorted. If this is the problem, it will need to be replaced.

Camera May Have Short Circuited ¶ 

Your camera may have a short on one of the the control boards. You may need to open up the camera to examine the boards for any burns. If you find a short you will need to replace the board.

Camera Footage is Distorted or Has Poor Quality ¶ 

Photos and videos are distorted, blurry, and/or corrupted.

Camera Housing May Have Condensation ¶ 

Moisture within the camera housing may cause fogging on the lens. GoPro sells packets to absorb moisture while camera is in use.

Camera Lens May Be Faulty ¶ 

Camera lens may have scratches or cracks causing videos and photos to appear distorted. Inspect the lens for cracks and scratches. If any faults are visible, the lens may need to be replaced. Check out this replacement Guide.

Camera Sensor May Be Faulty ¶ 

If photos and videos are corrupted or distorted your camera's sensor may be faulty. If this is the case your sensor will need to be replaced. Check out this replacement guide.

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The app mode is not working

I can't connect it to the mobile or to the rc mode

Any suggestions

Ahmed - 답글

I purchased a Go Pro Black 4 Days ago and went on a trip with my Motorcycle Club long distance and thought I was recording great video but when I viewed the video on my computer is was distorted every few seconds. I saw something about vibration on the bike but I assumed it was the Camera Sensor as noted above. I took the camera back to the store and traded it and the new camera works perfect. So, I will go with Camera Sensor for 100. Hope this helps someone.

Ahmad Shahiyd - 답글

I used to download video from gopro hero 4 silver to mobile phone through the gopro app, and share it with my friends through whatsapp smoothly. However, recently, not knowing why, the gopro video sent by whatsapp would be changed to slow motion, and the length of the video would become double the original length because of the slow motion. I tried to uninstall both whatsapp and gopro app, but the problem still can't be fixed. Anyone knows why and how to fix the problem? Thanks.

Sharon Lo - 답글

So I just bought a hero 4 silver used and I got the Sandisk extreme 32gb memory card and I recorded about 2 clips with it (on a fully charged battery)before setting it down for a bit. Went to try and turn it on an hour later and when I tried to turn it on, nothing but the hero logo popped up on the front screen and nothing else. It won't let me restart it or anything. And it won't even show that it is charging when I plug it in. AND it takes about 30 seconds before the hero logo eventually pops up too. Any ideas on what it could be?

lukasrowe - 답글

Its been 6months my gopro hero4 silver never been use. I bought new battery but still not working, no power at all. Anyone can give some ideas?

banjo - 답글

My Hero 4 Silver won't power on on show any kind of life. Was working fine last time I used it which was about 6 months ago. Go Pro has no answers other than send it in and buy a new one. Help.

Chris Seymour - 답글

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